Many Christian Zionists do not preach the gospel

It has bother me for a long time that certain Christian Zionists do not preach the gospel to Jews. For many reasons:

Those who truly love Israel preach the cross and the blood of Jesus, also to Jews.
Those who truly love Israel must preach the cross and the blood of Jesus, also to Jews.

1. They put a large number of already fulfilled prophecies found in the Bible, into the thousand year reign of Christ and the martyrs.

2. They feel that the Jews shall start to preach after the Church has departed, which is wrong and not logic at all.

3. They ignore that the Messianic Church of saved Jews are already here.

4. They ignore Mission history and grand events before 700 A.D, and that the Jews have always preached the gospel. The Gospel is Jewish.

5. There has always been a remnant of God on Earth, of Jews who have preached the gospel, and of course, the gospel have been preached by saved gentiles.

6. The great Mission age of the Jews were from 30 A.D to 315 A.D. The Jewish revival included Persia, and the revival winds even reached the West Coast of India and Roman Britannica, todays England.

Now, we are facing the age of judgment. Not a new area of grace, and a second cross. A second chance to get saved. There is no second cross. The Jews who will be saved when the Messiah returns are waiting for Him.

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12 thoughts on “Many Christian Zionists do not preach the gospel

  1. Awesome Ivar! THANK YOU! The “church,” is comprised of both saved gentiles and jews. This is ISRAEL! There is “ONE flock, and ONE Shepard,” Yeshua! He, Yeshua, “created in Himself, one new man!” “Both jew, and gentile, worshiping TOGETHER.”

    I wish that Christians could get it through their heads that “Church,” is jewish. The Messiah is a Jewish Rabbi. The Messianic Church was all Jewish at its inception, until the gentiles were grafted into Israel. The Prophets are all jewish. All of the Covenants were made with Israel. All of the original Apostles are jewish. All of the scriptures were originally given to Israel. The Messiah celebrated these Feasts, not the Pagan Feasts that the “Church” celebrates.

    Now the Feasts are, Passover, Feast of Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, and Shavuot, these are the Spring Feast that were fulfilled by Yeshua, at His first coming, as the suffering Servant.

    The Fall Feast, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkoth, will be fulfilled at Yeshua’s second coming, as the Lion of Judah.
    These are the FEASTS OF THE LORD, if you belong to Yeshua, then they are your feasts too.

    There are two feasts that are linked to the Feast days. Rosh Chodesh, is the NEW MOON. The Feast of Rosh Hashanah can not begin until the first sliver of the new moon is spotted over Jerusalem. If it is cloudy and the moon is not visible to the naked eye, then the new moon will be assigned to the the second day. This is why it is a two day feast, because, “no one knows the hour or the day,” not even NASA knows! The Feast of Rosh Hashanah, CAN NOT BEGIN UNTIL THE MOON IS SPOTTED. Rosh Hashanah is the Feast of Trumpets, it is the Rapture! “But You brethren, are not to be ignorant of these things, so that that day over takes you as a thief!”

    The second feast is linked to Sukkoth, this is Shamini Atzuret, or the 8th Day. This is the Messianic Age.

    Wake up! Come out of Babylon! Recognize who you are gentiles! You are the seed of Abraham, through faith. You are supposed to be part of the Last Days Messianic Church. You are Part of Israel now. Claim your inheritance, and come home! And stop this foolishness, celebrate the Lords Feasts, and keep watch!

