US heros from Fallujah and Israels war criminals in Gaza

The difference between the war in Fallujah in Iraq and the Gaza war is more than marginal. The IDF is an army of angles compared to the US marines.

The US war in Iraq radicalized the Muslim World. The bloodbath continues.
The US war in Iraq radicalized the Muslim World. The bloodbath continues.

Did the US marines call up the citizens of Fallujah, telling them to flee from buildings going to be bombed?

The IDF did so in Gaza.

Did the US marines send SMS-es to Iraqis in Fallujah, telling them to move to safe areas in the city, that was not going to be bombed?

The IDF did so in Gaza. The US Marines told the Iraqis to flee the full city or face death and destruction.

Did the US marines drop pamphlets over Fallujah, requesting them to seek shelter in safe buildings ahead of the attack to drive out Islamic militants?

The IDF did so in Gaza.

Lets compare the Gaza operation to the U.S. Marine operation in Fallujah, Iraq, in late 2004.

During the operation, about 6,000 Iraqis including 1,200-2,000 insurgents were killed. Of the city’s 50,000 buildings, some 10,000 were destroyed, including 60 mosques.

Thus, the U.S. left a trail of destruction in Fallujah far greater than anything Israel inflicted on Gaza. Comparing IDF activities to those of military forces of Western democracies is an essential part of any present attempt to use international law.

US Marines in Fallujah. Heros or war criminals?

In Israel, a combatant is a citizen in uniform; quite often, he is a conscript or on reserve duty. His state ought to have a compelling reason for jeopardizing his life.

The fact that persons involved in terrorism are depicted as non-combatants and that they reside and act in the vicinity of persons not involved in terrorism is not a reason for jeopardizing the combatant’s life more than is required under combat conditions.

The ethical doctrine which follows from the IDF Ethics document mandates that, whenever possible, you must warn non-combatants that they are residents of a neighborhood where it is dangerous to stay. In Gaza, the IDF employed a variety of unprecedented efforts meant to minimize injury to non-combatants, including warning leaflets, phone calls, and non-lethal warning fire.

There is no army in the world that will endanger its soldiers in order to avoid hitting the warned neighbors of an enemy or terrorist. Israel should favor the lives of its own soldiers over the lives of the well-warned neighbors of a terrorist when it is operating in a territory that it does not effectively control, because in such territories it does not bear the moral responsibility for properly separating between dangerous individuals and harmless ones.

Proportionality is not a numerical comparison, but an assessment of existing threats and the measures that must be taken in order to avert them. Proportionality is justifiability of the collateral damage on grounds of the military advantage gained.

Source: Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

My comment

Its possible that both the US Marines and the IDF have committed war crimes. If so, let both of them stand trial at the International War crimes tribunal in the Hague.

Because calling US Marines heros and IDF soldiers war criminals is the hight of hypocrisy.

Its seems more likely that the US marines committed massive war crimes in the city of Falluhja, than IDF soldiers doing the same in Gaza.

There is also a huge difference between the two military operations. Not a single Islamic solider in Fallujah had ever fired a single shot towards the American continent. Hamas had already managed to fire thousands of rockets into Israel.

The US Marines did not find any hidden weapons of mass destruction in Fallujah, or anywhere else in Iraq. The Quassam rocket launchers inside Gaza were visible, and could only be removed by an Israeli military operation inside Gaza.

First published 6th of February 2010.

Published by Ivar

17 thoughts on “US heros from Fallujah and Israels war criminals in Gaza

  1. F…(censored: Editor) You Gloria and whoever else says anything bad about us Marines. We were fighting for you to be complete jack asses!!!!!!
    Semper Fi Hughes!
    Sgt. Billiot

    1. Dear Shawn Billot.


      Filthy language will not be tolerated on this site. Go to the bathroom and wash your mouth with soap. Out of the mouth comes what your heart is full of.

      If you do not repent Sgt., your next message will be spammed. You will also face the ultimate Court Marshall the they you face your Creator.

      Repent, and give your life to Jesus the Messiah.

      1. Dear Michael Nuniabusiness


        Filth will not be permitted on this site.

        Mind your languauge, or your next message will be spammed.

        Jesus the Messiah says that out of your mouth, comes what your heart is filled up with.


  2. Shawn,

    Your analytical reasoning skill are impeccable… you fight for me so I can be a jackass… unbelievable. Maybe if you stopped fighting for all of us liberals, we would all get slaughtered and you wouldn’t have anything more to complain about. I think the real deal is you believe that everyone should treat you like your some sort of an angel sent from heaven to protect all of the weak, unfortunate souls that can’t defend themselves. The sad reality is you have no brain in your head, which is primarily the reason you enlisted in the military, rather than enrolling in college, in the first place. With that said, your new name is Sgt. Idiot.

    Joe Liberal

    1. This is horrible. Cruel, prejudiced, and despicable. I am a liberal as well (bleeding heart all the way–I’m going into social work for Christ’s sake). I am also a military wife. You’re buying into a stereotype without giving these guys a fair shake. I never–NEVER–thought I would be a military wife. My husband is a Navy Corpsman and I love him with all my heart. I can vouch for him–he’s got a brain in his head. He’s also taking college classes, which is a luxury his single-parent, on the poverty-line family couldn’t do for him, but the Navy can. Enrolling in college is a privilege, not a right. It’s a privilege that many people can’t afford.This is something that, as a liberal, you should definitely already be aware of. See, being a liberal is about helping those who are down and out, disenfranchised, poor, and vulnerable. But by making these generalizations, you’re contributing to the disenfranchisement of military members. That makes you a hypocrite, not a liberal. If you’re an educated, analytical person (as you claim to be), you won’t make these gross, inaccurate, oversimplifying generalizations about the hundreds of thousands of people who are in our military.

      If you’re calling yourself a liberal, I’m embarrassed to put myself in that category with you. If you’re so analytical and intelligent, please get the right information so you don’t make all of us look bad.

  3. To all it may concern,

    Being enlisted in the military does not hinder ones education level or prevent any of us from attending college and it certainly does not make “You” smarter than anyone who is. Also announcing we “are all war criminals” is just stupid, yea i bet there are a few, what war does not have some? this is probably coming from someone who most likely has no real knowledge of whats going on and is just being fed all sorts of media crap..& sadly enough believing it. Honestly what information can you trust nowadays not much.. cold hard facts and what you see with your own two eyes are the only things you should be using. Ranting and raving thrashing your obvious hate for the USMC or any military is to say the least.. expected .. do we care not really. when it comes down to it for any Marine or service member is what actions each “individual” person would do, military or not i bet if somebody shot at you! you would shoot back.

    Semper Fi
    Lcpl. Christiansen

  4. Americans are wortster Killer as Nazis! 400.000 Nagasakis round
    Iraq and Afghanistan!!! The next is Iranwar? Planer Earth is off!

  5. Nuclearwar is very very worst! It is not only War, is a nuclear War!
    It is End with a Game of John Wayne in Normandiainvasion! We
    have 3 US-Nuclearwars in Middle East, with 400.000 Nagasakis!

  6. America, or U.S.A. is a christian fucking Psychopatscountry, with to
    much Jails, or FEMA-Jails, Psychoclincs and Vietnam&Iraq Psycho
    patsgays! Keep out from Jesusland!

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