Iran celebrate the Obama promoted surrender

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani  hail the nuclear deal as a Western surrender to Iranian demands.

Iran and Obama celebrate new achievements for the Iranian revolution that started in 1979.
The Iranian President and Obama both celebrate new achievements for the Iranian revolution that started in 1979.

“Do you know what the Geneva [nuclear] agreement means? It means the surrender of the big powers before the great Iranian nation,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told a crowd in Khuzestan province.

“The Geneva agreement means the wall of sanctions has broken. The unfair sanctions were imposed on the revered and peace-loving Iranian nation,” he said. “It means an admission by the world of Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.”

Source: The USA Today.

My comment:

President Barack Hussein Obama is creating world history.  Not only is he the first US president who has branded Islam as a “religion of peace”.  This was done in 2009. Now, he has also surrendered the American nations to the demands of the Iranian revolution, and permitted Iran to go nuclear.

Obama has done this, convinced that the civil war in the Muslim World must end. As long as Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims keeps on slaughtering each other, Obama’s “peace” statement seems baloney and not grounded in reality.

Second: The global front against Zionism can not get proper momentum, as long as the Muslims are at war with each other.

With the nuclear deal with Iran in his pocket, Obama is half the way to bring peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Obama only needs to secure that Iran share their nuclear ambitions with other Muslims, and permit Saudi Arabia to go nuclear too.

What’s the problem?

The “peaceful” Islamic republic of Pakistan already has the nukes.

Written by Ivar

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