The grand betrayal of Jesus the Messiah takes place in His own name

Spend six minutes and watch the exposure of Charismatic preachers returning to Rome.

Preachers like Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland and Ulf Ekman are all known Word of Faith heretics. Now they return to Rome, and take large parts of the Charismatic Pentecostal movement with them.

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31 thoughts on “The grand betrayal of Jesus the Messiah takes place in His own name

  1. Good Morning Ivar,
    I did not realize it at the time, but when I was first coming to faith in Yeshua, I would try and watch some of these televangelists, but I couldn’t stand most of them. I once watched Kenneth Copeland and another minister engage in what I would call dueling tongues. They exchanged gibberish back and fourth with big smirks on their faces. It was ridiculous.

    These liars almost turned me off to Christianity altogether. I thank GOD for giving me a spirit of discernment, long before I even knew what one was, or that I needed one. If it weren’t for Jews For Jesus, Zola Levitt, and other faithful Christians, like yourself, who crossed my path at just the right moment, I would have avoided Christianity like the plague.

    They sicken me more than the Atheists! How can they prostitute the word of GOD, without shame or fear? They must know that they are fattening themselves for the slaughter. It’s like watching a live chicken pluck out its own feathers and jump into the roasting pan.

    1. Denise,

      Shalom. You mentioned Zola Levitt. Have you read his booklets “A Christian Love Story” and “The Seven Feasts of Israel”? Have you read Myles Weiss’ “An Epic Love Story”?

      At the risk of appearing presumptuous, I recommend this material for your consideration.

      I also recommend Zola’s “Beloved Thief” Video.

      Toda Rabah.

      1. Hi Mordechai,

        I’ve read most of Zola’s materials, although it has been awhile. Now is probably a good time for a review. Like Zola; I used to think that there would be a pre tribulation rapture, but now I am definitely in the pre wrath camp.
        I don’t why, but, I find that in most christian churches; the ability to hold different opinions on the timing of the rapture causes great division.
        Unlike the Messianic Temples, these issues are always up for discussion, and a difference of opinion is acceptable. The exchange is awesome.

        We are all in agreement with certain things such as Yeshua being deity, and salvation is only through Him. That Israel is comprised of natural branches,(Jews) and wild branches, (Gentiles.) That sin is breaking HaShem’s commandments. That the Sabbath is on Saturday. Sadly, most of the Western Christian churches are not interested in Israel, or HaShem’s Feast Days; much like Esau, they do not value their inheritance.

        I think the days are soon coming when we here in America will not have the freedom to worship out in the open. Satan is going to make every effort to silence us. I know that this may sound a little warped, but, in a way, I almost look forward to the time when we will be refined by fire, or tribulation. For what ever reason difficult times seems to deepen our faith and it creates deeper bonds between believers. We are perverse creatures, we place a greater value on things obtained through hardships.
        your sister in Christ

      2. Denise,

        Shalom and Toda Rabah for your candid response. Based on my limited exposure to the American church, I agree that we are seeing the first instances of the great falling away foretold.

        You state that “when you were first coming to faith” – this means that prior to Abba finding you, you were not looking for His Son. Do you see how you are a testimony to the Truth of G-d’s Word? Messiah Himself tells us in John 6:65: “He went on to say, ‘This is why I told you that no one can come to me unless the Father has enabled them’.” Praise be to G-d.

        You also mentioned that you “used to think that there would be a pre tribulation rapture”. If you are comfortable sharing, what contributed to you changing your belief?

        Your brother in Messiah

      3. Hi Mordechai,

        Some years ago I was having recurrent migraines. This particular night I had a headache and i went upstairs to bed. No sooner had laid down, I left my body and was enveloped in complete darkness. I was totally coherent, I knew where I was in relation to my body. I was still in my bedroom, above my body and near the ceiling. This darkness was terrifying and oppressive. I recall wondering if I was dead. I also recall hearing accounts of people dying and seeing a bright light, I purposefully looked for that light, and was met with only that awful darkness.

        Suddenly, I returned to my body, I was awake and was completely paralyzed. Slowly, I began to move my limbs. First on one side, then the other. As soon as I able, I ran out of my bed room and flicked on every light in my apartment.

        Prior to this experience, I was morally bankrupt and pretty much feral. This began my quest for G’d. There is a verse in scripture that said something about returning to the ancient path, for me this was judaism. I joined my local Reformed Temple, and started lighting my Shabbat candles. I enjoyed it, but, I still couldn’t shake this feeling that something was missing.

