Fatah official says Kerry proposed the idea of a “greater Jerusalem” as a capital for two states.

John Kerry as a meeting with the Saudi Arabian allies of the USA.
John Kerry as a meeting with the Saudi Arabian allies of the USA.

Saudi Arabia and the Arab League will be involved in building support for an Israeli-Palestinian agreement, US Secretary of State John Kerry said before leaving Riyadh and returning to Jerusalem Sunday night.

“Today his majesty was not just encouraging, but supported our efforts in the hopes that we can be successful in the days ahead,” Kerry said of his meeting with Saudi King Abdullah.

Kerry said the stakes of the negotiations “are much bigger than just Israel and Palestine.”

“This is a conflict that is felt around the world,” he said. “It is a conflict that has implications with every leader I have met anywhere in the world as Secretary of State or a senator. They all ask about the conflict of the Middle East and whether or not it can be resolved.”

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

So true, john Kerry. The issue of Israel failure to survive, is an issue for all World leader. Because the World can not accept a God, that reestablished the state of Israel in 1948, as a Jewish homeland.

The state of Israel has to go. A lot is at stake here. As long as Israel exist, all Muslims, Catholics, Christians Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, humanists and atheists will face judgment and be penalized for their sins.

Only if Israel is gone, the Bible can be proven to be some kind of a fairytale book. As long as Israel exist, God of Israel is the Lord of History and King of the Universe.

And not to forget: God of Israel is Father, Son and Holy spirit.

Written by Ivar