Cartoon of the day # 216


A good Cartoon often tells the story in a better way than 1000 words

14 thoughts on “Cartoon of the day # 216

  1. The Burqa is meant for “pretty women” as a protection from ogling eyes and sexual predators.

    But who would ever ogle at the woman alighting from the aircraft? 🙂

    1. Dear Lone Eagle.

      Burka is an Islamic sign of the ownership of a women. She is married. She is the «furniture» of a man. Nobody, but her husband shall ever see her body in public. Be aware, that also Jesus is very strict with married men, looking at other women. So girls: Not in a Burka, but please dress up decent in public.

  2. Dear Ivar,

    **** My above comment was meant to be a joke!! Ivar, Stop being a monk, get the humor out sometimes, it’s good for health and good to take the stress off. I know it must be stressful for you to run this website so smile 🙂 and let the world 🙂 with you. Remember what the Bible says: “A merry heart does good as medicine, but sadness dries up the bones” It’s so interesting to write and share knowledgeable comments as well as the fun ones. So here’s a big THANK YOU 🙂

    **** About the Burka I feel sad for majority of muslim women in the world for they are under great oppression and I really wouldn’t call them furniture. I read a lot about these poor muslim women and my heart goes out to them. Their men are the ones who are the sickos ego-maniacs and scumbags…grrrrr!!! How blessed we are who belong to non-Islamic countries.

    {{You say: but her husband shall ever see her body in public}}
    **** vEeeeek!! whoever would want to see a “$%&@*-body” in public. count me out!! 🙂

    **** Yes of course, I agree with this; Jesus warned “any man” from ogling a woman. So not only girls but all women should dress modestly and for heaven’s sake women, stop displaying your cleavage and save those goodies for the husband 🙂 – it’s not only sinful but embarrassing and disgusting to women of modesty.

    **** By the way, fashion is a trend that comes and goes – but cleave exposure seem to last and last … Uhmmm!! why is that?? Ivar, do you have an answer? 🙂

    1. Dear Lone Eagle.

      Matthew 15:19
      For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander.

      We have to be careful how we speak. Sexual immorality starts with a careless word….

      1. In that case the Burka is definitely better and maybe European and Western women should be made to wear them too. Because their immoral attire is disgusting and has influenced the world like cancer. Their immoral ways have opened the doors for pornography and youngsters have become targets even leading to death. Not forgetting decent women too who are taken for granted and have been harassed. Eastern attire is definitely better and western womens attire should be banned. It is without doubt an invitation to trouble.

        The Eyes are the windows of the heart that invites evil into the mind and heart and then the rest of the evil follows. God does not allow any woman to be dressed as per my previous comment.

      2. Dear Lone Eagle.

        Shalom, and welcome with irony as well.

        You know I will not recommend you dressing up in a burka. But since you profess some strange kind of Orthodox Judaism, may be you can dress up like an Orthodox Jewish woman? I like their decent dress code. Its Biblical.

  3. While I do not condone immodest dress whatsoever..women shouldn’t have to drape themselves in a sheet because man can’t control his own lust. You don’t need to go to the extreme of the Burka in order to be modest!!!

    1. Dear Sue.

      Shalom, and welcome with this comment:

      There is always a fine balancing act, in what is a decent dress code for both men and women. You can be modestly dressed, but still indulge in lust and provoke jealousy.

    2. Hi Sueliz1

      You are right, Women should never have to wear the burka but should dress modestly. I’m not against them tying their heads or wrapping a sheet around them that’s their culture but I agree that no woman should be made to wear a burka which has its many disadvantages to their health particularly vision and breathing. Besides, in these difficult times it is hard to tell who is inside the burka.

      Re. If I went through extremes on the burka it’s because the muslim women were called “furniture” Too much freedom in the West and Europe that is being misused by majority of women leading to the seduction of men even young innocent men. For this God’s wrath is hanging right above our heads look around you what’s happening in our world. GOODBYE AND GOD BLESS.

  4. Ivar,

    1) First of all cut the “SHALOM” for it is a Holy Word, and a Hebrew Word with not just one meaning but several meanings. People like you who hate the Torah and the Jews should never use Words from the Torah. Secondly, cut the “DEAR” because respect, sarcasm, narrow-mindedness etc. are negative things that simply do not mix.

    2) Now do you see from where the evil comes? The topic was about Burqa and muslim women but as always you have jumped onto another topic to bash me up. When you put up something on the blog, you are going to get a response of some sort.
    Your anti-semitism for the Jews is very clear. Is it any surprise that the volcanic ash is being directed towards where it has spread now and still spreading? I know the reason for this volcanic ash spreading but you will never know.
    Since you have so much hatred for the TORAH(THE WORD OF GOD) you will never know what exactly happened at the very 1st Passover (from Egypt) and how it happened. Your hatred of TORAH blocks your knowledge of the WORD OF GOD and so the very word Orthodox or Judaism is a strange religion to you.

