Ya’alon rubbishes the doctrines of Obama

Defense minister rejects doctrine that peace with Palestinians will help stop Iran nukes in apparent dig at Obama.

Defense Minister Ya'alon do not buy the faulty doctrines of the Obama administration.
Defense Minister Ya’alon do not buy the faulty doctrines of the Obama administration.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said Tuesday that the United States is detaching from the Middle East as it seeks to shed its role as “the policeman of the world.”

Speaking at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) annual conference in Tel Aviv, Ya’alon said that the increased Iranian influence in Iraq which has followed the US military withdrawal from the country is an example of the US policy of separating itself from conflict areas.

Ya’alon also said that Washington’s decision not to become more involved in the Syrian conflict has led Russia to be the main exterior player in the civil war, with its unwavering support for President Bashar Assad.
In an apparent critique of US President Barack Obama, Ya’alon rejected the doctrine that peace with the Palestinians would help Israel enlist the help of Arab states against Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Obama made the same suggestion at his first White House meeting with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in May 2009.

Ya’alon also rejected the notion that current peace talks being led by US Secretary of State John Kerry could yield a sustainable peace deal with the Palestinians. He said that until the Palestinians recognize the legitimate right for Israel to be a Jewish state and give up the “right of return,” there could be no peace agreement.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

After calling John Kerry “delusional and messianic” the defense minister was instructed by Benjamin Netanyahu to issue an apology. But Ya’alon refuse to keep quiet.

If the enemies of the Jews would stop using violence of the Jews giving up their land, the Holocaust would never had taken place. Simply because the Jews did not have any homeland. They were a minority in every land when they God had exiled them.

The very idea that there would be “peace” if Israel is reduced to a garden view in Tel Aviv, holds no merits. It is both utter rubbish, and a logical error.  The lesser Israel becomes, the larger chances for her enemy to destroy her. Simple logic, and ABC for any Minster of External Affairs around the globe.

But not for John Kerry. May be he should return to selling tomato ketchup?

Behold: The Bible explains that the Jewish people will be forced to surrender their Biblical Zionism. The Messiah will return, and judge the wicked. All who have made a mockery out of the Word of God.

Written by Ivar

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