Israeli navy take arrest of Iranian terror ship

The Israeli government interdicted a shipment of illicit Iranian arms,” adding that the US was ready to act before Israel made its move.

The Israeli navy needs to cripple Iranian terror export in the Middle East.
The Israeli navy is needed to be able to cripple Iranian terror export in the Middle East.

“The White House directed the Department of Defense to monitor the vessel,” Psaki said, adding that the US prepared to take “unilateral steps” to stop the shipment. Israel volunteered to handle the ship itself, she added.

The transfer of arms would amount to a violation of UN Security Council resolutions, Psaki noted.

The Israel Navy intercepted an Iranian arms smuggling ship carrying dozens of long-range rockets to Gaza near Port Sudan early on Wednesday.

An official source in the Iranian armed forces told Iranian Tasnim news agency on Wednesday that the IDF accusation that arms found on a ship came from Tehran is “baseless and false.”

Source: Jerusalem  Post

My comment:

It is interesting that the US peace partner Iran keeps on feeding the Islamic terror-organization Hamas with rockets that than reach Tel Aviv, and basically the whole of Israel.

This is not a friendly gesture from a free and democratic nation, but an act on war.

The Obama Administration is highly influenced by supporters of Jihad, deceitful workers that can not be trusted.  That is why the US Navy did noting to monitor and stop the Iranian ship, despite a full American fleet operation in the Persian Gulf.

The US must remove the present administration in Washington D.S, replace the present President, and enforced a trade embargo on Iran. This is the only way to free the Iranian people from the curses of the Ayatollah regime.  And cripple the main center of financing and supporting the Global Jihad movement.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Israeli navy take arrest of Iranian terror ship

    1. Dear New Kadara

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      Israeli navy made a right Decision to protect his country.

      My reply:

      History has proven, that the Jews will have to look after their own security. NATO and EU can not protect the Jews from their enemies. In fact, both NATO and EU is today feeding the enemy.

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