New video exposing Norwegian thinktank

This is a video exposing the evils of the claimed  Norwegian Christian think tank “Skaperkraft”.

Click on this image to go to YouTube
Click on this image to go to YouTube

The video in Norwegian is a little bit longer than 8 minutes. The video expose persecution of a witness for Jesus, a Elvis look-a-like in Norway. Take a look:

Published by Ivar

4 thoughts on “New video exposing Norwegian thinktank

  1. Have no clue what he is singing but Elvis Presley hated Christians. Elvis Presley was evil. He was possessed. He recognized the devil’s part in his success. He was hot tempered, he had shooting sprees. Elvis denied Christ. Pricella was not even 14 when he started dating her and after marriage he was an adulterer and even participated in orgies. He was a phoney! He was no Christian. He claimed he was a prophet. He was a New Ager and into the occult. He was a false christ. He is still worshipped and people claim he is not dead and that they have seen him. Satan used Elvis. He kept Madam Blasvaskeys book on hand and even read it to his audience. For more information go to “Good Fight Ministries”. Wake up people.

    1. Dear nannette


      This Norwegian is not claiming that Elvis was a Christians. He claims that Jesus is the Messiah. I am sorry that this video have no subtitles. It was made for Norwegians.

  2. Ivar, the problem with it is using Elvis Presley. People believe Elvis Presley, especially in the United States was a Christian. The man should have used another person to impersonate because the impression is to people that the singer even thought Elvis was a Christian. Elvis being propped up is not good, it is not a good witness for Christ, especially coming from and anti-Christ who was impersonated. We should be ourselves! How would a Barak Obama impersonator seem to the world who starting singing that Jesus was the Messiah, knowing what we know? It would be a false report.

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