The wrong Christmas message

The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem use his “Christmas message” to blame Israel for the plight of Christians in the Middle East.

The Popes man in Jerusalem and the PLO-leader serve the same "god".
The Popes man in Jerusalem and the PLO-leader are brothers in arms. They serve the same “god”, not God of the Bible.

OP-ED by Ruthie Blum in Israel Hayom.

Shame on the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Fouad Twal, for taking the occasion of his annual “Christmas message” to blame Israel for the plight of Christians in the Middle East.

It is precisely at this juncture — when the persecution of Christians in the Muslim-Arab world is not merely increasing at a frightening rate.

The persecution is becoming more blatant and bloodier — that the chief Roman Catholic cleric in the Holy Land should be warning against the religious war being waged against his brethren.

After all, churches in every Islam-dominated country are being destroyed; Christian women (including nuns) are being raped, men (including priests) are being beheaded; and the property of those who would escape this fate is being confiscated.

Meanwhile, liberal Christians in the West have been looking the other way.

Fearing accusations of Islamophobia, they prefer promoting “interfaith dialogue” to protesting the abominations being perpetrated against their own.

There is also an element of “out of sight, out of mind” at work. Those “other” Christians live in faraway lands and speak foreign languages. This makes it easier to forget about them and go about the business of decorating trees, shopping for gifts, stuffing stockings and singing carols.

Source: Israeli Hayom

My comment:

There is a lot of truth in the message from this Jewish columnist. Christians all over the World are lukewarm towards the Islamic persecution and slaughter of Christians and Catholics all over the Middle East, and deep into Africa.

But we can not blame any Jew, not to be able to see that Roman Catholicism has nothing to do with the true Christian faith.  Neither Catholicism nor Islam has its root in faith in the living God. Both these religions serve the kingdom of darkness.

The spiritual tragedy of the Roman Catholic religion is even grater than that of Islam. Because all the evil of Rome is done in the name of “Christ”.

Millions of people hold a finger over their nose when they see the immorality and wickedness of the Vatican priesthood. Unfortunately, almost every Jew take a stand against “Jesus”, believing the god of the “Christians” to be an enemy of the Jewish people.

But if you can see that the “Jesus of Rome” is a dangerous copycat, everything will eventually fall into place. Because the true Messiah warned about copy-cats that would come, and deceive, even the elect, if possible. The Jewish people are definitely a part of the elect, and should be be unable to discern the Papacy.

I pray for all deceived Roman Catholic, that they will leave this religious movement. Next, that they will repent, and embrace the true Messiah.

I also pray for the Jewish, that they will acknowledge that anyone who have harmed a Jew, have never known the Messiah. Yeshua of Nazareth loves the Jewish people. He died for the sins of both Jews and gentiles at Calvary Hill in Jerusalem. Amen.

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  1. Now why does roman catholism claim that it is the church of GOD yet they even stand for their fellow christians__they’re false

  2. This “j_sus” is a false messiah!! This “j_sus” IS the anti-mashich which Sha’ul warned us about. Sha’ul warned us about a parallel truth, this false “j_sus” name was inserted into Yahweh’s Word to deceive the world and it has deceived the whole world!!!! The true Messiah’s Name is Yahshua!!!! Not “j_sus”!!!!! I don’t care what twists or reasoning you put behind your excuses that “j_sus” is the anti-mashiach we were warned about repeatedly and was already about the assemblies when Sha’ul warned us!! Wake-up and see the whole picture before it’s too late, your part ways there but you still have a long ways to go 😦 !!!! The entirety of chr_stianity is false, all of chr_stianity teachs replacement theology and replacement of the Torah which Yahshua Himself gave to us at Mt.Sinai. Without Torah who is Yahshua there is no salvation and the spirit that comes with that false name “j_sus” is the false anointed one that Sha’ul warned you about so bluntly. That false name “j_sus” was never in the original manuscripts and is not a translation nor a transliteration of Yahshua’s name into English at all ever!!!! Back then there wasn’t even a “j” in any language at all!! That letter never came to be until about 1400 yrs later in any part of the world. Funny don’t you think, how all of a sudden that false name “j_sus” was inserted into Yahweh’s Word a mere 600 yrs completing the first part of freemasons doctrine in Yahweh’s Word??!! They knew stupid people would blindly follow and believe whatever they told them to believe!!!!
    …I worship only Elohim Yahweh the Father who came down and was born by the Ruach of Yahweh in the form of the Son Yahshua the Mashiach Messiah Who was is and will be forever The Elohim of Y’Israel, Avraham, Yitshaq, and Ya’aqob. Praise His set apart Name for He suffered beatings and was hung on a tree died on the 4th day of the week (wed) and was resurrected 3 nights and 3 days later after sundown at the end of the 7th day sundown (sat) in a physical body sojourned here a while longer with us being witnessed by many along with others who were also resurrected from the dead when Yahshua rose up and then He Yahshua ascended up into heaven in a glorified physical body. Praise and shout for the King of Y’Israel and our redemption our hope of resurrection is in Elohim Yahshua messiah

  3. Now many will argue that they were saved saying the sinners prayer, or by the name”j_sus”!! But the reality is NO you weren’t at all!! Read Exodus, this same mercy which Elohim Yahuah extended to the Y’Israelites for 40yrs is the same mercy Elohim Yahuah has extended to many who in their hearts have truly sought after Elohim Yahusha and His truth salvation…those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth…your heart was crying out to Him Elohim Yahusha Mashiach for salvation…but because you still had blinders on Elohim Yahusha Mashiach extended mercy to us and received us because YOU truly sought Him for His salvation….but as in the exodus, Elohim Yahuah’s mercy does come to an end!! His mercies are drawing to a close!! No they’re not you say, what is He talking about?? Elohim Yahuah’s Word tells us He blinded my brothers (Jews/Y’Israel) so that you who were formally gentiles could enter into covenant with Elohim Yahusha Mashiach but the time of the gentiles is closing, and when that time closes…my bothers and sisters (Jews/Y’Israel) will have their eyes opened and will turn back to their saviour Elohim Yahusha Mashiach . Thus my heart breaks and weeps for those gentiles who are still lost or deceived  Elohim Yahusha Mashiach will soon in our life times return to gather His remnant who have endured to the end of this age working out there salvation with fear and trembling!! . Shout to His glorious and saving Name, Elohim Yahusha Mashiach

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