Netanyahu silent on Jewish presence in Samaria

Speaking to Saban Forum, PM demands Arab recognition of Jewish state.

Benjamin Netanyahu have stopped talking about Judea and Samairia as districts in Israel.
Benjamin Netanyahu have stopped talking about Judea and Samairia as districts in Israel.

Netanyahu said the “minimal requirement for peace” with the Palestinians was their recognition of the state as home to the Jewish people with equal right to self-determination as themselves.

“It’s about one thing: the persistent refusal to accept the Jewish state, in any border,” Netanyahu said.

The question shouldn’t be, why does Israel make this demand. The question is, why do the Palestinians consistently refuse to accept it?”

“I’m ready for a historic compromise that ends the conflict between us once and for all,” he added, calling peace a “two-way street.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

It is sad that Benjamin Netanyahu do no longer stand on Biblical Zionism.

He should be saying to the Arabs: “Judea and Samaria is a part of the state of Israel. Neither Tel Aviv will be handed over to Arab occupation, nor any Jewish homes in the Jordan valley”.

If the “peace agreement” stand an fall on an Arab acceptance of a Jewish state, you are ready to abandon more Jewish land in a bid to “achieve peace”. Now, Israel can be reduced to a mini-state, of a size that the IDF can neither protect, nor save from destruction.

Netanyahu seems to have been caught in his own secularized rhetoric.

To give away the so-called “West Bank”, Israel is doomed for destruction. Either it has been branded as a Jewish homeland or not.

Behold: Jesus the Messiah is the author of Biblical Zionism. He has gathered the Jewish people back home, and instruct them to live on the mountains of Zion. Anyone rebelling against this divine plan, will face the ultimate wrath of God of the Bible.

Be wise.

Written by Ivar

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