Islamic terrorist worship the black stone in Mecca

Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal is about to kiss the black stone at the Kabah in the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

Will kissing this stone in Mecca wash away the sins of Khaled Mashaal?

The Black Stone is the eastern corner stone of the Kabah, the large black cube that lies in the center of Mecca.

Muslims believe that a brilliant white stone fell from heaven during the time of Adam and Eve. Over time, this stone turned black because of the sins which it absorbed. It is believed that Abraham found this rock and the Angel Gabriel brought it to him while he was building the Kabah.

To this day, the Black Stone is an object of reverence to Muslims. They turn east to face this Stone when they pray five times a day. During the pilgrimage to Mecca, they circle the Kabah and attempt to kiss the Black Stone as Muhammad once did. If they can’t get near to kiss it, Muslims point towards it.

Protesters exposes Islam. Terrorists worship the moon stone in Mecca, the sign on top of every prayer tower within Islam.

The Black Stone is believed to absorb sins; the Muslims pray towards it, and they attempt to kiss it during pilgrimage. This sounds like worship to me.

Do Muslims worship the stone which has the ability to remove sins?

These people kiss the stone and worship it.. following their pagan worship is all it is. Nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.

Read more about the worship on the black stone in Mecca: Click here

69 thoughts on “Islamic terrorist worship the black stone in Mecca

  1. The Black Stone is believed to absorb sins; …..whoever told you this?

    I am reading this made line for the first time on the internet here on your site…Muslims kiss the Black stone simple because the Prophet (PBUH) kissed and that is it. No one will accept your statement that it heals or it revives one’s sins.

    Muslims circumbulate the Kabbah to symbolize that there is only one GOD and Kabbah (not the black stone) is merely used a direction while offering prayers.

    …why do you have to unnecessarily make up stories with half baked truth for a living? instead help a beggar or unprivileged kids.

      1. Mohammad Parents used to believe on a pagan Rock called Allah as God, and they called their Pagan God Allah. It was brought to Macca by a man Named Abdullah from today’s Iraq. Macca was Originally a Persian Fire Temple for the Persian Navy which used to rule the red sea. Because of the existence of the Zam-Zam water. Later after Persians left, became a trading center.

        Mohammad called the God of Universe “Allah-Akbar” after the Pagan God Allah. Akbar in Arabic Means “big” or “Giant”. So God of Universe is called “the Giant Allah”. He was too afraid of Allah the Pagan God to call it something else. Mohammad hence called the place they kept Allah in, the house of God!! I would think the Black Rock is the original Pagan God Allah.

        BTW, Koran is copy of Jewish books + Persian Philosophy of Good God + whispers that Mohammad heard.

        In Koran it is said that “Devil will Whisper in man ear in good voice, but will make him to lie, rob, rape, take slaves, etc.

        The Whispers that Mohammad heard are:

        Do not lie, but you can lie to Non Muslims

        Don not Kill, but force non Muslims to Islam, if they do not accept, Kill the man, rape the women and take their children as slaves.

        Shake hand with Non-Muslim to take out another Non-Muslim, then turn around and kill that Non-Muslim once you are done (Lots of original fights that Mohammad and his follower did was based on that.

        Muslims are suppose to be all equal and brother. But show me one that is! Mullah’s are the voice of God..So much for brotherhood and equality.

        So you can see based on Koran itself, the Whispers that Mohammad heard could have been from the Devil.

    1. Dear what you say i agree with you but tell me the logic of worshiping or praising a stone when ISLAMIC People believe that there is no shape of GOD or one should not pray to stauctures while ISLAMIC people do make Mosques and try to touch the Almighty Stone of a sign of LORD SHIVA as per HINDU Mythology moreover for so many years it was kept secret that their was any Black Stone at MECCA . With all respect paid withput the intension of hurting anyone’s feelings .

        ONLY JESUS,’THE ROCK OF SALVATION” who bore the ‘Sins of the world_all humanity’.
        An object has nothing to do with our sin.
        I am the witness to this truth.Are you serious about your life,Ask God earnestly nd wholeheartdely and HE will show you,the Truth,the Life and the Way,that is JESUS who died for our sin and rose again,still to come back again.Do u haue a warranty after death,either to hell or heaven?if not,accept JESUS AS YOUR PERSONAL SAVIOUR.Only HIM who can save!
        Call His name&He will show u z way.

