Shimon Peres regrets attacking good old England

Israeli President Shimon Peres has denied calling the British anti-Semites.

Shimon Peres became a knight of the Queen of England in November 2008.

Shimon Peres (86) had caused a storm in England after accusing the British establishment of being “deeply pro-Arab” and “anti-Israeli.”

But the very next day Peres regretted.

The Telegraph of London writes:  ” The president does not believe that British governments are motivated by anti-Semitism, nor were they in the past.”

That is quite a flip flop.

It might be relevant to mention that Peres on November 20th 2008 received an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II. Its not nice to first accept to be knighted by the Queen, and than attack her subjects in the Kingdom, and in partikulare other knighted British leaders.

The Pope in Rome and the Queen of England are heads of two different Churches. And by birth or knighthood, they make people come into submission to their authority.  The hunger for fame caught up with Shimon Peres. Now he serves two masters, and got caught.

What kind of knighthood was it Shimon Peres accepted?

Israeli President Shimon Peres Receives Honorary British Order of Chivalry From Queen Elizabeth II
Israeli President Shimon Peres Receives Honorary British Order of Chivalry From Queen Elizabeth II


The appointment made Peres a Knight Commander in the Order of St. Michael and St. George. This is a title usually reserved for British colonial affairs officials, foreign-service officers and high-ranking diplomats in Commonwealth countries.

However, the Queen has on numerous occasions appointed foreigners to the Order. Among some of the more famous are Bill Gates and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

When Peres was knighted, there was no mentioning of the British people being anti-Israel. To the radical opposite, Peres praised the friendship between the two countries.

This is what and other media reported Peres saying during his visit to Buckingham Palace.

“I believe that the British leadership is very amiable towards Israel,” said Peres with the culmination of the ceremony, adding that he sees the honor bestowed upon him as a testament to the friendship between the two countries.
“The knighthood was a public declaration of support. This is the first time an Israeli figure has been knighted, it was without a doubt a gesture of friendship.”

I have never paid to much attention to how people shake hands. But as Shimon Peres shake hands with Britain’s Prince Charles, at Clarence House in London November 20, 2008.Peres uses the firm Masonic grip.

The truth is in the handshake. A duty when two freemasons greet each other.

You can also take a look at the video from the event at the Buckingham Palace.

What kind of knighthood did Shimon Peres accept?

The star bears a red cross of St George. In the center of the star is a dark blue ring bearing the motto of the Order. Within the ring is a representation of St Michael trampling on Satan.

Queen or Papal order. It does not make any difference. This is the order Shimon Peres accepted.

Funny. Its nothing about such an event in the Bible.

Still, Since 1906, the Order’s chapel has been in St Paul’s Cathedral in London. (The Cathedral also serves as home to the chapels of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire and The Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor.)

First published: August 3rd, 2010.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Shimon Peres regrets attacking good old England

  1. Queen Elizabeth has no control who receives a knighthood or any honor from Britain-a committee makes that decision -she just presents them–remember she is only a figurehead-she has no power in lawmaking or government decisions -she only can advise -likewise with the visits to various nations-she has no say in it-she goes where they tell her to go-she is not supposed to have have any personal opinions in matters of government-strange but true…………..

    1. Dear David.


      Do not be naive. The Queen of England is not a puppet in a string. The Royal families on Earth work with the global elite and the Bildeberger’s. They have a common agenda, and both the “lady pope” in the Buckingham Palace and the Pope in the Vatican run the show, and make their knights their disciples.

    2. You are wrong. The queen of England and her son Prince Charles are not under British law like the rest of the British people. They have a power of veto over laws that affect their interests.

      Prince Charles is well known to use his influence over British government ministers, and has been criticized for it many times in the press.

      If you have no idea of the world-wide power they exercise through the secret societies such as the Freemasons, its easy to believe they represent nothing more than a quaint old tradition. The reality is very different!

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