President Peres speaks about Israel’s role in Middle East plan for “world peace”‬‬ to Muslim politicians, including son of Saudi Arabian king.

Shimon Peres is no longer a Zionist who believe in a united Jerusalem.
Shimon Peres is no longer a Zionist who believe in a united Jerusalem, for the sake of ‘World peace”.

President Shimon Peres delivers his message on a giant screen.

In a rare event two weeks ago, President Shimon Peres appeared before 29 foreign ministers from the Gulf States, Arab League countries and other Muslim nations. The king of Saudi Arabia’s son was also among those present.

The historic event took place at the Gulf States Security Summit in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The foreign ministers of Bahrain, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Yemen and Qatar were present, as well as foreign ministers from the Arab League and other Muslim countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

Norway and Terje Roed Larsen gifted islam a nw terrorbase in Ram-Allah.
Norway and Terje Roed Larsen gifted Islam a new terror base in Ram-Allah.
US Special Envoy is hied to force Israel into submission.
US Special Envoy is hied to force Israel into submission.

Opposite Peres were Terje-Roed Larsen, UN-Under Secretary-General, and Martin Indyk, US Special Envoy for Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations. Larsen sat on the stage and interviewed Peres, who answered directly to Larsen and not to the Muslim foreign ministers. As agreed upon beforehand, the foreign ministers would not ask their questions and address Peres directly, and in return he would only speak with the interviewers. In addition, the organizers of the event stipulated that Peres would participate only if his words would not be revealed.

The UAE, which organized the summit, chose Peres to open the assembly, a testimony to the importance of the Israeli president during this point in time, and more so, the importance of a good relationship with Israel against the common enemy – Iran.

When the president spoke, no minister left the room, and when he finished they even gave him a round of applause.

New York Times chief analyst Thomas Friedman, who attended the event, revealed Peres’ “performance”; yet he was not tempted to disclose what Peres had said. What has been made known, however, is that the president said Israel can be a major factor in the Middle East, and that there is an opportunity for dialogue for a common goal – a struggle against radical Islamism and a nuclear Iran, and he also talked about his vision for world peace.

“There was a lot of excitement from both sides from his appearance,” a representative involved in the event said. “Everyone understood that this is something historic: The president of the Jewish State is sitting in his office in Jerusalem with an Israeli flag, and they’re sitting in the Persian Gulf talking about security, war on terror and peace.”


My comment:

Shimon Peres has been knighted by the Queen of England, and obviously work together with the enlightened global elite for “World peace”. To achieve this, Biblical Zionism must be rejected, and removed as an obstacle. The “special regime” of the last man of Lawlessness can not be established in Jerusalem, as long as the Zionist stand united for a united capital of Israel.

Terje-Roed Larsen, UN-Under Secretary-General, represent the so-called Oslo “peace accord”. This was a major devilish plan to place the PLO headquarter from Tunis to Ram-Allah on the mountains of Zion.

 Matthew 18:6
If anyone causes one of these little ones – those who believe in me – to stumble (sin), it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung round their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

That the US “peace negotiator” Martin Indyk was a part of the show, display the new rainbow alliance that is forcing Israel to surrender of her divine calling, given by God of Israel. At the end of this road there is disaster. This time the mistakes will have eternal consequences. The Messiah is about to return to Earth, as the Lion of Judah. He will come as a judge and put an end to this falsehood, and punish the wicked men who is laying the final trap for the Jewish people.

Written by Ivar