“Demoracy” the Islamic Ottoman way

ANKARA – Turkey’s parliament approved a law boosting government control over the appointment of judges and prosecutors on Saturday, after a heated debate and a brawl that left one opposition lawmaker hospitalized.

NATO partner and “peacemaker” Turkey seems to go the totalitarian way. Just as it did during 400 years of slaughter of Jews and Christians, from 1517.A.D til 1918.A.D. One and a half million Armenian Christians faced a genocide in 1915-1916 A.D by the sword of Muslims in present day Turkey, the second largest Holocaust on Planet Earth.

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2 thoughts on ““Demoracy” the Islamic Ottoman way

  1. Dear Ivarfjeld,

    I was glad to see that you posted an expose on Ed Stetzer…his apostasy extends to promoting an axis of evil including Rick Warren, mysticism, Roma Downey.

    Having written two books exposing Rick Warren, I invite you to be alerted to:

    You should be alerted to this breaking news concerning Rick Warren, particularly because you are near Lake Forest.

    (external link, deleted. Editor).

    Sincerely in Christ,

    James Sundquist

    1. Dear James.


      Please do not publish external links on this site, in the future. It is not permitted. I have permitted your link to your website, If people would like to visit tour site.

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