Norwegian “apologetic” rejects the Old Testament

Be aware about the deceptive talk spoken by Bjørn Are Davidsen. He rejects that the “Old Testament” is for Christians.

Davidsen is linked to a Norwegian Christian Think Tank “Skarperkraft”, and presented widely as a “great Norwegian apologetic”. This video is in Norwegian.

Please pray for Davidsen, that He will be born again by the Spirit of God. Amen. May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on us both.

Published by Ivar

8 thoughts on “Norwegian “apologetic” rejects the Old Testament

    1. Dear Lis.


      I could have published this report on a Norwegian site. But since my Norwegian blog is inactive, I chose to use News That Matters.

    1. Dear Rena


      I will do. I am just in the process of learning more about web-TV. News That Matters is basically a blog that use still photo’s to display plain truth.

      Mr. Bjørn Are Davidsen basically says that Christians do not have to follow the national laws and regulations for rituals in ancient Israel. Which is a partly correct statement. But he adds that Christians who do not pay attention to the Old Testament (Torah and Tannak) do nothing wrong. They just have to follow what is written in the New Testament. Now, he is rejecting the prophetic Word, and brand him self as nuisance in the body of the Messiah, and an heretic.

      My message is: If Davidsen is correct, not even the 10 commandments are valid for Christians, but only for Jews. And to prove by scriptures, that Jesus is the Messiah, becomes an impossibility. Since He is the WORD (Torah, Psalms, and Tannakh) that became flesh. Also the restoration of Israel becomes a non-event. Since that grand restoration, is exclusivly based on promises found in the Old Testament.

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