Norway support salaries for imprisoned Arabian Jew-killers

If an Arab manage to kill a Jew, his salary inside the prison will triple. Supported by Norway.

Norwegian PM Stoltenberg followed by defense minister Barth Eide.
Norwegian PM Stoltenberg followed by defense minister Barth Eide.

In a letter to the Parliamentary Control Committee the Foreign Minister confirms that the size of the support amount increases with the length of the sentence.

For those who had served more than 30 years, the rest in 2010 tripled to around 3.000 USD per month. According to the Palestinian fange ministeriumet there are around 70 capture families receiving such a “premium contribution.”

In total there are about 3330 families who receive support from the Palestinian Authority.

The Foreign Minister of Norway stressed that he has taken up the matter with catching the Palestinian Authority, and clearly stated that he believes several aspects of the scheme is problematic.

– Most of us will think that it is wrong that some prisoners who are convicted of killing civilians to get what may be perceived as a reward. It is problematic that the rates goes up the longer the prisoner has served, which can be read as the serious crimes rewarded. The problem is thus both in alignment and level of the scheme, says Eide.

Source: Norwegian tabloid: VG

My comment:

It is grotesque that a claimed to be “peace making” nation like Norway, continue to support Islamic terrorism against Israel.

In particular, after it has confirmed that Norwegian tax payers money are used to pay premiums to PLO-killers of Jewish civilians.

There is only one word that can describe this kind of headless support for Islamic terrorism, Arab Nationalism and anti-Zionism: Nazism. The good old fashioned National Socialism (NSDAP).

The same spirit than ruled Hitler’s storm troopers, are ruling in the governmental offices in Oslo. No need to be silent. It is time to bell the cat.

Shame on all Norwegians who support this evil, either actively or passively, by just keeping mum. A lot of hypocrites and lukewarm religious people are destined for the eternal lake of fire.

Repent or perish.

First published, 03.06.2013.

Written by Ivar  

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