Europe, Obama’s new “banana republic”

U.S. and NATO forced the plane of Bolivia’s president to land in Austria.

Vladimir Putin and Evo Morales is both defenders of the human rights of Edvard Snowden, denied in the USA.
Vladimir Putin and Evo Morales are both some kind of defenders of the human rights of Edvard Snowden, denied in the USA.

Bolivian authorities say that Evo Morales private Presidential jet, which was en route from Russia to Bolivia, were refused to fly through French and Portuguese airspace because it was suspected that it spy accused Snowden was on board.

The aircraft was therefore directed to stopping in Austria, officials said.

Bolivian Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca reject in the strongest way, that Snowden was with the plane.

– Lying
– We do not know who invented this lie, but we deeply deplore the violence, the international community treats the plane of President Evo Morales, says Choquehuanca at a press conference.

Bolivia’s president has said the TV channel Russia Today that he would like to give Snowden asylum

Source: Norwegian daily, Dagbladet.

My comment:

Socialist leader Evo Morales in not exactly Mr. Clean, but any day better than the former US supported dictators of Bolivia.

But the process against Edvard Snowden, now reminds me about the start of the persecution of Jews in Europe in the 1930s.

Jews who understood that the Nazis was lawless people, and that they would create war and strife in Germany, tried to leave the country. Only to find that no one was willing to accept them through their borders.

Despite the fact that Barack Hussein Obama has spy’ed on US allies, they bow down in the dust when Obama demands loyalty to the regime in Washington DC.

He who exposed that the U.S. government is behind widespread espionage and violations of the U.S. Constitution, is to be stopped and imprisoned.At any cost.

The suspicion that Edward Snowden was a “guest” onboard  the plane to Boliva’s President, led Obama to use the defense agreements to halt the plane.

As if there was war in Europe,  both France and Portugal closed their airspace to stop a “hostile aircraft”. This shows how desperate Obama is by getting hold of Snowden and his  four lap-tops.

Snowden has probably more information stored, which will show expose Obama as a criminal and should be removed as President, and put on trial in the United States. That is why even Putin see a perfect storm coming, and has warned Snowden to stop his leaks.

William Nygaard has been able to discern Obama.
William Nygaard has been able to discern Obama.

The Ministry of Justice and Immigration officials in “free and democratic” Norway, rapidly declined to give Snowden political asylum in Norway.

I thank Jesus the Messiah for the sane, well known Norwegian publisher Mr. William Nygaard.

He is a survivor of an Iranian fatwa, when the Ayatollah tried to assassinate him when he published “Satanic verses” by Salman  Rushdie.

This assassination bid took place on 12 April 1989.

Nygaard has now secured Snowden, that Norway must reconsider his asylum plea, and this time built on key principles relating to freedom, democracy and human rights.

Jesus the Messiah was also persecuted, simply because he always told the truth, and was not willing bow before the religious leaders and the other pagan authorities in Jerusalem. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. The kingdom he represents is not of this world.

Something to reflect on for all humans.

Praise Jesus.

First published: July 3rd, 2013.

Written by Ivar.

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