Ulf Ekman is Temple Knight of the Pope

The Pentecostal Church in Norway has embraced Ulf Ekman. Many have warned that Ekman is a Temple Knight who serve the Vatican.

Ulf Ekman dressed up like a Templar Knight, worshiping together with Roman Catholic monks in Sweden.

This is a text and a photo from a Christian website named “Wake up Sweden”.

 Is a scary experience Ulf Ekman and others have done. Among other who support “Enhets kyrkja” (The Unity Church) is Östanbäck Cloister, Ulf Ekman, Peter Halldorf and Anders Arborelius.

Brother Caesarius claims in an article in Aletheia that Ekmans congregation “Livets Ord” have given financial aid to the cloister, and different kind of practical help.

Vet medlemmarna i Livets Ord om att deras pengar går till detta?
Do members of Ekman’s congregation know that Östanbäck Cloister accept’s the Pope as the leader of Christianity, that can unite Churches.

Caesarius replies “yes”.
But he hope that the central authority can be soften up, and the Churches and the followers become more visual.

Source: Wake up  Sverige

My comment:

It is amazing, how blind pastors in the Pentecostal movement of Norway have become, in their relations with men like Ulf Ekman.

May be this photo where Ekman is dressed up like a Templar knight of the Vatican, can open they eyes of some people?

When the World of Faith movement in Norway grew rapidly during the 1980-ties, many local Pentecostal assemblies faced a split. Many of them broke their backbone, because the majority of the members wanted the prosperity gospel, miracles and charismatic manifestations.

Today, the World of Faith movement have more or less taken over the governance of the full Pentecostal movement. Men like Ulf Ekman is invited to anoint whole congregations, and pastors flock to pastoral networks, where Ekman is the Apostle and preacher.

Ekman have been in the service of the Pope for a long time. After the World Youth day festival in Madrid, we do not have to puzzle with who Ekman is.  The picture of a Papal temple knight tell its own story.

Elf Ekman worship with monks in Sweden, honoring the pagan Queen of Heaven, and asks for her prayers.

You have to make up your mind.

If you return to Rome together with men like Ekman, you will surely serve the last anti-Christ. The Pope’s menn will get the following message the day Jesus returns in the clouds of Heaven.  ” I never knew you. Away from me evil doers”. Do not be among their supporters.

First published: 26th of August, 2011.

Written by Ivar

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    1. Dear Daniel.


      What do the Temple knights do?

      If we knew, they would all be exposed.

      What we know, is that they serve the Pope. The Pope has may agendas. One is to bring “separated brethren” back in under Rome.

      Another agenda, is to retake Jerusalem. This sounds like science fiction, since the Pope has not ruled in Jerusalem since 1291 A.D. But this is reality. The Pope backed a UN administered Jerusalem in 1947, and He support an Islamic East Jerusalem today. His goal is to enter Jerusalem, lifted up as the very “peace maker” on Earth.

      Here are some clues:




      The Norwegian Templar Knight who massacred the Socialist youth, confessed to be a strong supporter of the Pope.


  1. Thanks,

    I am the founder of http://www.aletheia.se – the most read christian blog in sweden. I intend to investigate this further and attempt to find more evidence this is so. However, the symbol on Ekmans outfit (that I had seen before and not paid attention to) seemingly is only linked to this organisation (I just found a swedish chapter).

    What Country is your blog in? (For reference only when writing a swedish blogpost)

    Shabbat Shalom


    1. Dear Daniel.

      Sabbath Shalom.

      The blog has no official office. Where ever there is a man of peace, I will lay my hat. I am Norwegian by birth. That is why I have a lot of knowledge of Ulf Ekman and his flock.

    1. Dear Andreas.

      Sabbath Shalom.

      This is a quote from the preach, Ulf Ekman gave to the Roman Catholic Monks:

      “Utan henne blir han inte människa och nu skall hon vårda och fostra Gud kommen i köttet”.

