Kerry: “Peace deal” by spring remains the goal

A full and final peace agreement is still possible within the nine-month calendar.

John Kerry work hard du bring the new "peace partners" in under the wings of the Papacy.
Roman Catholic John Kerry work hard to bring the new “peace partners” in under the wings of the Papacy.

Th is calendar was set for U.S.-brokered talks, Secretary of State John F. Kerry said Friday.
“We’re not talking at this point about any shifts,” Kerry said, following two days of meetings with Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

The goal remains a complete deal this spring that settles borders of an independent Palestinian state and resolves other long-standing issues in the six-decade conflict, Kerry said before leaving Israel for Vietnam.

He rejected the persistent speculation, fed by remarks President Obama delivered to an Israeli-American forum last weekend, that the United States would settle for a partial or interim agreement and a continuation of talks.

“Our goal remains as it always has been — for the Israelis and Palestinians to reach a final status agreement,” Kerry said during a news conference at Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv. He said both sides remain committed to staying at the bargaining table for a deal due in April.

Source: Washington Post

My comment:

Why this sudden hurry?

Roman Catholic John Kerry is well aware that the fiesta Jesuit Pope ever, is planning to arrive in Jerusalem in May.

We have again read reports, that Kerry is trying to convince Benjamin Netanyahu that the “Holy sites ” in the “Holy Bsisn” in Jerusalem should be handed over to the Vatican. More or less to be administered by a new “special regime”.

No doubts: The last man of lawlessness, the man of sin, is about to be hailed as the “prince of peace” by this unlearn and compromising “peace movement”.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Kerry: “Peace deal” by spring remains the goal

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  1. I fail to see how Israel, can even trust a Jesuit so called pope, especially after the involvement of the catholic so called church in Hitlers regime…PiusXII etc…The vatican/papacy has been trying to control Jerusalem for hundreds of years.
    It sickens me to think that the Jewish people even think about trusting the papacy.!!

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