        Later, I was blessed by a lady from Jews For Jesus, who offered to study the scriptures with me. We were discussing Moses standing in the cleft of the rock, and being allowed to see G’d’s back, and how his face shown when he returned from the Mountain.

        At this same time, I was at work, I work overnight, and I had some down time. I picked up an issue of National Geographic. In it was an article on light. Apparently, we don’t know what light is. It is both a particle and a wave. It can be cool or hot. When light is increased, it never takes up more volume, and life can’t exist with out it. Later, I discovered that we now have instruments so sensitive that we can actually weigh light, so it has substance.

        At that moment the word of G’d became real to me. I now understood how G’d could be everywhere at the same time. I understood that He is quite literally, “the light of the world,” and the Divine Spark that created all things. I also understood how hell can consist of fiery flames ,and yet, still be in utter darkness. HaShem, simplly withdraws His light. I am so grateful Yeshua, Jews For Jesus, and National Geographic, for patiently putting me on the path to salvation.

        As for my belief in a pretrib rapture, that was formed by listening, and reading Zola Levitt’s teachings. My friend who studied with me never took a rapture position, other than a belief that, just as Yeshua fulfilled the Spring Feast with His first coming , he will fulfill the Fall Feasts with his second coming. The rapture will come on some Rosh HaShanah, in the near future.

        As for me, I had already fallen in love with prophecy. I began reading everything that I could get my hands on. Jeremiah 33:3, became a promise that I knew G’d would honor. “Call on Me, and I will show you great and marvelous things that you do not know.” I came across a book by Marvin Rosenthal, called The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church. It was awesome, and a little frightening at the same time. It changed my opinion of the timing of the rapture from a pre-trib view, to a pre-wrath view. I was great reading. I highly recommend it.

        Your sister in Yeshua

      4. Denise,

        Baruch HaShem! Toda Rabah for a peek into your personal relationship with Y’shua. Praise be to G-d for finding you and bringing you to His Son.

        Your comments about light are interesting. The light we humans are allowed to see is a small portion (bandwidth) of the entire spectrum of frequencies. While not an expert, I find it fascinating that solids have frequencies. This may help explain when Messiah spoke of “the stones crying out” (Luke 19:40).

        Our praise – voice and physical posture – has frequencies. We humans operate at certain frequencies which are distinct from other aspects of G-d’s Creation. May also explain when our G-d opens our spiritual eyes, such as Elisha’s servant (2 Kings 6:17).

        My apologies for my rant based on your comment about “light”. 😉

        I can see from some of your comments how you have moved away from a pre-tribulation resurrection belief, thank you.

        Have you looked at or studied any of Holy Scripture in the “original” languages – Hebrew, Aramaic and Koine Greek? There are some interesting surprises contained within them. One such example is associated with “Easter”. This is one of many.

        I will look into Mr. Rosenthal’s book you mentioned.

        “Therefore encourage one another with these words.” (1 Thessalonians 4:18).

        “For God did not appoint us to suffer wrath but to receive salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. He died for us so that, whether we are awake or asleep, we may live together with him. Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:9-11).

        Achichem B’Y’shua

      5. Good Shabbas Mordechai,
        About the stones crying out, my thoughts went to the many times when altars were made with 12 stones that no implement, made by human hands, had ever touched. One instance was when Joshua was told to put the 12 stones in the Jordan river, near the Priest’s feet.

        All of these altars were an acknowledgement of HaShem’s sovereignty over all creation. So if no one were to acknowledge Yeshua’s deity, the very stones that were erected by earlier generations, would cry out and proclaim His identity.

        I could be wrong, but, this would certainly be an interesting study.

      6. Shalom Mordechai,
        One more thought about light; It was interesting the point you made about the restricted sight that we humans have. Thinking back to when Elijah asked HaShem to open Elisha’s eyes, and asked that he be allowed to see into the spiritual realm.

        As I recall, it seemed as though the spiritual realm was very near, perhaps even existing within the same sphere. So it may be closer than we think, it’s just that we are prevented from seeing it, and perhaps it is closed off to us because of our inability to perceive certain levels of light.

    2. Hi deniseandros, I read your recollection of how you one night left your body and were surrounded in darkness. You said you then followed Judaism. I am interested to know how did you go from Judaism to Christianity?

