“Iran possesses over 400 ballistic missiles that can reach Israel, with warheads of 750 kilograms”.

Dr. Uzi Rubin is warning the World that Iranian has nuclear capable ballistic missiles.
Dr. Uzi Rubin is warning the World that Iran has nuclear capable ballistic missiles.

This is a statement of Dr. Uzi Rubin, an architect of the Israeli missile defense program. He gave this warning at the Institute for National Security Studies on Wednesday.

Israel’s enemies are arming themselves with precision-guided heavy rockets and will inevitably come to possess GPS-guided ballistic missiles.

  “Iran possesses over 400 ballistic missiles that can reach Israel, with warheads of 750 kilograms. Syria possesses 200 to 300” such missiles, having used up part of its arsenal in its civil war.

Syria and Hizbullah have thousands of heavy rockets, and tens of thousands of light rockets. “These rockets are being turned into smart rockets. The Iranians took the Zilzal 2 and turned it into a guided rocket. The third generation of it contains a homing sensor and a GPS.”

“The Syrians can have this capability too, to create a fully guided M-600 rocket with GPS. Hizbullah probably has these.”

In the next five to 10 years, Israel’s enemies will inevitably arm themselves with GPS-guided ballistic missiles, Dr. Uzi Rubin said.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to see that Israel is in deep trouble.

While the Arabs are spread out over an area bigger than the USA, the Jews are gathered in an area with the size of New Jersey.

I Hitler had had the “privilege” of having all Jews gathered inside such a small area, there would not have been a single Jew alive today.

What is holding Muslim nations like Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia back from destroying Israel, is the surety of Israel destroying them in retaliation. Israel, most likely, have nuclear deterrence on its submarines, and a capability to vaporize cities like Islamabad and Tehran is a matters of hours.

The problem with the cult ruling in Tehran, is their Messianic apocalyptic faith in the hidden 12th Imam. He will not return to “save” the World for “allah’, before Zionist Israel is gone. In the Bible this man is known as the last and final antichrist.

Another challenge. Islamic suicide bombers do not care what comes next. Even if their own house and full family are blown to pieces. This is the Nazi-inspired evil of radical, Koran obeying Islam.

Written by Ivar