  2. Dear Responder,

    I can not speak for the whole community of Muslims, nor can I justify any actions they have made and further more I can not judge and say what you or I do is bad or good, but I will keep respect in mind. Starting from there, you must note that the stone was believed to be from the heavens aka a very pure energy, this justifies a reason to respect it not worship it. The reason as to why it turns black is because of the negative energy that is residing on our planet. This is just interpreting it through simple black and white positive negative. White resembles purity black represents negative energy. The end of the world is when the negative energy out weighs the positive by a landslide and that in all religions is the end.In time yes, as every major religion has an end to the world, is believed to turn black as we get closer to the day of judgment. But also remember that after the Prophet Muhammad passed before he had said that the end is just a hairline in time away so don’t be fearful of our end.

    In Islam we believe in all the Prophets and just one extra one Muhammad, he was a very amazing person for his good actions and will as all the others were. But because he was the closest to our time, and the one to bring about the book of revelations, many Muslims tend to follow his messages, and try to mimic every action {why many kiss the stone}. Some take it to a very far point, others don’t acknowledge anything. I believe that you should do good for the sake of good, and use examples of good behavior but there is a diversity of good and bad in every religion, group, culture.

    Please do not judge, we do not have the right for that. Religion is meant for personal use and to do the best you can. Unfortunately it will never be the case, but I have hope for the greater good in everyone. In any religion I am pretty sure judging, pointing fingers at others’ weaknesses, comparing is negative energy. We should better ourselves and maybe people will follow our example instead of us telling them too. If you want to continue a follow up please feel free to I will give me best answer to clarify anything. And if we bring in the side of the spread of Islam I am prepared for that as well, for I was born in the religion went against it, found every which way I could be good and found my self back to the science of Islam. But I do not think it is the only way, “My choice is who I choose to be and if I’m causing no harm is shouldn’t bother you, your choice is who you choose to be and if your causing no harm then your alright with me.”-Ben Harper. You can bring out the negatives of everyone, and I bet you will find hundreds of things to say about every religions or group etc, even your own but just look for the positive and maybe the day will go by a little less in fear of these “terrorists”

    -Also the media as we all know instills fear in us to control what we think, so knowing that research. At this moment china has enough money to buy us out completely many other countries have the same situation for other countries. Right now what they are trying to do is to find a way to allow buying of countries through commerce rather then abduction/war or domination of the land and leader/people. Every country is is except Islamic countries, why because they don’t feel as if that is morally correct. So who is going to be at the bad end of media and the one group the rest of the world will battle? Islam! There will always be bad people out there in my group your group his group her group we need to correct our negative energy. Why do we want middle eastern land? very rich in things we need, especially the Euphrates River, which in the bible a sign of the apocalypse is the Euphrates drying up, but what is underneath the Euphrates….Uranium which is a very valuable element for nuclear studies, and every country will want their hands on it. Things are not what they seem, I wish it was that simple, I want my safety as every other person does, so rely on your positive energy and hey if you go you go at least you know you did everything good and the energy (soul) in you will filter out to a whole being of positive energy (heaven) rather then being left with the negative(hell). I hope you all spread positive and good health wealth and love

    1. Dear Correction2

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      I am blessed having so many Muslims paying attention to my writings about politics and faith.

      You wrote:

      Please do not judge, we do not have the right for that. Religion is meant for personal use and to do the best you can.

      My comment:

      If a man tries to rape you daughter, how would you judge the situation. I guess you would try to correct him?

      Religion is not meant for personal use. And we will not find peace with God in what we do. That is the false gospel of salvation by good works.

      The Good news is what God has done for us. He came down from Heaven, and payed the penalty for our wickedness and sins. This man Jesus is our Master. Only by living by faith in Him we can be saved, and find peace with God our creator.

      1. Dear ivarfjeld

        How is a man trying to rape your daughter in anyway relevant to all of this.
        And just like how you dont believe in the teachings of Islam, we dont of the Christians.
        Infact we believe the Jesus in not dead and nor was he the Son of God or God himself.
        And just because according to you religon is meant for personal use does not mean it is not.
        Oh and lastly Islam is less of a religon and more of a way of life as Muslims are supposed to live their life according to what Islam teaches.