      1. Hi Mark,
        I never left Judaism. Yeshua was a Jewish Rabbi. All of His Apostles were Jewish, and all of the Prophets were Jewish. Most Christians, and most Jews as well, think that Yeshua started a new religion, He didn’t. Now there is a difference between todays Rabbinic Judaism, and the Messianic Judaism of Yeshua’s day.

        Todays Rabbinic Judaism does not acknowledge Yeshua as the Messiah. Most of Christianity does not worship the way Yeshua, and the early “church” worshiped. The bulk of christianity worships this gentile Jesus, with celebrations that have their genesis in paganism. This contemporary church looks nothing like the church of Paul’s day.

        The early church celebrated the Feasts of the Lord. They celebrated the Sabbath on the Sabbath. Today, we are witnessing the restoration of the church that Yeshua established. Sadly, far too few are willing to give up their pagan ways and meet with GOD at His appointed times, because they love not the truth and take pleasure in unrighteousness.

        My journey was a blessed fluke, either that, or it was perviously, and supernaturally ordained. I actually had nothing to do with it. It was through my studies with a lady who was with Jews for Jesus. The diligent study of His word is the only way anyone really gets to know the Lord.

      2. Shabbat Shalom Denise & Mark,

        An interesting study is how Joseph, the son of Jacob, is a type or shadow of the Messiah (Genesis 41:41 – Genesis 45).

        One aspect is that Joseph had taken the appearance of the goyim (Gentiles), spoke their language, married a goy . . . so much that his Hebrew brothers did not recognize him until he revealed himself to them (Genesis 45).

        There will come a day soon when Y’shua will reveal Himself to His brothers (and sisters) and they will call out “Baruch Haba B’Shem Adonai” (Blessed is he comes in the name of the LORD).

        Baruch HaShem!

  2. This is so unfortunate, people of the light embracing the darkness they have once been delivered from. I cant just understand in the name of God what these fellas are looking for in the demonic papacy church. What is more painful is that these silly folks will be leading several others into hell due to their heresy

  3. Der er ingen Helvedes ild, og Adam & Eva var ikke virkelige – røber Pave Francis.

    29. december 2013.

    Pave Francis er en mand, der er ude på at åbne mange af den Katolske Kirkes gamle “hemmeligheder”. Nogle af de overbevisninger, der fastholdes i Kirken, men som er imod Guds kærlige natur, er nu afsat af Paven, der for nyligt blev kåret som ”The Man of The Year” af ”TIME Magazine”.

    I sine seneste afsløringer sagde Pave Francis:
    “Gennem ydmyghed, sjælesorg og kontemplation har vi fået en ny forståelse af visse dogmer. Kirken tror ikke længere på et bogstaveligt Helvede, hvor mennesker lider. Denne doktrin er uforenelig med Guds uendelige kærlighed. Gud er ikke dommer, men en ven, der elsker menneskeheden.

    Gud søger ikke at fordømme, men kun at omfavne. Ligesom fabelen om Adam og Eva ser vi Helvede som en litterær sag. Helvede er blot en metafor for den isolerede sjæl, der ligesom alle sjæle i sidste ende vil blive forenet i kærlighed med Gud.”

    I et chokerende indlæg, der genlyder over hele verden, erklærede Pave Francis at:
    “Alle religioner er sande, fordi de er sande i hjerterne hos alle dem, der tror på dem. Hvad andre slags sandheder er der? Tidligere har Kirken været hård ved dem, de dømte umoralske eller syndige. I dag dømmer vi ikke længere. Som en kærlig far fordømmer vi aldrig vore børn.

    Vor Kirke er stor nok til heteroseksuelle og homoseksuelle, til abortmodstandere og de, der går ind for valgfrihed! For Konservative og Liberale, selv Kommunister er velkomne og har sluttet sig til os. Vi elsker og tilbeder alle den samme Gud.”

    I de sidste seks måneder har Katolske Kardinaler, Biskopper og Teologer forhandlet i Vatikanet. De har drøftet Kirkens fremtid og omdefineret mangeårige Katolske doktriner og dogmer. Det tredje Vatikankoncil er det største og vigtigste siden det andet Vatikankoncil, der blev indgået i 1962.

    Pave Francis indkaldte det nye råd til “omsider at færdiggøre det andet Vatikankoncils arbejde.” Det tredje Vatikankoncil sluttede med, at Pave Francis annoncerede, at… Katolicismen nu er en “moderne og fornuftig religion, som har undergået evolutionære forandringer.

