Jihad is their way, claiming the blood of the Jews

Israel responds to volley of at least 40 rockets fired by Islamic Jihad; no casualties reported on Israeli side.

The leaders of the Hamas and the PLO follow different strategies in their joint bid to destroy Israel.
The leaders of the Hamas and the PLO follow different strategies in their joint bid to destroy Israel.

The air force struck 29 targets across the Gaza Strip by press time on Wednesday night in response to a large-scale Islamic Jihad rocket attack on the South.

The bombardment of the western Negev marks the largest flare-up of Gazan terrorism since 2012.
At least 60 rockets – fired in simultaneous barrages from northern and southern Gaza – exploded in Israeli territory.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

It is quite obvious that the Arabs is hell bent in their bids to destroy Israel. They have been deceived by Islam,  that demand that all jews shall live in submission to “allah”and their messengers.

Jihad is ruling on Gaza and in Ramallah.
Jihad is ruling on Gaza and in Ramallah.

Israel do not submit to this kind of violent and evil ideology. Its a free nation, a democracy and the home of both Jews and Arabs.

The problem is that the West do.

In Europe, 20 million Muslims has put up their tents. The EU has copied the policy of Nazi-Germany and promote boycott of Jewish properties, services and communities.

  Psalm 59: 3-10

See how they lie in wait for me!
 Fierce men conspire against me
 for no offence or sin of mine,

I have done no wrong, yet they are ready to attack me.
 Arise to help me; look on my plight! You, Lord God Almighty,
 you who are the God of Israel,
 rouse yourself to punish all the nations;
 show no mercy to wicked traitors.

They return at evening,
 snarling like dogs,
 and prowl about the city.
 See what they spew from their mouths  the words from their lips are sharp as swords,
 and they think, ‘Who can hear us?’

But you laugh at them, Lord;
 you scoff at all those nations.You are my strength, I watch for you;
 you, God, are my fortress,
 my God on whom I can rely.

They are in agreement, trying to force Israel down the path of destruction.
They are in agreement, trying to force Israel down the path of destruction.

In the US, a Muslim brother has taken over as the Commander in Chief, reigning in the White House. Together with the EU, the US Government tries to rally a global rainbow alliance behind their dirty business.

Their support for Islam is still conditional. The jihad fighters will only get the needed cash, as long as they do not blow up buildings in cities like Berlin, Los Angles and Paris.

The deal is done. Yesterday, another 40 “messengers of peace”, did not land in New York City. But flew into kinder gardens and Jewish communities in Southern Israel.

Do not close your eyes to the work of these evil doers,  but demand that your government repent, and stand up for Israel and the Jewish people.

This will be pleasing to the incoming Messiah, soon to return to Jerusalem. His name if Yeshua from the city of Nazareth. We can not expect anyone else.

Written by Ivar  

5 thoughts on “Jihad is their way, claiming the blood of the Jews

  1. Hi Ivar,
    This is the reason why other nations do not even bother to study Israeli Military strategies. The results are just too improbable. I know that Israel has that Iron Dome, but, considering all of the rockets that are fired into little tiny Israel each day, and just how little damage is done, comparatively. No one can deny HaShem’s hand at work.

  2. This article mentions that Jesus will return soon. Let me clarify. Jesus was a man. Christ is a state of being for a man( in jesus’ s life as a man he achieved christ counciousness, showing us what we can be, and enabling us to be so). Christ conciousness is when our conciousness evolves back into its natural peaceful state of being and all humans live peacefully. The coming blood moon will bring forth the Christ. No not a man floating from the heavens to save us, but the most possitive energys we’ve ever seen will burst forth and arrive first in Jerusalem (city of god.) If you believe my statement then it will further improve and hasten this possitive change in the world. It will hasten the change back into christ conciousness, the natural state of the human (god-man.) Haven’t you read the bible? It’s filled with half – truths (on purpose, to confuse and debate) but god said he made us in his image. Do you really think that stops at physical appearences? He also said he is within our hearts. Inversely that means we are god as he is also us. We are the christ. Humans are meant to be christ. Christ conciousness is our natural state of being. We are the creator as he is us, we are our savior don’t you get it? All god wants you to do is literally open your (energetic, don’t kill yourself lol) heart to love. Just let unconditional love (god) into your heart and everything around you will begin to change for the better. This ladies and gentlemen is called ascension and nothing more is needed in this time than for you to mentally make the commitment of letting your chakras flow and open your 4th chakra, open your heart and let love in. Become love please. If not for yourself then for humanity, if not for humanity then just for the sake of love wich indeed IS god. One more thing.. Everything is made of energy. It may not seem like it in this very dense world of ours, but EVER THIS is indeed energy as are you. God is everything yet god is only love. Everything is made of love. It’s hard to believe, but this is a fact and can only be proven within the depths of your hearts. For the heart is where soul resides, where God resides, where truth resides. Your heart is the key to everyone’s happiness for all of humanity is an interlocked entity on an energetic level (like how our body’s are made up of billions of cells) and if the majority of humans let love and pure intentions rein in their lives then god’s/YOUR kingdom awaits you. So stay centered my brothers and sisters because great times are ahead and so are some tests and if we fail them then peace won’t come for a long long time. So let’s prove to our creator that we did more than just suffer on this dense planet, let’s show god that we conquered our failures and learned from our mistakes and prepare for a beautiful future. Rejoice for prosperity awaits (it won’t come unless we all will it to do so, many are already in God’s kingdom and have woken up. Won’t you join us?) I send you as much love and light that I can possibly muster. I call the angels to assist you. Archangel metatron, helps with clearing energies. Archangel Raphaiel, will help you by sending an abundance of chakra healing light and love your way. These are but a few of many positive entities that are helping us humans in our ascension process. There’s also the arcturians, the peladians, and the elohim that will also come into your sphere of influence and aid in healing your auric field and astral body. Look up; Matt muckelroy or gattaoladino, or Gary light, or rainbowabundance on youtube to get informed by the archangels yourself on most of my above statements and how they are true. I love you all, carry peace in each stride you take.

      1. Dear deniseandros

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        You wrote:

        Ivar, You are a saint! You sure do put up with a lot!

        My comment:

        I am a saved sinner, who are in need of mercy and grace every day. My primary gift of the Holy Spirit do not make me popular, particularly not among religious people. Because testing the spirits, will expose religious spirits. The worst crimes against Jesus of the Bible, are evil deeds done in His name. Its even worse than lukewarmness.

  3. Dear brandon. Carlos Santana stated in an interview that Metraton was a Voice he heard telling him the music he was to record and whom to record with. Student of the Word of GOD know metraton is a demon ans that
    Satan is an angel of music. The Same demons dictated to you everything in your post.

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