      English translation:

      “Without her, he does not become a man, and now she (Mary) shall raise God who came in flesh”.

      Ekman also talks about “the holy family”, the mother and step father of Jesus. The Pope has included the “holy mother” in the godhead. She is the “Queen of Heaven”.

      Since the day Ekman put up Roman Catholic idols in his garden, He have become a spiritual adulterer, His passion for Rome has been exposed. Ekman serve “the Catholic mother of god”.


  2. This is taking loose assumptions a bit too far….

    First of all, the Pope disbanded the Knights Templar in 1312. The Vatican has since repeatedly (1935, 1953, 1970 and others) stated that does not recognize or is involved in any neo-Templar group.

    The Knights Templar that we see today stems from French freemasons. There are som legends concerning Templars within freemasonry (that the Templars “went underground” and survived in the shape of freemasons), and in 1805 a few freemasons suddenly stated that the legends are undisputed history, and started the neo Knights Templars as a new unrecognized order. Which soon split into a lot of fractions.

    The Knights Templar groups are generally christian but echumenical, that is – among a lot of reasons – why the Pope can not accept it as a Papal or Catholic order, in par with the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre, which are the papal orders of chivalry and exist in the Nordic countries.

    Secondly – how can a picture of Ulf Ekman with a stola embroidered with a few red crosses make him a Knights Templar? The crosses have the wrong shape, the Knights Templar use either a Mantuan cross or a flipped patriarchal cross.

    Should he be a Knights Templar, he would wear such a cross around his neck in a red ribbon, and a white mantle with a red cross. And then only “in corpore”, i.e. together with other Templars in a Templar meeting, not on his own.

    And the Knights Templar recruit mainly military officers – not quite the kind of Ulf Ekman.

    1. Dear Jonas Arnell


      You wrote:

      Secondly – how can a picture of Ulf Ekman with a stola embroidered with a few red crosses make him a Knights Templar?

      My reply:

      The Pope is the head of all freemasons, both Roman Catholics and those Templar Knights who are members of not official RCC orders. Many of them, simply do not know the secret agenda of the falsehood they have been lured into.

      The whole idea of freemasonry is that no one knows who are at the top. You receive orders and tasks from a higher ranked brother, and you do not ask questions. The higher you get, the closer you get to the Vatican. On top in the Black Pope, the Jesuit General in Rome.

      The Jesuits have been given particular tasks, to enter into all kinds of organizations, and bring them under the control of the Papacy. One of the person who works for full union of global Churches with Rome, is Ulf Ekman.

      He started to introduce false doctrines in the Church, by his acknowledgement of Charismatic Catholics as “born again Christians” because they pray in tongues. Today Ekman is a full blown public fan of the Pope. Ekman is bypassing the Reformation, and do not demand Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide as doctrines that separate Christianity from all kinds of falsehood.

      Ulf Ekman is one of thousands of Templar Knights, who works for the agendas of the Vatican.

      1. Dear me.

        I know that some believe that RCC=freemasonry. I do not know how one even could come up with such an idea, when the history is full of examples to the contrary. Since the beginning of the 18th Century, RCC has condemned freemasonry repeatedly, lastly when Cardinal Ratzinger was head of the congregation for faith.

        Around 1970, the Catholic Bishops in the Nordic countries came to the conclusion that it was OK to be a freemason in the Swedish Rite system, practised in the Nordic countries, but this apporval was corrected from Rome. Should a freemason want to convert to catholicism, he is expected to leave freemasonry. The idea that the Pope is the head of freemasonry simply has no ground in the reality as I know it. The Jesuits – as stern RCC – are of course against freemasonry.

        But anyway, the interpretation of one sole picture as an “evidence” is far fetched. Ulf Ekman is certainly more positive to the Catholic Church that he used to be, but he is not a Knights Templar.

  3. Also, Breivik, which is referred to above, was not a Knights Templar as most chivalric interested people understand it, like OSMTH or similar Templar groups. These are mimicking the genuine orders of chivalry in appearance, “pro fide, pro utilitate hominum” work, but does not meet the formal criterion for being a genuine order of chivalry.

