Unesco delay Jewish exhibition to please “peace makers”

Wiesenthal Center: Delay confirms to the world that UNESCO is the official address of the Arab narrative in the Middle East.

Unesco director Irina Bokova and Rabbi Marvin Heir during better days.
Unesco director Irina Bokova and Rabbi Marvin Heir during better days.

Less than a week before the planned opening of an exhibit chronicling 3,500 years of Jewish ties to the Land of Israel, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has postponed the event, slated to open at its Paris headquarters Monday, out of concern that it could be harmful to the peace process.

Truth can not be spoken where Muslims are a part of the leadership.
Truth can not be spoken where Muslims are a part of the leadership. Like the truth about the Jewish heritage and ownership to Jerusalem.

“UNESCO is deeply committed to the successful outcome of the peace process in order to achieve stability in the region and we have a responsibility in ensuring that current efforts in this regard are not endangered,” wrote director-general Irina Bokova on Wednesday to the exhibit’s cohost, the Los Angels-based Simon Wiesenthal Center.

The postponement, with no alternative date, is the latest in a series of skirmishes in which both Israelis and Palestinians have battled for narrative recognition at UNESCO.

Source: Jerusalem Post
My comment:

What kind of gathering is the United Nations (UN)?

Most of the seats are allotted to dictators and totalitarian rulers. A whole bunch of them are sponsors of the Islamic Jihad, or figure heads of nations where all the Christians have been martyred.

What can you expect of such criminals?

They also hunt for the blood of the Jewish people. All the 22 Muslim nations that surround Israel have refused to recognize the state of Israel. Less two nations, Egypt and Jordan. And the peace between Israel and the latter two are very cold.

When all the true witnesses among the Christians have been slaughtered, and the Jews brought into submission, only the Catholic and Islamic version of history will be distributed and taught on Earth. The lies have been told a million times. But they are still lies, and nothing but lies.

The truth about the Jewish connection to Zion and Jerusalem can be read in the Bible. Over and over again. In the NIV-Bible translation, Jerusalem is mentioned 801 times. In the Koran, the city of Jerusalem is not even mentioned. Not even once.

Kindly trash the Islamic narrative of the history of the Middle East, and listen to the Word of God.

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5 thoughts on “Unesco delay Jewish exhibition to please “peace makers”

  1. it is all about money and power and because 96 procent of the christians don’t know the Bible about Israel. But God’s plan can not be stopped everything is running according to His Word.

  2. Israel is the illegal state if we all remember to the history and the ‘promise land’ is lie. Britist colonial gave to Zionist that land in 1948, how we understand that fact?

    1. luaydkpk, that is not a fact but a misunderstanding. In World War 1 the big empire that was over that tiny part of land and the very much bigger arab part was the Ottoman Empire of the Turks, with most of all that land Arab but with Jews scattered all over them. After the Turks lost the war, the winner countries did keep the land for a short while until the land was split up, but that did not make the new countries like Jordan, Syria, Israel, etc illegal or colonialist. Britain was against Israel really and gave up their “mandate” control in 1947, then Israel on its own exercised self-determination right all indigenous people have to declare their state. Neither Britain or UN “made” Israel, it was their land, there was no other country there before, only the colonialist occupiers Turkey who gave it up. I think we all agree Turkey was late to that land and gave it up in writing. That is history and fact..

    2. luaydpk, the “promise land” to Israel is teaching of both Bible and Quran, but people wrongly think the promise was cancelled because Jews (like all people) sinned against God.. The Bible disagrees, and it teaches God’s land promise is forever because it was a love gift, not because of good behavior of Israel or because they are better.

  3. Israel, who found the new state on Palestina state (as map before 1948), from Khazar kingdom, and they not follower of Moses tradition, because they have Talmud, if we remember to the historian Ibnu Katsir, Arthur Koestler etc…

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