    Det er på tide at opgive al intolerance. Vi må erkende, at religiøse sandheder udvikler og ændrer sig. Sandheder er ikke absolutte eller indristet i sten. Selv Ateister anerkender det guddommelige. Gennem handlinger i kærlighed og næstekærlighed anerkender Ateisterne også Gud og forløser derved deres egne sjæle. De bliver dermed aktive deltagere i forløsningen af menneskeheden.”

    Én udtalelse i Pavens tale har fået traditionalisterne til at få et anfald af forvirring og hysteri…
    “Gud forandrer og udvikler sig som vi er. For Gud lever i os og i vore hjerter. Når vi spreder kærlighed og venlighed i verden, rører vi ved vor egen guddommelighed og anerkender den.

    Bibelen er en smuk og hellig bog, men ligesom i alle store, gamle værker er nogle passager forældede. Nogle kalder endda på intolerance og dom. Det er på tide at se disse vers som senere indføjelser, i strid med budskabet om kærlighed og sandhed, som ellers udstråler igennem Skriften.

    I overensstemmelse med vor nye forståelse vil vi begynde at ordinere kvinder som Kardinaler, Biskopper og Præster. I fremtiden er det mit håb, at vi en dag vil have en kvindelig Pave. Lad ingen døre være lukket for kvinder, som er åbne for mænd!”

    Et par Kardinaler i den Katolske Kirke er imod Pave Francis’ seneste erklæringer. Hold øje med en rapport derom.

  4. A very clear and present abomination and deception is taking hold. There will be many that fall away from the faith in these last days.
    Rev 13:11-12 are soon to be upon us.

  5. Here in Suffolk, England, if you look carefully it is still possible to see evidence of the aftermath of the reformation. There are plenty of old parish churches where you can see the literal physical battle scars left by the destruction of roman catholic images and idols. I often reflect on this, and consider what a high price was paid, in martyrs blood, for the triumph of protestantism and the real gospel. Several saints were executed, by order of the pope, only a few miles from where I live. I also often wonder how those same English martyrs would react if they knew what was happening in this age, with its inane rejection of biblical doctrine, and subsequent adoption of all manner of worldly influences, “taken captive by hollow and deceptive philosophies that depend on the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ…..”

  6. Disturbing stuff. I am fortunate that I have never been “exposed” directly to the Roman Catholic Church, although I was brought up in a Church of England household, but I was not born-again until my teenage years. By that time though I had moved away from the CofE and was attending a evangelical church. I now attend a “free” church, i.e. no denomination, this is what I feel most comfortable with, as Jesus’s disciples would have had no denomination, so that feels right to me. I firmly believe that although the Roman Catholic church started out with good intentions, it has since been corrupted by Satan and is a false religion which is leading more and more people astray, Catholics think they are saved and they are not. Praying to a piece of carved wood is going to get you nothing apart from God’s wrath for breaking his commandments.

    1. Shabbat Shalom Mark,
      I disagree with your assessment of the origins of Catholicism, believing that it started out with “good intentions.” The Catholic church was corrupt from its inception. Just like Satan, the Popes have sought to take the place of Jesus on the earth. This is the same plan that Satan has. The Catholic church has done more to soil christianity than any other denomination. It has prostituted the word of GOD for profit from the very start. I will rejoice when Yeshua destroys it.

  7. Hi Deniseandors, I agree that when Yeshua destroys the Catholic church we should rejoice. I have limited knowledge of the “origins” of the Catholic church so forgive me if I have made an error. But I am completely with you on it is an abomination and has done damage to the image of Christianity to the non Christian world than anyone else.

    1. Dear Mark.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      The topic of the origin of the Roman Catholic Church is interesting. For all who do not accept this “Church”, as part of the family of Christianity, there are two main possibilities.

      1. It was a false Church from the very beginning.
      2. It somehow fell from grace, and became a false apostate Church.

      Many Protestants are of the second opinion. This is the basic for the Reformation. That the Roman Catholic Church needed to be reformed, and can be reformed. I held on to this view for many years.

      Today, I realize that the gates of Hell can not, and have surely not prevailed against the true original Church. Despite Rome trying its best to destroy the true Church, and replace it. There has always existed a true Baptist Messianic Church from the day Jesus walked on Earth in the flesh, up till this day. A badly persecuted Church, but still having an impact on lost souls, never compromising on truth.

      When the Roman Catholic Church was formed by the emperor of Rome in and around 320 A.D, it was considered to be a NEW AGE movement by all true followers of Jesus the Messiah.

      Nothing seems to have changed.