  2. Hi Denise
    You say “The Church” is comprised of both saved Gentiles and Jews. This is Israel. You have said correctly. In Christ Jews and Gentiles are one. Together you a Jew and me a gentile are the same in Christ. There is no difference. Unbelieving Jews and Gentiles have one thing in common also, and that is they need Jesus. Apart from Christ their is a difference. But God’s plan for them was that they would become one man. God took away the wall that divides. He did this through his son Jesus by his death on the cross. His worshipers worship him in spirit and in truth. We who are believers are sons of God, we are children of God. The apostle John wrote under the inspiration of God. In his book of John. He (Jesus) came unto his own. (His own people,Isrelites,Jews his blood line, or kin folk if you will) and his own received him not. But
    As many as received him (believed) in him to them he gave power to be the sons of God. It takes belief to be made a son or child of God. One is not so until belief. True Israel as you say is made up of those who believe in the son. Unbelief prevents any one from being true Israel

  3. Ivar. The Jews will preach the gospel of the kingdom during the tribulation. The two witnesses (Rev. 11:3) will be Jews, the return of Elijah (Malachi 4:4-6) is Jewish, the 144,000 Jews redeemed. Multitudes will be beheaded for their WITNESS (Rev. 20:4). The problem is replacement theology. They believe that the church has replaced Israel. The church has not replaced Israel. The church is comprised of believing Jews in their Messiah and believing gentiles of the gospel. What gospel? Paul’s gospel. The Apostles did not even know Paul until Jesus went to heaven after his resurrection. Paul got converted after the martyr of Stephen. Paul’s gospel is what we must believe to be saved both Jew and Gentile there is no difference. Not all Israel will believe until toward the end of tribulation, a remnant will be saved. Then they will call upon whom they have pierced. Zechariah 12:10-14. They the Jews are gathered in Israel in unbelief for judgement. However they could be saved before the tribulation by believing Paul’s gospel. Paul’s gospel is thus: Paul says, “Moreover, brethren, I declare to you the gospel which I preached to you, which also you received and in which you stand, by which also you are SAVED, if you hold fast that word which I preached to you-unless you believed in vain. For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried , and that He rose the third day according to the scriptures. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.

    1. Dear Nanette.


      You wrote:

      Ivar. The Jews will preach the gospel of the kingdom during the tribulation. The two witnesses (Rev. 11:3) will be Jews, the return of Elijah (Malachi 4:4-6) is Jewish

      My reply:

      This is NEW AGE, and a rejection of the infallible Word of God. Nothing of this is mentioned in the Bible. The two witnesses are not mentioned by name in scripture. Just like Roman Catholics do, you add to scripture.

    2. Dear Nanette.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      The preachers of the pre-trib rapture add to scriptures. Their errors are not always easy to detect, if you are willing to compromise on what is written,

      1. It is John who is called up to Heaven i chapter 4 in the book of Revelation. John in SINGULAR, not in plural. The pre-tribbers say this is about the believers in PLURAL who will “escape” in a rapture at this time. And that the rest of the book of Revelation are not for the Church. How convenient. Since there are believers suffering in the Great Tribulation. And we are told, by those who say we cant say who the antichrist is, that we shall escape his presence.

      A person who they do not know….!!!. How can those who live in ignorance guide us in this matter?

      And no need to worry about taking the mark of the beast, who will exclude us from entering the Kingdom of Heaven.

      2. In 2.Tess 2, we are told it is the Church who is “whats” hold the last man of Lawlessness back from appearing. The Church has never been a hidden force, not to be withheld. And is always mentioned in plain language. This kind of human reasoning is not even logic, since true witnesses already testify that the Pope is the man of lawlessness. To the irritation of Jesuit’s, and all who accept the Papacy as a seat of Christianity.

      3 In Revelation 11, the two witnesses are mentioned in PLURAL, but not named. To add their names excludes a million other witnesses. The martyrs who dies like flies, and are written out of the context, because of your willingness to compromise. The martyrs have always stood against the antichrists. And they will witness in the Great Tribulation too, as mentioned in Revelation chapter 20, verse 4. And THEY will reign with the Messiah.

      4. The Church (in singular) is a witness (in singular). And the true Church will bell the cat, and stay put. Even to the point of death. Hell shall not prevail against us. We will simply not keep quiet.

      1. Dear all readers.

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        I have spammed Oldman for his submission to MDM, a demon. Over a long period of time I have seen no willingness for correction, and no divine deliverance. The messages from this demon will not not be permitted distributed on this site.

