Norway claims end to boycott of Israel

Norwegian PM says she will not boycott Israel, but rather normalize the bilateral trade relations.

The December visit of the Norwegian FM displayed his bias towards the PLO.
The December visit to Israel by the Norwegian FM displayed his bias towards the PLO, and political war against Jewish properties in Samaria.

The new Norwegian government, which so far was considered one of the most hostile administrations facing Israel, is working towards bracing the ties between the two countries and enhancing mutual cooperation in an array of fields.

The conservative-progressive minority government, which was established some three months ago, included an article in its elections platform that states that the government will change its Middle East policy and implement a more balanced course of action. This is in stark opposition to previous leftist administrations, whose policy was clearly pro-Arab.

As part of the new policy, Norway’s Prime Minister and Conservative Party Leader Erna Solberg is expected to make a visit to Israel later this year. It will be the first visit of a Norwegian prime minister in over a decade. Solberg was also among the first world leaders to issue a letter of condolences following the passing of former prime minister Ariel Sharon.

“There are indications of a significant improvement in the ties between the two countries,” said Israeli Ambassador to Oslo Naim Araidi. “The public and the authorities are beginning to understand that relations with Israeli do not necessarily have to be defined by the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the two nations can develop normal ties in every field irregardless.”

Immediately following the establishment of the new government, the Israeli embassy to Norway initiated a preliminary meeting between Israeli and Norwegian companies, who discussed opportunities to promote business interactions between the well-developed Norwegian oil sector and Israel’s developing natural gas industry. The acting finance minister, who is the leader of the Progressive Party, has expressed public support of a tighter cooperation between the two countries in the field of energy over the past.


My comment:

To make a story of a nation no longer threatening to boycott Israel, display how deep Norway had fallen.  The former left-center government was the most antisemitic government Norway have had since this nation was a Nazi-puppet regime during World War II.

It strikes me that Norway has selfish motives for not boycotting Israel today. After being the main promoter of the PLO for more than two decades.  Because if Norway continue to boycott Israel, the Norwegian Oil and Gas sector will loose out on the present energy bonanza in Israel. When Israel desperately needed oil from Norway in 1978-1979, the anti-Zionists in Oslo said “no way”.  And in all the following years.

Norway has a long way to go up from this catastrophic low level of anti-Zionism, before the stains of Norwegian Jew-hate is properly dealt with. Norway can start the process of repentance by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of one state, the Jewish state of Israel.  Selling oil – and gas technology to Israel is not very helpful, if Oslo continue to fund Islamic terrorism, gifting cash to the PLO and the Hamas. When the Norwegian Minster of Foreign Affairs visited Israel in December 2013, He told the press that Jewish settlements on the “West Bank” are illegal.

I hope and pray for a turn around in Norwegian-Israeli relationship. Any nation that stops cursing the Jewish people will not be cursed by God. My fear is that the Norwegians do not have noble motives for the new outspoken support of Israel. There seems to be an offer to “sweeten the bid” to help Obama to achieve his goal. An Israeli surrender of Zionism. If Zionism is removed, lawlessness will follow, and eventually the last man of lawlessness will appear and be hailed in Jerusalem.

 Genesis 12:3

I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.’

I hope that Israel will not let it self be blackmailed by political leaders who have no true support of Israel in their heart. I also hope that the first visit of the Norwegian PM to Israel, Mrs Erna Solberg will change her heart. There was no heart for Israel in her first state budget in December 2013. The PLO got the same amount of money in the 2014-budget, as they got in the previous.

Written by Ivar

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