Mandela’s double talk and support of evil

Mandela was flawed human being, full of contradictions and shortcomings, a man who alternately extolled violence and reconciliation.

Nelson Mandela displayed public support of the totalitarian Ayatollah regime.
Nelson Mandela displayed public support of the totalitarian Ayatollah regime.

Imagine a person who planned acts of sabotage and incited violence, resulting in the deaths of innocent civilians and damage to public property.

A man who embraced brutal dictators throughout the Third World, such as Libya’s Gaddafi and Cuba’s Castro, singing their praises and defending them publicly even as they trampled on the rights and lives of their own people.

A person who hugged Yasser Arafat at the height of the intifada, hailed Puerto Rican terrorists who shot US Congressmen, and penned a book entitled, How to be a good Communist.

Picture all this and, believe it or not, you will be staring at a portrait of Nelson Mandela.

The death of the South African statesman last week has elicited an outpouring of tributes around the world, with various leaders and media outlets vying to outdo one another in their praise of the man.

Highlighting his principled stand against apartheid, and his firm determination to erect a new, post-racial and color-blind South Africa, many observers have hailed Mandela in glowing terms, as though he were a saint free of blemish and clean of sin.

But such accolades not only miss the mark, they distort history in a dangerous and damaging way and betray the legacy of Mandela himself.

Take, for example, the editorial in The Dallas Morning News, which likened Mandela to Moses and labeled him “the conscience of the world.”

And then there was Peter Oborne, the UK Telegraph’s chief political commentator, who wrote a piece entitled, “Few human beings can be compared to Jesus Christ. Nelson Mandela was one.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The truth about Nelson Mandela is painful. Surely he was a victim of racism, and lead a much needed revolution. But he never stopped supporting evildoers outside of his own country.

As a former communist, he hailed Fidel Castro. Mandela also embraced Islamic terrorists Yasser Arafat, and the secular anti-Zionist movement  And because of the USA history of imperialism in Persia, Mandela offered his blessings to the Ayatollah of Iran.

The two communist leaders never stopped supporting each other.
The two communist leaders never stopped supporting each other.
President Mandela always had a deep love for the Iranian leaders.
President Mandela always had a deep love for the Iranian leaders.
The ANC leader also supported the PLO and Islamic terrorism against Israel.
The ANC leader also supported the PLO and Islamic terrorism against Israel.
Mandela did not mind Gaddafi killing is own people.
Mandela did not mind Gaddafi killing his own people.
Nelson Mandela hand in hand with former Iranian president Muhammed Kanthami.
Nelson Mandela hand in hand with former Iranian president Muhammed Kanthami.

Today, a rainbow movement of global “peace makers” are ready to whitewash all these criminals. The ideology is that “love” covers a multitude of sins, and if we stand united we can overcome.

The problem with such a gospel of works, is that the blood of Jesus is rejected. Man can not find true peace, without surrender to the prince of peace, the Messiah.

So be wise. Do not put your trust in the new universal brotherhood of men, but Accept the Lordship of Jesus of Nazareth.

Written by Ivar

14 thoughts on “Mandela’s double talk and support of evil

  1. People don’t realize this man went to jail for acts which would warrant death sentence for him in USA or GB at that time.
    He pleaded guilty to over 150 acts of terrorism. Acts which killed innocent people.
    Here’s interesting take on him from Dr. Hammond, who dealt with Mandela personally:

    That video only supports title of this post “Mandela’s double talk and support of evil”.

  2. Trust me, this man was far from being the person the world potrayed. He is the man that legalized abortions in South Africa. What kind of legacy is that? Does all the other good things (?) cancelling the fact that under his authority millions of Yahweh’s unborn were killed? Somehow, I don’t think the Creator of the Universe feels much for that type of legacy. God will recon with evildoers. No doubt about that.

  3. Luke 6
    37 “Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven;

    There is a problem with the governments of this world, especially democratically elected ones.

