Parents in Groningen in Holland can kill their infants

The prosecutors office in Groeningen and the Dutch Society for Pediatrics have agreed on how to murder infants.

How much will this child cost the society? Will it be able to live a worthy life in line with the society and parents expectations?

In July 2005, the Dutch Society for Pediatrics voted in favor of the The Groningen Protocol. So did the Prosecutors office in Groningen.

The Groningen protocol, was suggested by Dr. E. Verhagen and developed in order to assist with the decision making process when considering actively ending the life of a newborn.

A protest outside Cork University Hospital in Ireland.

The protocol is providing the information required to assess the situation within a legal and medical framework.

Source: Wikipedia

My comment:

To brutally kill a child in the mother’s womb has been legalized for 20 to 30 years in most western European nations.

When men is given license to kill innocent children, the next natural step is to redefine life.

Why set the borderline with conception?

Why not let man brutally kill humans they do not want to take care of?

Man find may excuses for abortion. There is also many excuses for killing infants. One of the reasons is that a child might be conceived so multiple handicapped, that i will not be able to live “a worthy life”.

Dr. E. Verhagen
Dr. E. Verhagen

The truth is that parents do not want multi handicapped children, and have requested the authorities to come up with a solution.

Since it is not possible to kill all multi handicapped children in the mothers womb, why not kill them in their infancy?

For the authorities, it is convenient to use the stress of the parents as an excuse. But for the Social welfare Department every killed multi handicapped child, is saved money.

Such an unwanted child might cost the tax payers millions of dollars during its life span.

The first regime in modern Europe that made killing of unwanted humans an advanced science, was Nazi-Germany.

Who was to be defined as “happy” and “effective” was matter of the health personal of Adolf Hitler.

The present Dutch Society for Pediatrics would have been an effective tool for the Nazi-regime.

Paul explained to us that there would be terrible times before the Messiah return. One of the sign would be ungodly and brutal people. Like the Pediatrics and the persecutors in Holland.

First published 2nd of April, 2012.

Written by Ivar


12 thoughts on “Parents in Groningen in Holland can kill their infants

  1. this is awful!!!
    i am myself alittle bit handicapped.
    What if my birthparents would have said: we do not want this child: give her an injection so we do not need to burden society with our handicapped child.

    1. Dear Touvi.

      Shalom, and love in Yeshua.

      Than you know what mercy and grace is all about. And you will be able to give others what you have received in abundance.

      People who walk with pride in life, are often more handicapped than those who have a thorn in the flesh.

  2. Shalom Ivar,
    ……But for the Social welfare Department every killed multi handicapped child, is saved money.
    ……Such an unwanted child might cost the tax payers millions of dollars during its life span….

    How ironic isn’t it? They kill children and also euthanize the elderly to save millions of dollars – so that those same millions and more can be enjoyed by them to satisfy their lusty desires…

    O, Yeshua HaMashyiach please come soon !!

  3. Shalom Ivar,
    The email went into the spam box I transferred it to the ‘inbox’ but it didn’t appear (got lost). Can you pls. send it again?

  4. Ah, you’re comparing the country of the Anne Frank house with Nazi-Germany? You should be ashamed of yourself.

    About the article: you couldn’t be further from the truth. We don’t kill any one, but when somebody is in pain for 24/7 without any possibilities to get cured, we give them an option to end the suffering. It has nothing to do with money, it’s humane to give people a choice. And no, this isn’t for handicapped people. Think of people with terminal cancer who are expected to live only a few months, but would be in pain for the whole time.

    People in Holland have a life expectancy of 80 years old and we’re one of the richest countries in the world (#9 GDP per capita). To suggest we kill people to save money is just beyond rediculous.

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