  4. Ivar, I am not a New Ager. I read the Bible for what it says. All Church members ‘born again’ believers have the gift of the Holy Spirit. Before Pentecost, individuals were led by the Holy Spirit, but now all Born Again believer’s have the Holy Spirit. When Jesus calls us up to Him in the air the Holy Spirit indwelling believer’s will cease. People will not have the Holy spirit to help them. God will turn back to dealing with people through His wrath during the tribulation. The believers are called the Bride of Christ. He is preparing a place for us. “In my Father’s house are many mansions; if were it were not so I would have told you. I go and prepare a place for you. I will come again and receive you to My self; that where I am, there you may be also. And where I go you know, and the way you. know.” John 14:2-4. It is like a Jewish wedding. The bride groom is preparing for His bride. Why would the Lord beat up His bride before He calls us up to Him? In the world we will have tribulation but it is not the wrath of God! God’s wrath is for those who did not accept His Son. We are not in the tribulation now as you are saying. They have not signed the peace treaty with Israel yet. The temple is not set up yet for the anti-christ to defile, we have not seen the witnesses yet, or Elijah or the mark of the beast. All who take the mark will perish. I may be persecuted and killed but that is not God’s wrath. I belong to Him and I have put on Christ and His righteousness. Praise the Lord!

  5. The story of the prodical son tells us how Israel is far off but comes back to the Father and is embraced. Nanette is right. reading all of Romans especially nine , ten and eleven is so true. also Isaiah 54: 11-15 Luke 15:20 Isaiah 55:4-5 romans 11:7,11,28-30 Romans 11:23-26,29 Isaiah 49:15-17,20-22,26 I think we all must remember that G-d Himself tells us HE BLINDED the Jews for us Heathen. and if HE blinded them for you all really think G-d blinds HIS CHOSEN just to throw them into hell, NO , He did it for us gentiles. reread the scripture I give and also the ones mentioned by Nanette. In the end, ALL Israel will be saved as it is written as HE stands on the Mt of Olive and brings up the dead and all will see HIm and mourn like for a first son and He says I am coming with redemption and will pour pure water on them and they will see who they pierced and a nation will be born in a day and ends it ALL Israel will be saved.. The church has stolen all the Promises made to Israel and thrown back all the ones they don’t like and like the Word says..being saved for us gentiles we are grafted into Israel, does not say the church..Jews by the millions were the first chruch and G-d set up the church as HE WANTED IT and said MY Sabbath will NEVER CHANGE, no shadow of turning. yet today the catholic changed the ten commands and took and changed the Sabbath to Sunday, the sun god day. How many know the cresent moon is on the mormon temple, catholic and the muslim temple..taking scripture out of context leaves pretext and leaves a lie in the end..Shalom

    1. Interesting post, thank you, gives me something to think about. While i always just thought of the prodigal as us being lost, i never did think of Israel. Your knowledge of Sabbath is too enlightening! Gods Holy Ten are not good ideas, nor suggestions, they are just that – Commandments. Too many self professed Christians and ‘motivational speaker’ pastors seem to not understand the character of God!
      Wish you well Ma’am!

  6. also He says He will give them a NEW Heart and and every knee will bow and confess HE IS G-d, Our Saviour. I ask myself why would anyone even think HE would say and do these true scriptures and then throw them into hell, and HE told us HE set Israel aside..and will again take compassion on them.. I believe HIM..

  7. Daniel 12.1 : “When Michael the prince will stand up for his people” – which Christian Zionists love to preach in their support of a people gathered calling them selves jews, figuring alien alters in their Freemasonic supreme court but an Abomination unto God. But the point that the Zionists miss out is to the words ‘them whose names are written in book” which is clearly the names written in the Lamb’s book of Life. Since the Prophecy is to the latter days “His people” denote spiritual Israel in the end times Biblically called ” Israel of God ” in which there is no Jew or Gentile but in His Righteousness, unto the Inheritance.

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