PLO: No extension of talks without settlement squeeze

“Palestinians” attempt to pull attention back to peace talks, but also downplayed expectations, saying Kerry’s failure would not be ‘end of the world.’‬‬

Nabil Shaath and Hamas leader Ismail Hanyeath wants to squees the Jewish peiople onto death.
Nabil Shaath of the PLO and Hamas leader Ismail Hanyeath wants to squeeze the Jewish people onto death.

Israel must make good on past pledges to freeze settlement construction and free the last batch of Palestinian prisoners scheduled for release if it wants the current peace talks to continue past their April deadline, Palestinian official Nabil Shaath warned Monday.

Shaath’s comments came just hours before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with US President Barack Obama, who reiterated his support for the neogtiations talks and urged Israel strive for a two-state solution with the Palestinians.

For his part, Netanyahu claimed Israel is doing its part to pursue peace, while the Palestinians were less committed to finding a solution, something which Netanyahu said he regretted.


My comment:

To squeeze the Jewish people, is not “a peace process”. It is a bid to try to fool Jews to commit national suicide.

The ancient Pharao in Egypt was the first to propose a “settlement freeze” within the Jewish community.  If the Jews were not permitted to renew their population, they would simply vanish within a generation.

The idea that Jews shall not be permitted to build homes in Jewish land in Judea and Samaria, is antisemitic by nature.  The Islamic terror-organization claims that the land God of Israel gifted to the Jewish people some 3.000 years before the PLO was formed in 1964 A.D, is theirs.  Only people who knows nothing about history, is ignorant about the PLO charter, or simply are lukewarm and do not pay attention to much, bay this kind of fraud, and present it has truth.

Do not support this kind of evil. behold God of Israel is still on the throne. The Islamic and other copy-cats of “god” of the Hebrews, are nothing but demonic principalities.  God of Israel is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Written by Ivar


2 thoughts on “PLO: No extension of talks without settlement squeeze

  1. Ameyn va ameyn.

    So now the pretenders want a “two-state” solution?

    Interesting that they did not want the two state solution when it was originally offered in 1948.

    Today’s “Palestinians” are not from the Philistines, as described in Tanakh and other writings.

    They are invaders from the desert “wilderness”, but they are not Philistines. Philistines were invaders from the sea. These “sea people” had origins from Crete, what Tanakh calls “Caphtor”.

    If the “world” wants to help those who call themselves “Palestinians”, give them a parcel of land. Obviously, the Arab/Islamic world chooses to keep these people as pawns to apply leverage to Israel instead of really helping them.

    Remember, It’s all for the camera.

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