The “Palestinian” refugee fraud exposed

750.000 Jews were exiled from Arab nations and Persia.  Arabs use their “refugees” as a weapon against Israel.

The Israeli Government face an up hill task to encounter the bid to falsify the modern history of the Middle East.

In the shadow of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s theatrics at the United Nations recently, armed with his cartoon Iranian bomb, Israeli officials launched a quieter, but equally combative, initiative to extinguish whatever hopes have survived of reviving the peace process.

For the first time in its history, Israel is seeking to equate millions of Palestinians in refugee camps across the Middle East with millions of Israeli citizens descended from Jews who, before Israel’s establishment in 1948, lived in Arab countries.

According to Israel’s deputy foreign minister, Danny Ayalon, whose parents were originally from Iraq and who has been leading the government campaign, nearly a million Jews fled countries such as Iraq, Egypt, Morocco and Yemen. That figure exceeds the generally accepted number of 750,000 Palestinian refugees from the 1948 war.

Israel’s goal is transparent: it hopes the international community can be persuaded that the suffering of Palestinian refugees is effectively cancelled out by the experiences of “Jewish refugees”. If nothing can be done for Arab Jews all these years later, then Palestinians should expect no restitution either.

Over the past few weeks that has been the message implicit in a social media campaign called “I am a refugee”, which includes YouTube videos in which Jews tell of being terrorised while living in Arab states after 1948. Mr Ayalon has even announced plans for a new day of national commemoration, Jewish Refugee Day.

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My comment:

The Arabs who claim to be “Palestinians” are the only people who breed “refugees” and aid from the United Nations. Every Arab who claim his aunt or uncles lived in “Zion” will get “refugee status”.

Today there are four million Arabs who claim they have a right to return to Israel, based on claimed family relations to people who lived there before 1948.  All of them are entitled to receive aid from United Nations, financed over your tax bill.

Their aim:

To flush into Israel and defeat Zionism. By their numbers, they will be able to make the Jews a minority inside “Palestine”.

Fraud is bad. In the United Nations, the US Government and among other sponsors of “Palestinians”, the fraud comes to us unlimited.

First published: December 22nd, 2012.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “The “Palestinian” refugee fraud exposed

  1. No Arab called themeslves “Palestinian” until the 1960’s. The whole thing is indeed a political ploy to try and wipe out Israel.

    They will fail in that endeavor (Amos 9:15).

  2. Never give in to muslim demands, just drive them out. they’re out to deceive, freeloaders,loathe to work. I’ve watched one video of saudi man auctioning off his sons for jihad in syria.

  3. That is why they are using the African ‘asylum’ seekers to prepare the way for Palestinian ‘refugees’ to infiltrate Israel.

  4. The word itself “Palestine” is a Roman insult. Those claiming to be “Philistines” and thus have a “right of return” need to petition Crete or Greece – since the Philistines were Minoan (Sea People). This is found in Tanakh. Genesis 10:14, Deuteronomy 2:23, 1 Chronicles 1:12, Jeremiah 47:4, Amos 9:7. Also, check the location of Caphtor and read about the Cherethites.

  5. Are there any churches that are sending missionaries into Israel to preach the gospel? Islam and Judaism are both false religions that deny Jesus Christ and will equally send their adherants to hell. There is a desperate need in Israel for biblical preaching.

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