Michele Bachmann: Jewish groups sold out Israel for Obama

“Jewish organizations have made it their priority to support the political ambitions of the president over the best interests of Israel,” she says.

Michele Bachmann tells the truth about an ongoing liberal Jewish betrayal of the state of Israel.
Michele Bachmann tells the truth about an ongoing liberal Jewish betrayal of the state of Israel.

Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn.) said American Jewish organizations are selling out on Israel in favor of the Obama administration.

Bachmann made the accusation this week during a telephone interview with Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council and host of the online radio show that is featured on the conservative Christian group’s website.

“What has been shocking has been seeing and observing Jewish organizations who, it appears, have made it their priority to support the political priority and the political ambitions of the president over the best interests of Israel. They sold out Israel,” Bachmann said.

She said this in reference to a Feb. 27 letter by major Democratic donors, many of them Jewish, to party congressional leaders urging them not to advance new Iran sanctions legislation. “This is clearly against Israel’s best interest,” she said.
President  Obama in January said he would veto legislation introduced in the Senate the previous month, that threatened to torpedo international negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has criticized the interim agreement reached in November between six world powers including the United States and Iran as “a bad deal.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

It is worth noticing when a former candidate for US Presidency use so strong words. To claim that certain liberal Jewish organization are “selling out Israel” is surely a controversial claim. But the claim is unfortunately true.

President Barack Hussein Obama have no regards for a Jewish state that he feels “occupies” Arab land.  Everyone who support Obama’s Middle East policy, basically buy into the erroneous Islamic narrative of history.

The very idea that the Zionist state is the very obstacle to peace. Not only in Zion, but also in the entire Middle East region.

Do not accept this kind of anti-Zionism. But stand united with the state of Israel. This is pleasing to the Messiah, who has re-birthed the Jewish nation. He will appear a second time, as a judge. The Lion of Judah.

Written by Ivar

13 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann: Jewish groups sold out Israel for Obama

  1. It must be that the Jewish nation must hit absolute bottom before the people turn to Jesus Christ for salvation. It appears that the Lord will let them continue in evil, just like the true brothers of Joseph that they are, until they release their pride and self-supporting ideas, and finally turn back to the LORD. AMEN.

  2. Hello deniseandros,

    There has always been a remnant of Jewish believers but the whole as a nation is still far removed from following Jesus Christ. Jesus told them they would follow somebody that game in their own name, but He has still not forsaken them. In Romans we read that some day after the fullness of the Gentiles comes in, then all Israel will be saved….Paul was speaking of his lost brethren. AMEN.

    1. Dear Gordon.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      I am ministering to both Jews and gentiles. I can confirm what Denise is claiming. I was just in Israel for a week, and had some exciting encounters with religious Jews.

      I can see that the hearts of the Jews are becoming softer, and more open to the possibility that Jesus (Yeshua) is the Messiah. In the gentile camp, the hearts are becoming more lukewarm, and in their millions they walk away from faith and into deception.

    2. I dot know Ivar, size for size, comparing the population of Israel, compared to the population of America, I think the Jews may just surprise you! I hope that you are enjoying your trip to Israel. If you haven’t returned yet, and if you return to the Kotel, please do me a favor! Write down this quick prayer…. Ask HaShem to increase the size of the remnant, and to bless Jews for Jesus’ expansion in to the south of Israel, then place my petition into the wall. Thanks, and be safe! Your Sister in Yeshua, Denise

  3. Many of the “pre-believing” Jews in America are not practicing biblical Judaism – instead they are participating in rabbinic Judaism, which has more of a “horizontal” focus (mitzvot, good works, civil responsibility), instead of a “vertical” focus: a blood sacrifice for iniquity and sin.

    So, usually, you’ll find most American Jews following more of a humanistic view. Many don’t believe they sin or have iniquity (that’s for murderers and rapists).

    One of the many challenges is watching my Jewish brothers and sisters consistently vote for decision-makers that do not hold to Israel’s best interest.

    In my opinion, this is all within the plan of G-d, since He will use this to bring more of the lost sheep of Israel into His Kingdom!

  4. Good morning Mordechai,
    When the flood gates open and the blinders come completely off, it’s going to be awesome!! We will have great cause for celebration. I look forward to partying with you! I’ll be the old one, doing hand-springs down the main road! Your Sister in Yeshua, Denise

    1. Good morning Denise.

      Thank you for the encouragement (hand-springs!). Something fun to think about – I choose to believe that we who will be glorified will probably be in our mid-30s when it comes to age; so I don’t know about you being an “older one” ;). Will look for you regardless, thank you. Me and my house are looking forward to seeing King Y’shua face to face – definitely worth hand springs!

      Shalom va Toda Rabah.

      1. Hi again Mordechai,
        I thrilled for you, and for your household! As for me, I came to faith after my sons were grown. Sadly, they may just as well be Pagans. They pursue money, women, and golf. Well, except my son Joel, who is happily married, he’s no longer in pursuit of women. Please keep them in prayer!

  5. Shalom Denise,
    Yes, we send out G-d’s Word to your family so that any scales they may have over their eyes fall away and they come to the saving faith of Abba, through His Only Begotten and Unique Son! It is written:

    “so My word that comes from My mouth will not return to Me empty, but it will accomplish what I please and will prosper in what I send it to do” (Isaiah 55:11);

    “Immediately, something like scales fell from Rabbi Sha’ul’s eyes, and he could see again. He got up and was baptized,” (Acts 9:18).

    B’Shem Y’shua Mashichanu, ameyn va ameyn.

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