The Pope took His death certificate with Him in the coffin

You might be surprised. But the Pope is buried, with his death certificate and important papers with him.

The Pope and his burial rites, are like of the Pharaos in Egypt.

For what do the Pope need his death certificate with him down in the grave?

Do God need to read the Pope’s papers, before He is judged for all the sins he has blessed and declared “Holy”?

Do this certificate not return to dust, just like the Popes body?

What a pagan practice, what a shame to call this kind of paganism for “Christianity”.

The coffins of the Paraos’s in Egypt, was filled with what the Pagan gods required for the afterlife.

There is no difference between the Vatican and the ancient pagan burial rituals in Egypt. The Pharao’s took with them inside their tombs, what they felt they would need in their afterlife.

Jesus rebuked such paganism. He said:  Let the dead go and bury their own dead.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “The Pope took His death certificate with Him in the coffin

  1. Thank you for this article, Ivar! It is always interesting to see where the roots of the Vatican truly lie. What I am most intrigued by, is what purpose do they believe this serves? Do they actually believe his wealth and papers to be any value to the Lord?

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