Jesus the Messiah celebrated the festival of Hanukkah

The Messiah was in Jerusalem, celebrating the festival of Hanukkah.  Why do most Christians have no clue about this?

The Messiah was in Jerusalem celebrating the festival of Hanukkah, found in the New Testament.
The Messiah was in Jerusalem celebrating the festival of Hanukkah, found in the New Testament.

I can understand that Purim might be a little bit off screen, since it is mentioned in the book of Esther, only. Still Esther is a part of the Jewish Bible, which Christians call the Old Testament.

But Hanukkah is a New Testament feast, found in the gospel of John:

 John 10:22: 

Then came the Festival of Dedication at Jerusalem. It was winter, and Jesus was in the temple courts walking in Solomon’s Colonnade. The Jews who were there gathered round him, saying, ‘How long will you keep us in suspense? If you are the Messiah, tell us plainly.’

(end of scripture).

Please note “It was winter”. In Jerusalem the winters can be very could, and the animals would be in the mangers. Not out on the fields of Bethlehem.

Why is it not mentioned, that it was winter when Jesus was born?

There are neither signs, nor feasible facts in the Bible, linking the birth of Jesus to the winter season.

Could the Messiah have been born around the Feast of Tabernacles in October?

It would be easy for the Roman Occupiers of this land, to arrange for a census in Jerusalem when millions of Jews came home to their own native village. Most of the ancient Biblical villages were located around Mount Zion, the city of Jerusalem, a day walk away or so. Even Jesus the Messiah, was dedicated in the Temple, shortly after His birth.

It would be wise to arrange for a census when Jews celebrated a feast. It would be difficult to force Jews to travel around 25th of December, when there is no Jewish feast. And cold winds, and even snow are the normal climate, on the 700 meters high Mountains of Zion.

Catholicism is fraud. It was fraud in 325 A.D, and it is fraud today.

Celebrate the birth of Jesus the Messiah every day, and reject all kinds of paganism arranged for in his name. If you want to celebrate the birth of Messiah on 25th of December, at least be aware of who started this celebration. It was not the Jews who believed that Jesus was the Messiah, but rather the pagan papacy.

Written by Ivar

22 thoughts on “Jesus the Messiah celebrated the festival of Hanukkah

    1. Dear Venner af Israel, Liz in Denmark.


      This kind of inquisitive questions are not asked with good motives in mind. Yes, I started to publish again on Facebook a few weeks ago. And I will carefully chose whom to accept as friends. I have told you that I will not answer your emails. Kindly accept this.

      May Jesus the Messiah keep both of us free from all kinds of deceptions. Also have a blessed holiday season.

      1. My name isn’t Liz, and “Venner af Israel” can’t seek friends. Wish you and your Family a blessed Chrismas.

    2. Rubbish! Jesus would never celebrate Hanukah because it wasn’t commanded by God. Show me in scripture where God commanded the Jews to observe the Feast of Lights – you cannot, so don’t teach lies. So if if Jesus did celebrate Hanukah, then He would have been guilty of IDOLATRY, and the Pharisees and Sanhedrin would have been justified in having Him executed.

      Jesus was in fact found walking just outside the Temple Entrance near Solomons Colonade – a regular meeting place of the Christians because thats where they would perform many miracles of healing and win souls for the way. It is not inside the temple as such, and thats where He would have to be found if He were worshipping God on that day.

      This is not the gospel message of Christ, so you are free to believe it as an individual, but you are not free to teach it without expectation of rebuke for teaching the circumcision group heresies.

  1. I’m a christian and i have no problem with Jesus celebrating Hannukah and yes Jesus was jewish there was no such thing Christianity before Christ came and the first Christians were previously jews. The word Christian means a follower of Christ.

    There are many christians that believe Jesus was born on Christmas Day and there are many who who don’t believee his birthday was on Christmas Day. Wheather i’m right or they’re right is not crucial to our faith. The only the thing that is crucial to our faith is the believe in Jesus Christ who came down to earth to die for our sins and he rose again on the third day. That is the crucial part free salvation. I wouldn’t have a problem with celebrating both Christmas and Hannkukah. To answer your question about why it doesn’t mention winter is quite simple not everything about Jesus’ live is written in the bible for exammple his teen years are not mentions even thought the bible mentions his pre-teeens twelve to be exact.