      1. Coming out of the Roman Church was a struggle because they brainwash you from early childhood. I believe the Roman Church had at one time true believing Christians, but as they say, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. In my opinion the first Pope after Pope Gregory the Great in the very early 7th century was the beginning and precursor to the Antichrist. This is not just my opinion, but was warned by Pope Gregory the Great, himself. Of course the Roman Church does its best to hide what Pope Gregory the Great wrote about this, but here is his own words:

        ” “For what are all thy brethren, the bishops of the universal Church, but stars of heaven, whose life and discourse shine together amid the sins and errors of men, as if amid the shades of night? And when thou desirest to put thyself above them by this proud title [Universal Pope], and to tread down their name in comparison with thine, what else dost thou say but I will ascend into heaven; I will exalt my throne above the stars of heaven? Are not all the bishops together clouds, who both rain in the words of preaching, and glitter in the light of good works? And when your Fraternity despises them, and you would fain press them down under yourself, what else say you but what is said by the ancient foe, I will ascend above the heights of the clouds? All these things when I behold with tears, and tremble at the hidden judgments of God, my fears are increased, and my heart cannot contain its groans, for that this most holy man the lord John, of so great abstinence and humility, has, through the seduction of familiar tongues, broken out into such a pitch of pride as to attempt, in his coveting of that wrongful name, to be like him who, while proudly wishing to be like God, lost even the grace of the likeness granted him, and because he sought false glory, thereby forfeited true blessedness. Certainly Peter, the first of the apostles, himself a member of the holy and universal Church, Paul, Andrew, John,—what were they but heads of particular communities? And yet all were members under one Head. And (to bind all together in a short girth of speech) the saints before the law, the saints under the law, the saints under grace, all these making up the Lord’s Body, were constituted as members of the Church, and not one of them has wished himself to be called universal. Now let you Holiness acknowledge to what extent you swell within yourself in desiring to be called by that name by which no one presumed to be called who was truly holy.

        Was it not the case, as your Fraternity knows, that the prelates of this Apostolic See, which by the providence of God I serve, had the honor offered them of being called universal by the venerable Council of Chalcedon. But yet no one of them has ever wished to be called by such a title, or seized upon this ill-advised name [Universal Pope], lest if, in virtue of the rank of pontificate, he took to himself the glory of singularity, he might seem to have denied it to all his brethren.”

        Note that the very next Pope after Gregory the Great took the title of “Universal Bishop” and all popes afterwards…which Gregory the Great declared that whoever took this title would be the “precursor to the Antichrist”. AMEN

    2. Good morning Mark,
      I too, have only acquired knowledge about the Catholic Church through the posts that Ivar puts up. And of course, we all have some historical knowledge of her corruption, as this is common knowledge. The Catholic Church has always been treacherous in her dealings with the Jews. This is why Hitler could rely on Catholicism’s cooperation in the demonic extermination of the jewish people.

      One would think that the churches history of sexual abuse against young boys, would be enough of a demonic red flag, that it would send any true follower of Yeshua’s running as far away from that organization as humanly possible. A normal Christian response would be to avoid any association with the church, at all. Coupled with a clear and deafening demand for her destruction. That would be would be a normal reaction.

      Instead, a majority still snivel, and whine, wanting others to forgive, and to continue to support this abomination, that has always been the Catholic Church. The question that her ardent supporters might want to ask themselves is; do they want to share in the judgements that Yeshua is going to bring upon this fat, stinking, whore?

  8. Anyone know how I get rid of “enter you comment here” when I’m typing? I can’t see what I’m typing at the start of my messages and it’s making me misspell everything

  9. I felt-as Harold Horton might have when discussing idolatry in the modern church-“a kind of physical nausea” when I watched this video.
    The truly disturbing thing that we are witnessing in this and other cases where “protestant” denominatons are opening up dialogue etc with the papacy, is that these people naievely and mistakenly think that the pope sees them as equals. When in fact the reality is that the catholic religion makes no secret of its self appointed status as the one true church. It has never renounced its insatiable lust for global power and influence. If the papacy deals with anyone, It is always with a view to a hostile take over. That is the nature of the catholic religious spirit. It seduces, lies, intimidates, ingratiates, deceives-and when folk finally wake up its too late, because the catholics already retook control of political,, economic and “spiritual” life of the nation. My god, a HIGH price was paid-in the blood of Godly Christian Protestant martyrs-in order for Britain to completely disentangle itself from the clutches of rome. How utterly sad to see people almost falling over themselves to go back there!

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