    Breivik was involved in PCCTS which is a small extremist group.

    1. Dear Jonas Arnell


      You wrote:

      Also, Breivik, which is referred to above, was not a Knights Templar as most chivalric interested people understand it.

      My comment:

      Brevik claims in his manifest that the Pope is the highest knight for Christendom. Have you read the manifest, or at least some parts of it?

      Brevik was also a freemason, with a third degree in the order of St. Olaus of the three pilars.

      1. Yes I have. And if a deranges mind would think that the Pope is the Knight for Christendom, possibly as a meatphore, does that make it a truth? And more to the point, that does not alter the fact that PCCTS is a smal extremist group unrelated to other Knights Templar organizations.

        It is a sad fact that he was a freemason. The Norweigan Order of Freemasons av since excluded him. See http://www.frimurer.no/ordenen/15-aktuelt/1190-den-norske-frimurerorden-uttrykker-medfolelse-og-omsorg

  4. Catholics are forbidden under the penalty of excommunication, i.e. Exclusion from catholic life, to enter or belong to any masonic order. The idea that the pope are the head of all masonic orders are so absurd that it made me laugh out loud…

    As Jonas Said, Ulf is a priest in the swedish lutheran church and is dressed as such as he is celebrating something together with the lutheran monks in östanbäck, à swedish lutheran cloister… It has nothing to do with anything catholic…

    For somebody who is not able to distinguish an ordinary lutheran priest from a knights templar I would recommend to stay silent on the matter. Otherwise you are only going to be exposed for what you are: ignorant…

  5. The point is submission to the Pope and the Vatican. Here in America we have 10 of the last CIA directors, Jesuit trained devout Catholics or actual Knights of Malta. The majority of congress is Catholic. The Majority of supreme court justices are Catholic or Jesuit trained. The secret JSOC military group is run by Generals who are Opus Dei and Knights of Malta. It goes on and on.
    There is a huge push to join all denominations together. Evangelicals and Catholics Together signed by many big name preachers. It’s as if Protestants are walking over the bones of those slained by the Catholic church and the Po

  6. Meant to say 10 of the 13 CIA directors are devout Catholics, Jesuit trained , or knights of Malta. The point is Washington DC is the Papacy on the Potomic and Rome is ruling America and running all the wars the USA are involved in to achieve the One World System the Pope so desperately desires.

    1. Knights of Malta is here used as blame. What does it take to be a member, and what does it mean to be a member of the Sovereign Military and Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem, called of Rhodes, called of Malta (SMOM for short)?

      Those who are admitted as members are devout Catholics who are prominent in their profession or in society. Hence, if a Catholic would reach top corporate or state positions (as Director for CIA), it would be more surprising if he was NOT offered a membership with SMOM (or the other catholic order of chivalry, the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre). This is because knighthood in some respects may be thought of as a class of junior nobility, and granting of nobility was/is still reserved for the most prominent members of society.

      The mission of the Order is described on http://www.orderofmalta.int/the-order-and-its-institutions/225/mission/?lang=en which is to work for faith and for the aid of those in need. Especially the Malteser International, which give world-wide relief. So the CIA Director has worked for strenghtening faith and has been obliged to donate time and money for the aid of others less fortunate. No hidden agenda exists – this was never a part of the Orders of Chivalry, only the minds of conspiracists…

  7. Hi all,
    This is the stupidest statement I have ever read on the internet; Ekman is in a protestant monastery in Ostanback in Sweden and he is wearing a stola because he is also an ordained minister of the Church of Sweden. – Everything else you say in this silly blog is hysterical fantasies and just shows how ill educated and sad you are. There is no other living person in Sweden today who has done more for Christianity in Sweden and Ulf Ekman continues to be a blessing to everyone he meets, – on an individual level and on in his ministry, in Sweden, and abroad.

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