      2. Dear lifeinpk


        You wrote:

        Infact we believe the Jesus in not dead and nor was he the Son of God or God himself.

        My reply:

        This is amazing. As a Muslim, you might be close to believe in the resurrection of the Messiah. Since Jesus was crucified, how did he survive?

        Did he die on that cross in Jerusalem?

        Can a man who is not God, raise from the dead?

        The empty tomb of Jesus is the sign of His victory. We are called to walk in the power of His resurrection, and live forever in the Kingdom of Heaven.

      3. Dear ivarfjeild

        you wrote :

        This is amazing. As a Muslim, you might be close to believe in the resurrection of the Messiah. Since Jesus was crucified, how did he survive?

        Did he die on that cross in Jerusalem?

        Can a man who is not God, raise from the dead?

        The empty tomb of Jesus is the sign of His victory. We are called to walk in the power of His resurrection, and live forever in the Kingdom of Heaven.

        My reply:

        We do NOT believe in the resurrection of Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him) as we believe him to still be alive. The Quran explains that Jesus (PBUH) was lifted up to heaven and Judas was given the face of Jesus (PBUH) so that he may be crucified in punishment. That is why he his last words were i believe “Why have you forsaken me?”
        So to answer your questions.

        He was not crucified, is still alive in heaven till the time he will be sent down to fight for and lead the Muslims, and i explained how he survived in the previous para.

        No he did not die on the cross. That was Judas.

        No man is God and no man can come back to life unless God wills.

        The empty tomb is simply because Jesus (PBUH) is not dead.

    2. Read this one

      The Symbol of bad is black!

      The stone was white and now it is black because of people sin!! What kind of backward thinking is that.

      How shallow of reasoning. Only Stone age man can think that shallow.. Wake up brother…

      If God of Universe wanted to bring about a religion, he would have created a system much more advance than Internet, Millions of years ago, before Adam and Eve.

      He would have had the birds and Animals and trees talk to you in your language and told you what he wants.
      Not through Whispers, or going on top of mountain or going inside a cave.. How easy like a child grown people could be fooled!!! by these so called man of God!!

      1. Ali,

        Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Because he is the only one that died for your sins, and he is the only one that can save you.

        Isaiah 43:10,11 You are My witnesses,” says the Lord, “And My servant whom I have chosen, That you may know and believe Me, and understand that I am He. Before Me there was no God formed, Nor shall there be after Me. I, even I, am the Lord, and besides Me there is no Savior.”

    3. Dear Sir,

      The truth is that both Christian and Islam have been lied to. The book of Revelation 666 is JESUS, 6 IS THE THE SIXTH DAY of the week which is Friday, jesus was crucified and 666 is the holy trinity. Same with the KAABA, MEANS CUBE, HAS 6 SIDES, the black stone represents JESUS, AS JESUS was with Abraham and MOSES. Reason it is Black ,as the Christian say Jesus takes the sins of the world. You kiss the stone the same way Juda kissed JESUS and reason its silver is that JESUS WAS BETRAYED FOR 30 SILVER COINS. You have to understand the Holy roman empire that controled the world with the currupt religion leaders control the world through their religions, all the wars- DIVIDE AND CONTROL. Constantine the great recognised Chrsitianity only to make aginst JESUS TEACHINGS, with his fake CHI-RHO-XP, which true meaning is the SKULL AND BONES which means death, Romans and GREEKS USED TO CARRY A SYMBOL OF THEIR ENEMIES AS A VICTORY SYMBOL, NOTHING HAS CHANGED. HEBREWS-CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS HAVE BEEN LIED TO, WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN ONE FAITH WITH JESUS-YESHUA AS OUR MESSIAH. INSTEAD THEY RUINED THIS WORLD WITH THEIR GREED. VATICAN IS THE MAIN ORGANISER FOR ALL THE WORLDS EVIL

    1. Stop arguing over stupid points..we are all human and make mistakes..the biggest one was to make gods of men and worshp them..idealize can we advance as a race if we continue to believe in gods? youre all nuts

      1. Justa Human Being

        Do you not realize with your comments that you are choosing to serve Satan? Repent from your sins, and seek God and you will find the truth.

        1 John 3:8 Whoever makes a practice of sinning is of the devil, for the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil.

