Two more “peace rockets” fired into Southern Israel

Two rockets fired from Gaza explode in open areas in Ashkelon and surrounding area.

The Jihad groups use Gaza as a launching pad for rockets fired at Israel.
The Jihad groups use Gaza as a launching pad for rockets fired at Israel.

No injuries or damage reported in attacks; Code Red alert siren heard in area prior to landing of first rocket.

Two rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel on Thursday evening. The first rocket exploded in the Ashkelon area in an open area and the second one also landed in an open area Eshkol Regional Council later in the evening.

Prior to first the rocket’s landing, a Code Red missile alert siren went off in Ashkelon and surrounding areas.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

It is quite ironic, that it is good for Israel that the Hamas fires missiles into Israel from Gaza. It is a visual proof, that the policies of Obama and Kerry are deadly wrong.

The Clinton promoted “land for peace” project in Gaza quickie turned into a nightmare for Israel. After jerusalem was forced by Washington D.C to destroy Jewish properties in Gaza, Israel received more than 8.000 rockets as a premium for trusting the Clinton Administration.

Likewise, Israel will reap rockets from Judea and Samaria, is the present government in Jerusalem copies the mistakes of the past.

Gaza is 70-80 kilometer south of Ben Gurion International Airport.  The IDF has time to shoot down incoming Islamic missiles, aiming for the most populated areas in Israel. But the day the Hamas rule, even in the hills west of Abu Gosh, Ben Gurion will be hardly nine kilometers away. No IDF-battery can protect Israel from a massive onslaught from the Jihadi forces. The state of Israel will be doomed for destruction, simply because of the lack on discernment, and no ability to lean from the past within its core leadership.

Stand up against the Washington D.C sponsored Islamic Jihad. It is pleasing to the incoming, soon to return Messiah.
We can not expect anyone else than Yeshua of Nazareth.

Written by Ivar

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