    In order to be elected you have to be popular, to be popular you might have to be radical, to be radical you might have to do things that right minded people would not do.

    One day the Lord Jesus Christ is going to come back and the governments of this world will be overthrown and He and the Elect will rule.

    Until that time, mankind must govern himself, that means flawed human beings will be put in positions of power we should give thanks that we weren’t drawn into the political arena where our actions and decisions could bring judgement on an entire population.

  4. Five Greek words:
    Krino – eternal judgement, heaven or hell; only Christ can judge in this fashion.
    Hypo-krites – hypocritical judging; we are forbidden to do this
    Ana-krino – to discern
    Dia-krino – to decide
    Kritikos – to review critically, analyse
    The last three words for judging we are commanded to do.
    Matt 7 (‘Judge not, or you will be judged’) Here the context is one of hypocrisy. The Lord Jesus warns us not to judge hypocritically, or we will be judged ourselves. If we judge someone else for a sin that we ourselves are guilty of, God will judge us, perhaps by public exposure. If, for example, you are a thief and you are loudly condemning someone else for stealing, God will probably see to it that you are exposed as a thief. Jesus was hard on hypocrites, kind to sinners. Do not judge someone for what you are doing; instead, repent of your own sin! Get the plank out of your own eye!
    So in fact we are commanded, nay expected to judge and every one of us judges every day, He that is spiritual judges all things – 1 cor 2 v 15. Paul judged Peter etc etc etc etce

    1. Tom, Thank you for your post and I agree with being commanded to judge. I hear many who claim to know Messiah state that they are not to judge – or they state “You cannot judge me”.

      This is a false perception based on twisting of Holy Scripture. While we – as the bride of Messiah – are not to judge the world, because they are not born again and cannot yet see; we are commanded to judge those who claim to be within the “family of faith”. We are to be “fruit inspectors” with our brothers and sisters in Messiah. And of course, we are to examine (judge) ourselves to ensure we remain in the faith.

      Toda raba (thanks) for the encouragement.

    1. Dear Tuovi

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      One of the problems in Apartheid ruled South Africa, was the lack of a democratic alternatives. The ANC was based on Communist doctrines, and could obviously not be supported the by USA and most free nations in Europe. It seems that Nelson Mandela never changed his views, hailing both Cuba and the PLO.

      Because of no change in the heart of evil men, South Africa went from the fire to the frying pan. Today, this nation is crippled by violence, rapes and corruption. Few if any has mentioned this in media reports, related to the life of Nelson Mandela.

  5. How many innocent lives were killed by George Bush for WMDs that weren’t there? How many were killed Bush senior in the wars they started? these wars were supported by the right wing in America. Mandela was an advocate and leader of a non-violent struggle against apartheid. as you rightly say, the revolution was necessary in S.A.

    Mandela said that it is no use to carry on with the non violent route when the government’s reply to peaceful protests is murder of innocent people. Mandela and team were left no choice but to take up arms.

    Do you know why communism seemed like a more plausible economic system for the ANC to advocate, it was because in a capitalist system, it is survival of the fittest, those with means will continually grow their wealth, while the less privileged will get poorer and poorer. At the time, legislation in SA favoured whites; a capitalist system would ensure this status quo remains even with political reform. it was an ideology that made sense because of the times we were in. You have to gave been in the thick of things at the peak of apartheid back then order to understand what informed the ideological direction political liberation movements took at the time. With Western governments like the USA and Britain supporting the apartheid government by refusing the call for sanctions against SA and rejecting a revolution against apartheid; those countries who would help are the ones America hates. the struggle against apartheid was won because these countries turned up the heat against SA, trained the ANC and PAC armies, funded the revolution and the release Mandela campaign. of course pockets of Americans and Brits and other western countries also joined the release Mandela campaign.