        Revelation 21:27 But nothing unclean will ever enter it, nor anyone who does what is detestable or false, but only those who are written in the Lamb’s book of life.

      2. Dear Gloria.


        Thanks for ministering to just a human being. Since we are all human beings, it might be wise to believe, trust and obey a living God that is in control of every situation. I guess we who do this have nothing to loose?

  3. Truly, it hurts me to see so many lost souls who do not believe. But if it hurts me, imagine how much hurt Jesus Christ feels when he sees so many souls siding with satan rather than Our King.

    God Bless.

    1. Dear Gloria,
      do you feel GOD does not know what is correct or not,you should just be his Follower does not matters Whom you are Worshiping LORD SHIVA , Almighty ALLAH or LORD JESUS , It is his Job to Decide for all his childrens to punsih or to Love , and please do not use the language as KING for any of the GODS just to ensure that he never rules or forces you to believ him he just loves us all and tests us for your Deeds Good
      or BAD, Please ask your all frnz to do understand what is wirtten in any of the HOLY books they read .

  4. It is most likely a meteorite. How ludicrous for these people to still maintain anything else. Millions of people each year fighting to kiss a space rock. How funny. Idiots.

    1. read once and think what you have written .are you a HUMAN what are you ? thnk of all your deeds which you have done all your life and then reply , once you have started thinking you will come to know the way u wrote is incorrect

  5. First we are not terrorists because the terrorists who are terrorizing our innocent people in Palestine, etc.
    We Muslims neither worship the Kaaba nor the black stone that we worship ” ALLAH ” and we never believe that kissing the Black Stone, wash our sins, but we do that as the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him – as he said Omar Ibn Khattab, may God bless him, when he did kiss stone “I belive that you are a stone neither benifit nor harm and if the prophet Muhamed didn’t kiss you I wouldn’t do ”
    the alst matter to declare that the prophet Muhamed kiss the stone not for worship but as praising for it

    1. @ Tamer point of correction, 85% of palestinians are jews who were force into islam because the had no choice and no place in the society during the islamic control of the turks, by then most jews had been scattered all over the world! today they are neglected by Israel who for sure knows they are jewish, but due to the fact that they are now muslims lacks trust in them, secondly they are being used as a bargaining chip by the Arabs. so they are the real victims. many of them knows their jewish ancestors and even kept jewish relics at home! but my comment does not make me to see the average jew as God’s chosen ! If he actually is, then there must be two Gods! one being racist and the other not!. i have no sentiment reserved for any Abrahamic religion. They have been distorted over the years by the unseen manipulators who hijack our everyday existence from their own plane and dimensions!.

      1. Let’s talk about that failure of a man, Abraham. That faithless idiot was prepared to slit his little son’s throat because he thought that’s what God wanted.In fact, God was testing this primitive, and he failed miserably.If Abraham really had any faith he would have refused God’s request (test) with the following argument:” Dear God, I do not believe you would hurt an innocent child. nor ask your servant to do so therefore I believe you are testing my faith.My faith is in you as a merciful and loving God so I do not fear for not doing as you asked” To add a further example of Abraham as a lousy human, look at this cruel treatment of his son Ishmael and the boy’s mother Hagar- he threw them out to die in the desert with no food or water and if it was not for God’s mercy they would have died.If Abraham ever, in fact, really existed, the rest of humanity must have been a totally hopeless lot for him to be selected by God.The glorification of such a useless clot says much about the development of the three major religious groups on earth.

  6. Our holy books(bible,koran and the jews book) are the same,its just we believe in different thing and at different points.Like the christians,they believe the son of god was jesus,,however they also believe theres a father of god,which the muslims refers as allah.The Jews believe in the same god as us but became too be angry as god chose muhammad as the next and final prophet.However,in islam,we are not suppossed to kill nor force for maing more muslims.It was several muslims who think killing is the ans,but they were infact wrong.May we humans restore the job to bring peace to this very world.Amin

  7. and it isnt a space rock it is a gem that came down from paradise wouldnt you want to kiss that…..yes ofcourse if it was a space rock i think we would know. And it turned black because it is from paradise paradise does not have any nonmuslims so when the nonmuslims touched it because they dont believe in allah and his messenger it turned black.
    FYI Jesus (prophet Esaa) did not die he is in the 2nd sky there are 7 skys each 500years of thickness after the 7th sky is paradisse then above paradise iis the throne if all the creations were put together and were compared to the throne it would be like throwing a ring in the desert. There are also 7 ground the one we are standing on is the 1st 500 years under is the second etc then there is a place under the earth (dont remember which earth) called sijjeen were the souls of the nonmuslims are being punished and under sijjeen is hell. which is 70 times stronger than the strongest fire on Earth the strongest fire according to scientists reached 1 million degrees and the flames turned black so 1 million times 70 is 70 million degrees. hells flames were first red then after a period turned colour white then turned to black.

