Two Norwegian coastal infernos in days

130 houses destroyed as 4 isolated villages in Norway destroyed by freaky mid-winter wildfires.

Norway suffers destruction. The lamp stand is being removed from this Post-Christian nation.
Norway suffers destruction. The lamp stand is being removed from this Post-Christian nation.

Norway has experiencing two freaky wildfires in the middle of what was supposed to be the sub-zero arctic winter.

The last inferno destroyed more than 100 houses is four coastal hills near villages in Flatanger, Nord-Trøndelag, inside the Hasvåg peninsula.

“The fire department has control of the fire out to Hårnes, but now that the fire has spread to Hasvåg things are worse,” Flatanger Mayor Olav Jørgen Bjørkås told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK), fearing for the homes, wharves, industry and farms in the area.

About 40 buildings were destroyed causing damage in the millions when fire raged through the historic town of Lærdal earlier this month. Three heritage listed wooden buildings and 17 homes were among those destroyed in Norway’s worst fire disaster since World War II.

Source: Multiple media.

My comment:

For the last two decades Norway has placed it self reedy for judgment, being the most anti-Zionist nation in the Western civilization. Fornication, adulatory and sexual perversion is presented as the “normality” in Norwegian schools, bring curses on Norwegian youth and children.

Many people have warned the Norwegians that judgment is laying as an axe at their feet. But few people are willing to listen.

 Luke 12:49

‘I have come to bring fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!

Jesus the Messiah bluntly said that he would kindle the Earth with fire.  He is not returning like the Lamb of God, but as a Lion of Judah. Still many Christians do not get the message, and keeps on teaching irrelevant message for a dying world.

It is time to get into endgame mode, and tell people about the wrath of God that is on its way. The age of grace is almost up. Those who do not get down on their knees and beg Jesus the Messiah for mercy, will not be found inside the Kingdom of heaven.

Be wise.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Two Norwegian coastal infernos in days

  1. I have been thinking exactly the same. Years ago I helped writing a Norway-chapter for Ramon Bennetts book “Saga” (Israel og Dommen over Nasjonene) when I translated the rest of the book. It clearly concluded that Norway was up the creek, without a paddle and a canoe that was leaky. Now it is sinking.

  2. Most leaders in the Norwegian state church are apostates. They don`t preach the Word of God. “Sin” has become a forbidden word and exchanged for the word “love”.They are really on fire to get their homo-agenda through to wed homosexuals in their churches. Yes, they are really playing with fire, I`m afraid….

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