Erekat: Kerry must prepare Israel for condition of surrender

Chief Palestinian negotiator says Palestinians have not seen any draft agreement, urges secretary Kerry to do “what’s needed”.‬‬

Saeb Erekat likes totalitarian forces that deals with the Jews, so we can see a proper Israeli surrender to the demands of the PLO.
Saeb Erekat likes totalitarian forces that deals with the Jews, so we can see a proper Israeli surrender to the demands of the PLO.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must prepare the Israeli people for the terms of a peace deal with the Palestinians, which until now he has not done, chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said Wednesday morning.

“I haven’t heard any Israeli official from this government saying two states,” Erekat told Army Radio. “I haven’t heard any Israeli leader in this government saying East Jerusalem (as) the capital of Palestine. I haven’t heard any Israeli saying we recognize the State of Palestine’s right to exist in peace and security.”

What is needed, Erekat said, is for Netanyahu to make a public address explaining what a peace deal would entail.

“I want… (for) Mr. Prime Minister of Israel to address his people, to tell his people, to prepare his people for what is needed, yes and to say 1967. That’s what he needs to say,” he said, referring to the basic understanding that the frontier between Israel and a Palestinian state would fall more or less along the 1967 borders, with some territorial exchange.


My comment:

This man Saeb Erekat is a funny character. He has the world record in the art of offering resignations, just to surface again a few days later.

Again, this man Erekat is back on the podium, hardly some weeks after he resigned as “chief negotiator” of the PLO.

It is not easy to negotiate with people who like to sit under the table. Or as Benjamin Netanyahu correctly said some years ago. “To negotiate with the Arabs, is like setting up a ladder into the three where he is seated. And the further up we set the ladder, the higher the Arab will climb”.

This man Erekat has also totally misunderstood the word “negotiations” for “dictate”. Whatever Uncle Sam, the sponsor of the PLO will say, must be made into a law.  The winner of the 1967 war must accept defeat, and surrender to tho the terms set by the losers.

Funny that the World sees to buy this conditions. Only because it was the Jews who won the war. They are not supposed to win war, but to live in submission to “allah” and his messengers.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “Erekat: Kerry must prepare Israel for condition of surrender

  1. When you try to change Israel you get destroyed and That is What God will do to the USA right now. Test God how far will he let you mess with his daughter Israel. For me I will never turn my back on Israel, My family or Friends. I really do not care what they say. You stick the truth no matter what happens.

  2. The US attempts to give a portion of Israel to the Arabs. Is this the only resort for the US to appease the Arabs? Why are the Americans so much scared of the Arabs, the filthy liars?

  3. In all candor, take your hatred & derision of Catholics and ask your “people of the book” the ones who have repeatedly mocked God, about the 3 false famines imposed by the Jewish Bolsheviks that killed tens of millions of Ukrainian & Russian Christian farmers in the first half of the 20th century

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