    1. Farouk dear tell me did ALLAH came and told you that NON MUSLIMS are not the ones who are loved by HIM , did he gave the rite to you to judge or the ALLAHA himself will Decide what or who he has to love or Punish it is his JOB not yours just be his lover and not of the religon which is made by humans .

  8. if this rock was from paradise, or heaven, why is it that it was broken so easilly when it was stolen and returned? You’d think that something from heaven would last forever and be forever intact. And how does anyone know that it turned black? Maybe it was originally black.

  9. Muslims and muhammad deceive themselves by try to adorn Islam.God Almighty has exposed the lies and evil of muhammad and islam.JESUS CHRIST had told us that false prophets would arise who would deny him and if possible deceive the elect.The blackstone is nothing but a symbol of darkness.Nothing in the earth, in the skies, under the earth can represent God as HIS symbol.Ka’aba is a spiritual fraud.

  10. I believe in the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST,THE ONE WHO WASHED MY SINS AWAY EVEN BEFORE I WAS BORN.HE IS THE ONE WHO PREACHES PEACE.HE DID NO HARM TO ANYONE WHEN PHYSICALLY ALIVE.HE DID NOT MARRY A NINE-YEAR OLD GIRL.HE KILLED NO ONE.THIS IS WHAT I BELIEVE FOREVER.THE WORD OF GOD SAYS IN GALATIANS 1:8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.Nothing on earth can any love different from the unconditional love that the LORD has for me.

    I dont care if i dont belive in Allah, whitney i die, i relize that u and all the other who didnt belive, that u allway had wrong. Im 100% sure ur going to hell.
    And trust me, u wont like it and no one can save u.

    1. Dear Muslim and PROUD.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      You wrote:

      UR GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL,KID. I dont care if i dont belive in Allah, whitney i die, i relize that u and all the other who didnt belive, that u allway had wrong. Im 100% sure ur going to hell.

      My reply:

      You seem to be pretty careless, since you are 100 per cent sure, and still do not care?

      How do you explain that Muslims blow up their own mosques, and cripple and kill their own brethren.

      Do you care about this? Are you also sure such persons are going to Hell?

      1. Islam will be utterly destroyed in the Gog and Magog Invasion of Ezekiel 38-39. All but 1/6th of these nations will be destroyed by fire and sulfer raining down on them… And they will know that the God of the Bible is King. Many of those few remaining will turn to the Lord Jesus Christ… Either way Islam will be a footnote in history.

  12. We Do Not worship the black stone , what we do is called ” Sunnah” after our prophet Muhammad “Peace be upon him”, the reason why we kiss the stone is to praise it not to worship it and the black stone does not represent God as his symbol
    We only worship “Allah” who we have not seen touched or kissed !! but we still beleive in him and our prophet for all the obviouse reasons that you unfortunately missed to see
    In Islam people are not forced to become muslims, and they’re not killed if they choose not to be muslims ! when migrating to “madenah” from “makkah” our prophet did not force any of the christians there to islam
    the reason you should turn to islam is you’re heart, you should feel from the inside its the right thing to do, and the right way to live your life 🙂 after all allah guides whome he wills to the great blessing of Islam
    If I were you i would delve deeper into islam and the misconceptions surrounding the Islam before attacking what muslims do or beleive in

    1. Praise and worship are closely related, what praise does a black rock deserve?

      Pslam 66:4 Everything on earth will worship you; they will sing your praises, shouting your name in glorious songs.” Interlude

      Psalm 67:3 May the peoples praise you, O God; may all the peoples praise you

      1. Praising a rock would be like saying, We praise you oh mighty God but we also praise this black stone. Kind of insulting to God isn’t it, which is the same as idolatry.