    Now, Mandela after being imprisoned for life, he is released after 27 years and is invited by the leaders who played a big role in the collapse of apartheid. Are you saying he should have said to them “thanks for all you have done, to go and fly a kite”? Did Mandela ever publicly condone the leadership style of these leaders? No! Did he criticise them in order to appease America and it’s allies? No! What he did was show his gratitude for the support of those leaders who helped the struggle along, their flaws notwithstanding (hence the distance Mandela mantained to the domestic politics of the day in those countries). Mandela was educated by the Jewish community, he served his article as a candidate attorney at a Jewish law firm. His affinity to Israel is not lacking. in the same breath, he doesn’t hate Muslims; they are both Abraham’s sons afterall and Mandela is a unifier, no a divider.

    Don’t judge Mandela by whose hand he shook, judge Mandela by his fruit. He led the country through a sensitive political transition; he appeased and gained the trust and respect of the apartheid government, most ministers of which served in his government. He ensured that white people don’t lose the (ill gotten) wealth they now still enjoy; he preached forgiveness and reconciliation. Under his presidency, the value of the South African rand improved, which means business investment into SA improved greatly; under his presidency the prime lending interest rate dropped from 25% down to 8%. Does this sound like a record of man who harbours and endorses dictatorship and bad leadership. Do you not think that it is much better to lead by example and inspire other leaders who aren’t so estranged to you that they won’t want to listen to you as a fellow statesman?

    don’t blame Mandela for current challenges in SA; challenges that are not as bad as challenges the USA and many European countries face; just so you know; when banking systems failed to save Wall street from near collapse (necessitating a gov bail out) and when Greece was on the verge of total bankrupcy etc SA’s financial systems ensured that we don’t collapse as well. the challenges we face in SA are caused by the legacy of apartheid: inferior education for Africans and job reservation laws for Europeans who were SA citizens during apartheid.

    in conclusion, the world is celebrating the life of a selfless leader who did the right things when he led and also stepped down after his one term, he did not hold onto power, he did what he could to make the world a better place and didn’t ride the wave of power until his popularity dwindled like other African leaders. judge Mandela by his attributes and his fruit, not by the fact that he didn’t hate those you hate. Both George Bush and Barack Obama attended Mandela’s memorial; what does that say to you about the man Mandela was to those who met him, whether or not they agreed with him on issues. let’s give honour where honour is due. I thank you.

    1. Very well said Thokozani! There is a so called god of the so called Christians who, almost all the world adore and worship. This god has told people to go and kill others, and we see this still happening today. The so called Christian nations, ie the USA and Britain for example, wage wars with other nations ( non Christians) who have done nothing against them, but here are people condemning Mandela and saying he was a terrorist. Between Mandela, the USA and Britain (including France) who are the real terrorists of humanity???

  6. Thokozani Nkosi, I agree with you 100%. I was a Peace Corps volunteer in neighboring Botswana during the apartheid era, was detained myself by the white supremacist regime when I hitchhiked ride with a black and a “coloured” going to the dentist in South Africa, and by a miracle of God was delivered fr that and also fr being at the site in Botswana when S.Africa cross border raided and massacred acquaintances of mine. I was there and you are correct, but correcting the misunderstandings seemed to big an explanation for me, but you said it perfectly imo, thank you.

  7. This very god of the christians turns around and says people should not kill, and that people should forgive and love their enemies. Mandela comes out of prison after 27 years and he forgives and loves his enemies, he tells people that violence can never bring peace between people. How is he now a terrorist? How many people did he kill or, unlike the christian god, encouraged others to kill? How many wars have the so called christian nations waged against other nations and how many people did they kill, including innocent women and children, not to mention the elderly???

  8. This is the same kind of warped logic that used the Bible to justify slavery. Sure Mandela did some nasty things, but the apartheid regime did a million times as many. By killing a few tens of white people who stopped the oppression and killing of many, many more black people.

    Just remember, Mandela was made in the image of God. God is not only white. And Jesus probably looked more like Saddam Hussein or Ayatollah Khomeini than he did like George Bush or Tony Blair.

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