Cartoon of the day # 282


A good Cartoon often tells the story in a better way than 1000 words

9 thoughts on “Cartoon of the day # 282

  1. I’ve been watching these comics here, and while most are quite good, this one has taken the cake! Perfect! Fighting God only yields defeat.

  2. obama doesnt even look like he’s trying! lol.he figures if he gets behind everyone else they will pull the rope for him. ahhh….laughter is sweet…

    1. That is pretty good.LOL But as I write this I am looking at the toon and seeing something else. There is an implication that if netanyahu would let go and Just leave it to God it will all end. But that takes faith. Pray that he will first have faith to believe in Messiah Jesus who atoned for sins and then He will have the faith to know that God has the whole thing under control and God will use him to completely do work his will and purpose.

      1. Todd, You are absolutely right, there “are” many areas and many things about that Cartoon that speaks to the heart and to the World if they’d but have ears to hear…many! Awesome what The Holy Spirit shines His light on our hearts in what He wants us to focus on. So today, it was not the deep abiding Intercession, but rather, the Joy of The Lord (smile) ‘as if to say..”And the horse you rode in on” hahahaha …Sorry I’m still laughing about His humor! so full of strength! Please forgive me if I appear less caring.

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