      2. We do Not worship the black stone after all it is still a stone it will do you no harm and no good
        the stone is believed to be from the heavens , this is a reason to respect it not “worship” it “. kissing the stone is only sunnah taken after our Prophet, it does not mean we worship the stone
        praise and worship may be closely related as you say but they do not have the same meaning
        You Praise what you beleive is precious but you don’t worship it

      3. Nice to have the opportunity to chat with people from other cultures.

        Jesus is the rock from heaven, worthy of praise.

        The black rock seems like some sort of substitute story, your black rock from heaven.. Praise is enough to commit idolatry Daniel 5:4 As they drank the wine, they praised the gods of gold and silver, of bronze, iron, wood and stone.

        Psalm 18:2 The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

    2. Sister Lina, may I assist you in setting the record straight? We neither worship nor praise the stone. We simply mimic an action. Because of the one who performed this action, our repeating it becomes praiseWORTHY. Ignorant people might see any religious practice as worship, but a deeper investigation is needed to truly understand.

      I maintain a long beard, in an attempt to emulate the Mercy to Mankind SallAllahu alayhi wasallam; this is the same manner in which pilgrims to the Ka’bah touch and kiss the black stone. So for a non-Muslim to call this worshiping the stone is as asinine as he or she claiming that I worship my beard.

      Something else these baseless accusers should note: nowhere in any of Islam’s jurisprudential source material will one find an obligating injunction to kiss or touch the stone. I challenge anyone to find a single valid instance of this. Instead what you will find, over and over again, is the obligation to worship Almighty God to the exclusion of all else.

      1. And mimicking Idol worship isn’t bad? Man is not praise worthy! Only Jesus will forever be!

        Timothy, I challange you to get on your knees and repent from these lies. Between the Pope and Mohammed, many are led deeper into sin.

        It is not too late to repent, and believe that Christ is your Messiah. Turn away from these lies.

        Isaiah 44:6-20 Thus says the Lord, the King of Israel and his Redeemer, the Lord of hosts: “I am the first and I am the last; besides me there is no god. Who is like me? Let him proclaim it. Let him declare and set it before me, since I appointed an ancient people. Let them declare what is to come, and what will happen. Fear not, nor be afraid; have I not told you from of old and declared it? And you are my witnesses! Is there a God besides me? There is no Rock; I know not any.” All who fashion idols are nothing, and the things they delight in do not profit. Their witnesses neither see nor know, that they may be put to shame. Who fashions a god or casts an idol that is profitable for nothing?

      2. Dear Gloria (beautiful name by the way, my mother’s name),

        Unfortunately, your argument lacks a logical premise. The action being mimicked is merely an action and entails in it nothing of worship. I kiss and hug my wife when I return home. My wife is a gift and a blessing from the Almighty. The similitude should thus be clear to a reasonable person. All humans have blameworthy and praiseworthy traits and carry out similar actions. Denying this is to deny reality. What emotionless shell of a person would refrain from “praising” their child for mastering a new skill or demonstrating some virtue? This is the kind of praise of which I speak; it pales in comparison to the real praise we offer our Creator Most Glorified and High is He.

        As a matter of fact, I do get on my knees and repent quite often for the things I allow to happen because of my innate weakness. But one thing of which I am certain is that I have not spoken a word of a lie to you.

        And something you should note about me and every other Muslim: we already believe that Christ is the Messiah (which,is a redundancy – christ is just the Greek translation of Hebrew messiah). This is reinforced by verse after verse of the Holy Qur’an which refer to Jesus as Messiah (upon him be peace and honor). Christians seem to have conjectured and attached meanings to the title that it never included. So I sincerely thank you for your advice, which I believe to be from your heart, but I already have turned away from the lies. I implore you to look into doing the same.

        And I thank you for sharing those beautiful verses from Isaiah with me. Please allow me to return the favor with a reiteration of the same from the Holy Qur’an: namely Chapter 112:1-4. A translation of the meaning: “Convey that He is Allah, The One Indivisible. Allah, Upon Whom All Are Dependent And Who Is Dependent On None. Neither did He procreate, nor was He given birth to. And never shall there be a single thing His equal.”

      3. Dear Timothy

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        I know that this message was addressed to Gloria, but I would like to address you.

