Jordan Valley farmers hurt by Nazi-style boycott

Arabs loose their jobs because of a Nazi-stylled boycott of Jewish properties in the Jordan Valley.

Farmers in contested fertile valley suffering steep losses from Western European boycott and divestment movement‬‬.

An international campaign to boycott Israeli settlement products has rapidly turned from a distant nuisance into a harsh economic reality for Israeli farmers in the West Bank’s Jordan Valley.

The export-driven income of growers in the valley’s 21 settlements dropped by more than 14 percent, or $29 million, last year, largely because Western European supermarket chains, particularly those in Britain and Scandinavia, are increasingly shunning the area’s peppers, dates, grapes and fresh herbs, settlers say.

“The damage is enormous,” said David Elhayani, head of the Jordan Valley Regional Council, which represents about 7,000 settlers. “In effect, today, we are almost not selling to the (Western) European market anymore.


My comment:

The Jordan river is a central place in the Bible, and the place where the Messiah was baptized, just like thousands of Jews.  It is also where the borders of Israel and Jordan is located today, the most stable of the borders in the Middle East.

The PLO, Islamic Jihad and Obama wants to change this. They want this border to be moved towards the Mediterranean Sea, and eradicate all chances of the survival of the Jewish state.

To force Israel to give up the Jordan river and the Jordan Vally, a Nazi-styled boycott campaign has been launched in Europe. It is like a dog returning to its own vomit.

Jew-hate is as present in the Post-Christian souls today, as it was in the run up to World War II. Those who sow death and destruction against the Jewish people, will reap what they sown. People who curse them selves in this way, have learned nothing of World History.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Jordan Valley farmers hurt by Nazi-style boycott

  1. Jew hate or common sense! jews are not the only souls on this planet and they are the greedy people who eat their bread at the expense of others! THAT IS STEALING!! FOLLOW THE MONEY!! BANKERS ARE JEWS!! HOLLYWOOD>>>JEWS!! BROADWAY JEWS!! If we aren’t all jews and homosexuals god will kill us and we must go to hell!! Is that right? I’m trying to understand the logic! We die and you live! We fight and you take what we win! You cry and you get all the milk!! When God is ready trust me the jews who have hurt mankind will surely end up in the same place that Sodom and Gomorrah did! Why? Why? do they get to keep land that we defend?
    Ungrateful people! Not my opinion but God’s!! He proclaims that only few will be left on judgement day! You honestly believe the people currently living in Israel are the ones to survive! I bet 4 people in Africa have a better chance to pass this judgement! Let he without sin cast the first Atomic bomb! I wish we had listened to Jesus and stick to stones but things are a bit more escalated now don’t you think! JEWS need to wake up and keep their selfish greed in check! They will be just as responsible for what is to come! God be with us all and have mercy on ALL sinners!! WHICH MEANS ALL MANKIND!! NOT JUST PESKY JEWS!!

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