Western support for Jihad in Iraq crippled Christianity

Ten years after the fall of Saddam Hussein, Christians have dwindled from more than a million to as little as 200,000.

Tony Blair and George W. Bush sealed the death sentences for thousands of Christians In Iraq.
Tony Blair and George W. Bush sealed the death sentences for thousands of Christians In Iraq.

This is exposed in Colin Freeman reports on attempts to stem the exodus from Iraq’s churches

As the last remaining Christian priest in the Baghdad suburb of Doura, Archdeacon Temathius Esha no longer just puts his trust in God’s all-seeing eye. Built into the wall of his vestry, amid pictures of Catholic saints, is a 16-screen CCTV monitor, keeping watch on every corner of his church in case of possible attack.

Along with the armed guard outside and concrete anti-blast walls, it makes St Shmoni’s feel more like a fortress than a house of worship. And after a decade in which Doura’s Iraqi Christian community has been robbed, kidnapped and murdered by Islamist extremists, it finds itself offering sanctuary to an ever-dwindling flock.

“Doura was once one of the biggest Christian communities in Iraq, with 30,000 families,” said Mr Esha, as he prepared for an afternoon congregation that barely filled two of the 22 rows of pews.

“Now there are only 2,000 left. They feel they are strangers in their own land, and that makes them want to leave. The bleeding from migration is continuous.”

Source: The Telegraph, UK.

My comment:

Tony Blair and George W. Bush’s attack on Iraq was a gift to the Islamic republic of Iran.  By removing the secular dictator Saddam Hussein, the Jihad forces would eventually become able to take over this nation.

Washington would obviously not be able to pay salary to US servicemen in Bagdad forever.  And after the US Marin’s are gone, Islamic Jihad would be able to lay the foundation for another onslaught on Christians in Persia and the Middle East.

This is the painful truth. Saddam Hussein was an dictator. But the the rule of Middle age Islam is not a single day better. Koran based Islam is a horrible curse on the nations who have submitted to this kind of rule.  800.000 Christians have now paid the consequence of the foolishness of two liars, Tony Blair and George W. Bush.

Repent or perish.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Western support for Jihad in Iraq crippled Christianity

  1. I discovered your website only yesterday and have found it very interesting. I am surprised to see this post today because you have many posts identifying Catholics as non-Christians. Yet here on this post you quote an article mentioning a Catholic priest who is described as a “Christian.” You seem unhappy with the dwindling numbers of “Christians” in Iraq, yet most of your website says such people aren’t Christians. I get the impression you’re against the murder of anybody, Catholics included, but still, I’m surprised you’re calling them Christians in this post.

    1. Dear Guest

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      I agree with you. Catholics are not Christians. It would be correct, to say that Blair and Bush’s support for Jihad crippled both Christianity and Catholicism in Iraq. Since Roman Catholics are human beings, the war crimes of Blair and Bush do not become less serious.

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