        Do Muslims believe that Jesus is a Messiah?

        Obviously yes. But the “Jesus” of the Koran is a false Messiah. An antichrist.

        The “Jesus” of the Koran is not God. He is a created being. That is a lie.

        The truth is the Jesus is eternal God. If you reject his divinity as equal to His Father, He will not save you. You have been deceived, and you will die in your sins and perish.

        I hope this was a crystal clear message. You need to repent, or the fire of Hell is waiting for you.

      4. Timothy,

        Why do you defend idolatry when the Bible is clear on this subject? There is no getting around the fact that what you do is worshipping. Also, Muslims do not believe that Jesus Christ is Messiah, the Only God that can save you. Jesus said, “I and the Father are One.”

        You refuse to believe in Christ, and rather worship a man like Mohammed who is leading many into the wide gates of hell.

        One last thing, I have taken the time to read your nonsense, I just don’t believe one word of it.

  13. Muslims kill muslims we believe, but there are some bastered behind this. 1st was bush b….d who created war in iraq, afghanistan, etc. the secound basteteds are jews who were, are behind USA. How will the jews b……d give answers to juses pbuh when he ll ask them the reason for killing innocent palastinian?
    There ll be peace on earth when Jews be send to the mars.

    1. Dear david
      Easy answer for the Jew part. No one said they hate Jews we believe they changed the bible because once it used to be like the qura’an. Peace? Islam is perfect humans aren’t.

    2. Yes im a muslim. But it’s wrong to talk about religions like that. You cant judgea religion because of one person.

  14. Muslems warship only thier God Allah. the kissing of the black stone is just like you kiss a letter sent from your lover, not warship it, but i don’t blame your just don’t know anything about islam or muslems.

  15. May Allah guide you all to the right path , if you were’nt so ignorant about Islam and Mohammad SallAllahu alayhi wasallam, you would at least speak with some sense and logic , and your accusations would have a base to begin with

    Dear Timothy thank you for setting the record straight this is exactly what i meant 🙂

    1. Lina,

      Timothy set nothing straight. You praising Mohammad and “allah”, believing in what man created, a lie, puts your soul in grave danger.

      Jesus Christ is the only God and Savior.

      John 8:24 I told you that you would die in your sins; if you do not believe that I am [the one I claim to be], you will indeed die in your sins.”

  16. anyone visit a site called answering-muslims, u see i read alot about Muslims and each time i find myself seeing how much they hate Jews. There excuse is there evil they need to be wiped off the earth so that peace can be restored, I even talked to a coworker that was Muslim and he told me the same. Whats funny is where is the love and peace you all proclaim to have and if you people truly believe your Allah is the one true God why don’t he stop them with his hand not Muslims. anyways it sucks how many people the devil decieved into making Jesus into just a prophet to them when he clearly said who he was and showed to be. Blessed are those who believe in the father the son and holy spirit Amen


  18. Jesus was not god because he prayed to God, clearly he wasn’t paying to himself meaning he wasn’t god Secondly you are demeaning god by saying he has a son or even the fact that Jesus ir we as people were made in his image for no one knows what God looks like. How about you stop bickering like a child and do actual research. Wikipedia doesn’t count.

    1. Dear Ahmer


      Jesus was talking to His Father. And the Father was talking to His begotten Son. Jesus is truly unique. He was also the Son of man, a complete human being. If He had not come in flesh, He could not have become the Passover Lamb of God. Jesus was also fully God. Forgiving sins. Only God can forgive sins.

      1. zeeshanparvez

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        You wrote:

        Your god died on a cross?

        My reply:

        Your sins were paied for on the cross in Jerusalem. If you can not accept this, you will die in your sins, and perish. Jesus rose from the dead, so that you can escape Hell. If you accept Him as God and savior. Jesus is alive.

  19. Så Ivar Fjell eller hvem hva faen du nu en er.

    Så ziotruds, rightwinged shittheads, druling NeoNazis, “freids of the sick and insane Israel”, and so on.
    Your rants never seeses to amaze me, not only are you lying about everything, you dont even have the balls to be hunest.

