Francis Xavier embraced Zen Buddhism on arrival in Japan

Francis Xavier was presented as a priest of Zen Buddhism on arrival in Japan During his stay in Indonesia, Francis Xavier might have converted to Zen Buddhism.

This is confirmed by a Jesuit professor in the USA. Just watch this video and draw your own conclusions.

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4 thoughts on “Francis Xavier embraced Zen Buddhism on arrival in Japan

  1. Dear Iver, Through the news headlines on the dailies I managed to get to your site. I am so glad to read up all yours posts.To begin with I was a RC. I denounced the faith in 1984 and I embraced real Christianity through our Lord Jesus Christ. There is no looking back for me, my husband and my children. We believe that Our Lord Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life.We are free and free indeed from all bondage’s.It is one of the greatest privileges for us to follow Christ.In our locality there are many people who shun us for we denounced their religion. If only they knew the truth….the truth would have set them free.In those days they also shunned Jesus and so it is with us……fulfillment of the scriptures. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you mightily. With kind regards and love in Christ Jesus, Eva

    On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 7:29 AM, News that matters wrote:

    > ivarfjeld posted: “Francis Xavier was presented as a priest of Zen > Buddhism on arrival in Japan During his stay in Indonesia, Francis Xavier > might have converted to Zen Buddhism. > This is confirmed by a Jesuit > professor in t”

  2. Hi Iver, This is the first I’ve heard this. I came out of the R.C. church and have a family member who is Jesuit. I’ve read a lot of history on the Jesuits and truly believe this is a godless sect based on anything but Jesus Christ. Thanks for your work.

    1. Marj Nowak

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Thanks for blessing me. There are a lot of interesting scientific evidence, that points towards the conversion of Francis Xavier to Zen Buddhism. Even in Sri Lanka, some folklore sources claim that Xavier returned from Japan to Sri Lanka to preach Buddhism, and that Xavier died there.

      The Jesuit video source just strengthen this claim. Xavier might not have died on the Shangchuan Island, just off the coast of China, as claimed by the Vatican.

      If Xavier was buried on Sri Lanka, it is not so strange if the Portuguese stole the body of a Buddhist monk, and took it to Goa. The body of the Buddhist monk was linked to miracles, a perfect body to take through the proses of “beutification”, needed to make the Spaniard a saint.

      The truth about Xavier’s conversion to Buddhism was covered up, so the criminal activities of the Jesuits could continue in Goa. The place the Portuguese named “The Rome of the East”.

  3. Outstanding historical facts and research but as always spiritually murky and tragic!
    It is traditional churches that buried (wrapped in the shroud and placed in tomb) the Living Christ but he has risen! And when He calls out to us (John 11:43), to the dead (Luke 9:60), we become alive by the power of His Word. Therefore God has established the commandment of repentance which is the key to eternal life on the basis of His sacrifice. Christ commands us to repent (Math. 3:2, 4:17, Mark 1:15, 6:12, Luke 13:3-5) and did so not only Christ but also His disciples and even John the Baptist before Christ’s ministry. The whole Old Testament calls for repentance. I do not find in The Scripture “the way of just believe “or “oh, yeh! right, I am a sinner, oops, forgive me God” (James 4:8-10). In order to repent a man must see himself as a lost sinner. And yes, then and only then Christ can intervene and forgive, and it must be sincere, deep and self judging, and take away our burden of sin and even gives us personal witness (1 John 5:10) that He has accepted us into His Kingdom. I always wonder how can a man get to Christ, when the whole access is barricaded my traditions, rituals, void of God`s Word on daily basis, and absolutely grafted to the world and deeds of the world. What man cannot, God can!

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