EU official said “Hail Hitler” to Customs officers

European Parliament VP detained at the Frankfurt Airport responds to allegations: ‘The Germans were rude to me. I wasn’t drunk, I only had one glass of wine’.‬‬

A Vice President in the EU saluted Customs officials in Frankfurt with "hail Hitler".
A Vice President in the EU saluted Customs officials in Frankfurt with “hail Hitler”.

“I only had one glass of wine during the flight,” said European Parliament Vice President Jacek Protasiewicz, in response to accusations that he created a scene at the Frankfurt airport earlier Tuesday, during which he drunkenly called customs officials Nazis, asking them if they’d ever been to Auschwitz and shouted “Heil Hitler”.

The EU official told Polish media that the German custom officials had instigated the incident, when they behaved rudely towards him and pushed him.

According to the website of German tabloid Bild and other media outlets in Germany, the Polish politician landed at the airport under the heavy influence of alcohol. Customs employees asked Protasiewicz to provide indentification, and in response he lashed out at them in front of dozens of stunned passengers.


My comment:

From small children and drunk politicians you possibly will hear the truth.

The European Union is achieving what Napoleon and Hitler desired. The ability to knock down all borders, delete all national identities, and to collect all powers at the hand of a few people within the elite.

We call such regimes authoritarian dictatorship, established on the Fascist ideology.

The most amazing side of the European Union, is the lack of resistance from the masses. In Post-Christian Europe, the lukewarm and godless are amusing them selves to death. They are deceived by their own Media, mostly hailing immorality and filled with stupid, hedonist entertainment.

Europeans are being robbed of the freedom and dignity their Christian forefathers were fighting for. Soon, we will see the end of the age of grace. The return of the Messiah and stern judgment is in the pipeline.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “EU official said “Hail Hitler” to Customs officers

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  1. It breaks my heart, this. I honestly believe the word Ichabod (The Glory has departed) over the Western nations. While Christians suffer for their faith in the badlands, and stand for Christ, even willing to die for His name’s sake, we rather wrap ourselves in comfort. Now, it’s come to this. May God’s people here continue to strive for righteousness.

  2. I hate the EU, i hope it goes against israel, its the quickest way it will destroy itself.
    It loves sharia(jesuit created law)
    its policies allowed a Uk soldier to be beheaded

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