Report: Kerry offers Israel ten more years

The US is ready to permit Israeli presence in the Jordan Valley for ten years, following the signing of an Israeli-Palestinian peace accord.

John Kerry deceive Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu.
John Kerry deceive Israel and Benjamin Netanyah into a false “peace plan”.

Palestinian official tells ‘Al-Ayyam’ US secretary of state offered Abbas Israeli presence that would focus on border passes and mountain tops; Palestinians reject proposal, accuse US of adopting Israeli viewpoint.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has reportedly shot down a proposal by US Secretary of State John Kerry to maintain Israeli presence in the Jordan Valley for ten years following the signing of an Israeli-Palestinian peace accord, a Palestinian official told Al-Ayyam.

During this time, according to the paper, PA security forces would be trained to assume control over the Jordan Valley

Quoting an unnamed Palestinian official, the paper said that Kerry’s ideas also include “invisible” Israeli presence at the border crossings between the West Bank and Jordan. In addition, the Americans would install early warning systems on hilltops in the West Bank, the official told the paper.

The Palestinians, however, rejected the offered American security “ideas,” saying the arrangements proposed were totally unacceptable.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The bizarre “peace negotiations” brings up a lot of interesting stuff.

First: How can John Kerry “offer” Israel 10 years of “presence” in the Jordan Vally?

What is Kerry’s authority?

Who gave the US Secretary of state a right to set the borders around Israel?

Second: When we see the reaction from the PLO, the true motives of the Jihad movement i against exposed.  To wait 10 more years for the downfall of Israel, is unacceptable. The Zionist state must be removed as quickly as possible.

The truth is that God of the Bible has decided the borders around Israel. The Jordan valley belongs to the state of Israel. To push the Israeli government towards the surrender of the border area with Jordan, is a bid for daylight robbery.

What Kerry has suggested, will be hailed by Islam. When Islamic Jihad take over the Kingdom of Jordan, the Islamic forces will be able to march right up to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.

With the blessings of the Obama Administration.

Written by Ivar

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  1. Ivar, the authority that both Kerry and Israel are submitting to is Islam since 10 years is the maximum length of “hudna” allowed in Islam; I suspect Israel sees a series of short term agreements as best that can be acomplished given reality of enemies working within Islam; my probem is not that but giving up land for even one day, it’s just unbiblical. Gbu, ER

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