Western secularism in Israel among greatest threats

Israeli secularism, grounded in the spirit of Western liberalism is as great threat to Zionism as Iran.

The gay parade in Tel Aviv is no better than gay parades all over the World.
The gay parade in Tel Aviv is no better than gay parades all over the World.

OP-ED, Israel Hayom. Dr. Haim Shine

Israeli secularism, grounded in the spirit of Western liberalism, was supposed to ensure the State of Israel’s ability to include an array of groups in society and to give expression to the emerging Israeli kaleidoscope in the historical homeland. Instead, it became the driving force in creating sectarianism, civil disputes and negation of the other.

That same negligible minority of intellectuals and people in the media, who control the channels of knowledge and information, undoes from morning till night the fabric of Israeli social cohesion. That cohesion is critical to the existence of Israel, which faces ongoing threats.

Modern Zionism is a unique experiment in the world’s history to return a nation that had been exiled and spread around the globe to its homeland. This is a nation that renewed its language, built its country and realized the dream of generations past. Those who create divisions in Israeli society, and unfortunately they can be found in all camps, endanger the Zionist project more than the Palestinians and the Iranians.

Source: Israel Hayom

My comment:

When the Jewish people have rebelled against their God, it has always ended in disaster.

Today’s secular Israelis have no regards for God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They want Israel to become just like one of the secular Western nations. Living with martialism as their “god”, and hedonism as their purpose of existence.

Secular Israelis see their nationalist Zionist brethren as the treat to their life in indulgences and sin. Many evangelical friends of Israel must not forget that Israeli’s at large are as lost as people in London and New York. Tel Avis is as soaked in sin as any other metropolitan city. Like other people, Israelis need to hear the gospel, and surrender to Yeshua the Messiah.

To hail largely secular Israel is to make the modern statehood an idol. There is nothing particularly great about an unsaved Israeli. God of the Bible has not regathered him home to Zion because he have done something good, or because the is righteous.

God has re-birthed Israel because of His Holy Name.  We have seen the rebirth of the Jewish nation, the best proof in modern times that there is a living God.

The purpose of the rebirth of Israel, is to bring back the Messiah to the same city as He departed, to face his brethren in the flesh. The Lion of Judah will set up His judgment throne, and mankind will get the final verdict.

The gospel have been known for 2000 years. In every generation there have been true Messianic believers who have told others the way of salvation. Those who rejected the Messiah will have to spend eternity in Hell. All who accepted Him, shall live in the eternal Kingdom of Heaven.

The choice is the same for both Jews and gentiles.

Written by Ivar

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