A local Rosary association in Italy crawl with gift to “St. Philomena” in Our Lady of Gace Church in Mugnano cel Cardinale.

Italian citizens crawl into a “Church”, to present gifts to a wooden statue.

These pictures are from the feast of “St. Philomena” taken during the celebration in 2009. The feast is held at 11th of August.

The challenge for Roman Catholics in Italy, is that the “saint” has not been properly canonized. Even though, Pope Gregory XVI on 13 January 1837 gave permission for public celebration of Philomena in some limited places, but not throughout the Church.

In Mugano del Cardinale in Italy, and several places in the US, the Roman Catholics challenge the Pope, and keep her feast.

How can an infallible Pope, change his mind, in regards to this sainthood?

Lets take a look at some more pictures:

A Roman Catholic priest held a mass, with the wooden doll hanging behind the altar.
The wooden statue do normally not participate  in the masses in this “Church” in central  Italy.
But she likes to be taken out for a walk…The gloves keep her warm.
The Italians crawls up the stairs with gifts in their hands.
The stairs of the Church is full of Marian worshipers.
They crawl in the direction of the doll above the altar.
The crawlers have to kiss the altar.
And bring costly gifts to the doll, who did not make it through the process of beautification.
The Catholics even bring their children among the crawlers.

The Society of St. Pius X is up in arms against the Papacy. Her is what Wikipedia has recorded:

A traditionalist Catholic group associated with the Society of St. Pius X sees the 1961 removal of the feast of Saint Philomena from those calendars in which it was inscribed as “the work of the devil in order to deprive the people of God of a most powerful Intercessor, particularly in the areas of purity and faith at a time when these virtues were so much being challenged as they continue to be up until now!

Another group claims that Saint Philomena has given further revelations even in the twenty-first century.

Who was this lady “Philomena”?

She was supposed to have been born in 291 A.D, and died in 304 A.D.  No other “saint” has died at the age of 13. The piece of wood that is kept in Churches for her “memorial” does not display such a young lady. The statues of  “Philomena” are radically different from Church to Church. This is so common within Marianism, that there is no point in proving this facts by more pictures.

The bones of the claimed “saint”, were found in 1802 A.D, in a catacomb in Rome. There is no record of the whereabouts of these bones.

This is recorded by a Roman Catholic website in the US:

 “The grandest festivities and processions take place in August and last for five days. This includes the liturgical feast within the diocese of Nola of the Translation of the Holy Relics from Rome to Mugnano del Cardinale on August 10th. Thousands of devotees attend annually and the Miraculous Statue, covered in gold donated jewelry is carried through every street in the town” .

Source: Philomena.us

They carry a “Holy doll” on their shoulders.

This is recorded by a Catholic web site:

In his Relazione istorica della traslazione del sacro corpo di s. Filomena da Roma a Mugnano del Cardinale De Lucia recounts that wonders accompanied the arrival of the relics in his church, among them a statue that sweated some liquid continuously for three days.

Source: ask.com

The beautification declaration in 1837 A.D, was reversed. May be injustice to the remains. But more than 1500 years after the death and burial of a person, His or her bones and skulls could not give a trustworthy testimony. Neither oral, nor in writing. The miracle of liquid than sweated the made statue, did not fully convince the present Pope.

My comment:

 Ezekiel 23:49
You will suffer the penalty for your lewdness and bear the consequences of your sins of idolatry. Then you will know that I am the Sovereign LORD.”

Many Catholics feel worship of idols in their Church, is only a problem in the Third World. But this miraculous sweated piece of wood is revered in an Italian town nearby Naples. The faithful Catholics crawl trough the streets, to offer gifts to the “Madonna”. The priests offer a mass, with the wooden lady sleeping just above the altar.

The doll sits comfortably as Queen…..

To have “holy pieces of wood” over the altar of a Church, is by it self idolatry. But let us leave that topic aside.

When the Italians crawl through the street on their way to mass, they expose some kind of unhealthy bondage. Such faithful Roman Catholics gives the concept of “freedom in Christ” a vey different meaning.

When the crawlers bring gifts to honor a mythological figure, we must wonder: Who first told them to do this?

To crawl up to a wooden statue that symbolizes at the founding of a 1500 year old skeleton, is a pure and simple bastardization of history.

No doubts that paganism is adored and venerated as “holy” and ready to be presented as “Christendom”.

You have to look very deep in the religious world, to find a more blunt and damnable mockery of the gospel. The gospel is supposed to set people free. Since no biblical figure ever entertained wooden statues in this way. Please write off such falsehood.

Did I hear anyone, say: “Ooh, this is not worship….This is only adoration….”

Behold:  These people have never been Christians. Please do not take a stand against Jesus, when you see these disconnected people performing this kinds of bizarre religious rituals.

I hope and pray that all of them will hear the gospel, and accept that they crawl in the spirit of an antichrist. Amen.

Written by Ivar