    3) Just because I commented on the Western and European women, you got badly burned. In your opinion they should remain lifted up no matter what they do but the poor muslim women have be the “furniture”? Are not the muslim women the creation of God? As it is the Burqa itself is a depressing covering to them, they do not have a social life, how sad is that?. What do you know about their oppression and suffering? Remember they are human too and should have their freedom.
    By the way for all women married or unmarried, muslim or christian in SOME muslim countries and communities it is a must to wear the Burqa to protect their chastity and for modesty though in the Middle East the covering differs. What I was trying to emphasize is the MODESTY of any woman in the world and not that she should look look like a BOOGY-MAN.
    I was born and brought up in India and I lived in the Middle East a long time, and I know more about these countries and their culture than you do. Later God gave me the opportunity to live among the Jewish people, and learn their ways and indeed it was a tremendous blessing. So don’t try to feed me your stuff and jump to conclusions to bash me with your narrow mindedness on what I say. Here’s a good definition for you from a dictionary:
    *****Being narrow minded can be good but for only that person. The more narrow minded you are the less you know, and the less you want to know. Some things you are better off not knowing, such as war, discrimination, etc… hence making someone somewhat happier, like a child.*****

    Like a child? this is true of you, read my previous comment on your blog I think the Timothy one, I did say you are like a child because of your questions to me.

    4) You said in the above response)… But since you profess some strange kind of Orthodox Judaism, may be you can dress up like an Orthodox Jewish woman?….

    My answer: (1) Is there any logic in this to bring up Judaism and Jewish Women? YOUR ARE SO SARCASTIC; is this of Yeshua (Jesus)? I know that He was neither PASSIVE nor AGGRESSIVE rather He was ASSERTIVE … However, I am not hurt by your remarks more defensive now.
    So hear me out carefully – I DO NOT PROFESS SOME KIND OF STRANGE JUDAISM BUT I PROFESS THE TORAH(YESHUA,THE WORD OF GOD) MY KING. I have hammered this into you head a million times in my previous comments, on your blog. But how can I get through a mountain? Only the TORAH(YESHUA) can do that if he is given a chance. Sadly people like you do not give Him a chance,so they never learn.
    About me dressing up like an ORTHODOX JEWISH WOMAN, I WELCOME THAT and since I have been congregating with them for the past 15 years, YES, YES, YES, I DO DRESS LIKE THEM in the congregation and very modestly outdoor too. Makes me feel comfortable raises my self-esteem. And being an Indian Woman I have strictly preserved my modesty that was well taught to me by my parents, though sadly many Indian women today are highly influenced by the immodest ways of Europe and the West.

    5) BEWARE Ivar!! The time is at hand, Islam is advancing globally at a very fast pace, if you don’t cover yourself now in the TORAH(YESHUA, THE WORD OF GOD, THE ONLY TRUTH, then you will find yourself wrapped up in that very same BURQA being handed to Ms.Rice in your cartoon.

    6) In addition to the above
    – I check out websites and blogs to increase my knowledge in what people write but sad to say I have never learned anything from your blog because nothing you write has any scriptural support or sense depending on the issues.
    – I have shared good Biblical knowledge on this blog but you have always criticized me on every thing I said.
    – You did not have the courage to stand up for the Lord Jesus(Yeshua)when the guy named Chris blasphemed Him several times. If I was running this blog I would have cut him off. How dare He blaspheme my God. Chris can go to hell right now for all I care.
    – You are too lukewarm where the Lord Himself said in Rev. I will spew(spit) you out of my mouth if you are not Hot or Cold. So turn on your temperature to the highest degree if that is what you don’t want happening to you.
    – For your information I have sound God-given knowledge of the TORAH and I know about STRANGE JUDAISM too and all what is linked to it because I am always studying – its good to know about the good and bad it gives me discernment, however, I will not get into the Judaism part. I will stick to the TORAH.
    – There are millions of good decent European and Western women. I never meant to criticize them but you provoked me to and so I was compelled to write in support of the Eastern women and the Eastern culture.
    – It’s time you put down you Viking club and stop bashing needlessly but rather check carefully what comes on your blog then take the sWORD of God and use it accordingly.
    – Lastly, thank you for letting me on your blog, I don’t hate you and never will but pray the Lord will enlighten you.
    You don’t have to reply, for this is my last GOODBYE and GOD BLESS.

    1. Dear Lone Eagle

      Shalom, and thanks for this long reply.

      These is a lot in your last message I could have commented. But to make it short:

      If there was any way we could gain righteousness by observing the Torah, there was no need for the lawmaker to enter a human body, and come down from Heaven and die for our sins. The death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth is our only justification. Salvation is about mercy. Salvation is not deserved, can not be won, gained or achieved by good works.

      Dearest sister. If we do not show mercy towards others, our Master will not be merciful towards us the day we face Him.

      I have never defended burka, and have written plenty of messages against Hijab and Sharia Laws. My simple point to you dearest sister, was that women should dress modestly. Likewise men. Many Orthodox Jews accuse Messianic believers for antisemitism.
      I am sad that you also feel this way.

      Feel free to keep on commenting on this site.

  5. Ivar,
    Goodbye I don’t want to say more, it pointless to go on harping on the same thing over and over again. I do a lot of study and I long to share my knowledge so that I can also learn from others. But it is not so. So carry on with your own understanding for finally it comes down to what our final destination will be.
    As long as I have my life in me or until the messiah come whichever, I will be praying for the world for my blood runs cold knowing about what is coming soon – As per the words of our Lord (Yeshua). God bless and have a nice day.
    PS: Sorry about the long write in the last comment I just wanted to express myself.

    1. Dear Lone Eagle.

      Shalom. I am sure many of the readers will miss your comments. You are always welcome back with fresh viewpoints. May Jesus bless your steps.

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