    Why dont you enlighten us ignorant Giyms about the Talmud, shitthead.
    Or should I give you morons some examples, but that would be antisemeitsm, right f…

    The f… fact is shitteads, Israel is a comple fabrication and have never ever existed, Palestina have existed pre Jesu time, and is provable, but Israel havent been proved at all, not even by them selfs.
    Israel in the terms you shittheads use it regading the present Israel and the chousen people with is utter bollocs.
    Can anyone, anyone give me a credible story or anything that shows Me Israel, pre 1947, anyone.
    You cant.

    I know you sick f…. are here for One reason only, to discriminate the Islamic faith and the Arab people in general.
    To do the work of polaraisng anyone that your master in Israel tells you covard f… to say and do.
    if you are “norce” you are from the same basterd race as the rest of the suthern population, the scum of this earth.
    “norce” is 100% pure bollocs.
    The “norce” is the same shitt as the scumbaggs that cals them self for “jews”.
    The f… “jews” arent a f… race, its a religion, a sick f…. religion and belive me, thsi shitthead will never print anything from the Talumud, would you.

    Since I know you are a ziotrud I will promise you this, as my final gift to you shittheads, the promise, that I will personal inihiliate your forgery of history, and the present lies about the so caled Jewish people.
    I can also start to Cutt and Paist about what ever religion, or political direction ever invented and find what ever I want, only braindead idiots belive in you stiupid babbelings.
    And by the way, you arent White, you are abasterd race, of slavic origin, a fullblow bastard.


  20. Dear all;
    Here every one is making a mistake, that Muslim do worship of this stone, it is totally wrong. Everyone is kissing it just because of the reason that Muhammad(PBUH) have kissed it. which doesn’t mean that they are worshiping it. And it is a stone from Jannat(Heaven).
    2. In Islam a Muslim keeps more meaning than any thing else in the Universe.
    3. Muhammad(PBUH) loved his wife and kissed her, so it doesn’t that He worshiped her.
    4. Always try to think about your own negative point. Don’t just for criticism share your awkward knowledge.

  21. What a load (with respect)
    Muslim was came up with 300 some odd years after Christianity and Judaism because Arabs had and worshiped many different Gods and as many as 15 different sects that all worshiped different Gods. Mohammed had come up with the thought of uniting all Arab tribes to believe in one God.
    And became a prophet that talked to God.
    This was and still is the one true God of Jacob and Joseph Noah Etc. And when he first started to preach this to the Arab tribes he was wanted to be murdered by these tribes so he ran from Mecca.
    His journey back to Mecca is what they still do today. Because the Jews had and worshiped one God. The Christians believe and worshiped one God. If all Arabs would believe and worship one God they could all believe and unite all the different tribes that fraught amongst themselves.
    Could all be united and worship one God and bring all the different tribes together under the same God. Thus uniting all tribes under one religion.
    And The one true God was called Allah for the Arabs so they would have the same God to worship and believe on.
    And stop fighting amongst themselves and unite together to be able all as one religion fight with the Jews and Christians. This is all very easily researched with and under the birth and time lines of the start of the Muslim religion.
    Very informative reading to anyone interested in learning the truth of when how and by whom.
    The Muslims got their start as a religion.

  22. Any measure of critical thought would show that Islam’s beloved “prophet” was simply the Charles Manson or Jim Jones of his time. Unfortunately, the conditions in the part of the world were such that his particular psychosis got some real traction by way of deceiving the naive and enlisting legions of thugs with the promise of plundered wealth, sanctioned rape, murder, child molesting and no end of sadistic activities. Pretty simple to see once one sheds the blinders of cultural brainwashing. Sadly, such cultural conditioning isn’t easily undone and now the civilized world of the thinking man is at risk of being over-run by hoards of mindless Islambies blindly following the savage, deluded, directives of a long dead psychopath, thief, murderer, rapist, child molester and liar. Yep, this is going to get ugly.

  23. “Islambies”. That is a good description. It’s what those on the highways in the videos I’ve seen in Calais, where there are hordes of them all over the place, trying to get onto the passing trucks. They just get the doors open and climb right in. My first thought was zombies.

    I think the idea of mohammed being the madman cult leader of his time is an accurate description. He, obviously was mentally ill, and definitely a psychopath. All we have to do is watch the movie about Jonestown, to see how Jim Jones made it happen, and to see just how his violence against his followers kept them following him out of fear. Hmm, fear, it is a powerful weapon that the islambies use to keep their people in line.

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