‪Lecture by Ivar Fjeld on Jerusalem and Ophir‬

Ivar Fjeld is a senior journalist based in Goa, India.

He has done research into Pre- Portuguese Christianity in Goa, and an ancient Jewish Settlement. In this lecture Fjeld focus on the city of Jerusalem as the center of the World, and a likely location of Biblical Ophir on the Konkan coast.

Published by Ivar

2 thoughts on “‪Lecture by Ivar Fjeld on Jerusalem and Ophir‬

  1. Another vein filled with more gold nuggets for many to munch on and dig a wealth from….thanks for bringing it forth. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen some of those maps …(sweet memories…thanks).. Messages like these are always like a full course Banquet…always come ready to ‘eat a lot’ and have deserts then take home plenty in a ‘carry box’ of left over for later’ …God is so good!

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