    To me Jesus’ birthday will always be Christmas Day, but the actual date of his birthday is not that important we christians can disagree on minor issuess but thee major ones we cannot disagree on.

    1. Dear Bryan Garcia

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      I have no problem with Christians, desire to celebrate the birth of Jesus on 25th of December. I have a problem, Christians having neither any clue about the festival of Hanukkah, nor the feast of Tabernacle. (Sukkoth).

      Please do not pay to much attention to the date of my birth. But if you start to make a pagan show out of it, and put it into an old pagan feast, I might not acknowledge what you have done.

      1. Anyone who has properly read the New testament would know that John the baptist’s father was Zechariah who belonged to the priestly division of Abijah and when he had finished his course he went home to Elizabeth (Aarons lineage) and she fell pregnant. When Elizaveth was 6months pregnant then Mary fell pregnant also. John was born on Pssover (being the promised Elijah to come) and being 9 months after the course of Abijah was completed. So Jesus was born 6 months later or on Sukkoth.

        Therefore as a believer in the Creator and His appointed times, I would discourage any fellow believer from celebrating any other day that that which God has commanded. So I would encourage believers to only celebrate the birth of the Messiah on Sukkoth when He was actually born. This is God dwelling with men.

      2. Dear Steve, the birthday of Christ should not be celebrated at all. Where does it say we should celebrate Jesus his birthday?

        What we certainly should celebrate is the exodus or Passover and we should remember the night that Jesus installed the New Covenant. So 14 Nisan should be the most important celebration fro a Christian.

      3. Dear Belgian Biblestudents – Belgische Bijbelstudenten


        The birthday of the Messiah was celebrated by the magi who came from the east, his mother, shepherds and multitudes of angles.

        What a birthday party. A unique baby, crying in a manger in Bethlehem.

        That is why i celebrate His birthday too. To be sure to get it on the correct day, I celebrate the birthday of Jesus every day.

  2. Hi Ivar,
    There is the very real probability that Yeshua was conceived during Hanukkah, and was born during the Feast of Tabernacles, i.e., Sukkot.

    Yeshua says, that He is the light of the world, and how appropriate that He would be conceived during, and would also celebrate this festival, Hanukkah, the miracle of light.. How beautiful!

    The Feast of Tabernacles, is the feast where GOD came to tabernacle, or to camp out with, and to live among mankind.

    The fulfilment of both of these feasts, the dedication of the last Temple, and GOD, once again dwelling with man, are still awaiting their finale fulfillment.

    There are deep secrets about yeshua hidden in the Feasts of the Lord. Scripture tells us to, “study to show yourselves approved.”

  3. Hanukkah is such a great holiday for so many reasons. As a gentile Christian I celebrate it in my own way, not because it is commanded (which it is not) nor even because Jesus celebrated it (which He did), but because it means so much both personally, for Israel and for the world, I look back at how the book of Daniel in chapter 8 prophesied the Hanukkah time and meditate on the serious genocidal attempts and God’s faithfullness to preserve Israel. I look inward on Christ thru the Spirit cleansing the temple of my body. I look forward to the future but not final Temple when Christ will cleanse the Antichrist’s desecration before His reigns from Jerusalem again. Hanukkah is terrifying yet hopeful — in this time when it seems so dark, thinking of it reminds me that the faithful God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is also the Light of the entire world, my Light, my preserver. I love Him..

    1. Thank you, ER – Beautifully said. Ivar’s original posting contains unnecessary spite and even vitriol; yours is both calming and accurate.

    2. Yes we should keep a clear difference between what Should or has to be celebrated and what we May or Can celebrate. For this we should look clearly at the Commandments of God and see which days He installed for ever and which days He installed temporary.

      As believers in the Only One God we also should know that God is also a God of Keeping His promises and as such Jerusalem will be the Capital of the New World and the Jews will still the People of God. So the Jews are still blessed and still can and shall keep their holy days. Gentiles can join in with them but do not have to keep those days. But Christians Should remember the night Jesus took the bread and wine as symbols of the live he was giving away for the whitewashing of all sins of the world.
      “Christ will cleanse the Antichrist’s desecration before he reigns from Jerusalem. ”
      and we should look forward to that moment of re-instalment of Jerusalem.
      Meditating on the serious genocidal attempts and God’s faithfullness to preserve Israel certainly can do no harm and will always a humble sign of connection with God’s People, recognising The Chosen Ones.

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