Teheran claim Israel seek world domination

“In order to become global, the Jews must kill Muslims en masse”.

The ideology of the Nazis lives on in the Ayatollah controlled Iran.
The ideology of the Nazis lives on in the Ayatollah controlled Iran.

This is a claim by Mahdi Tayeb, head of the Iranian Ammar think-tank advising Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

He said this in a video posted on the Internet on February 1, 2013:

“In order to become global, the Jews must kill Muslims en masse. In other words, they have to kill 1.4 billion people.”

“They need means of mass killing, which can kill 500,000 people in one go….Only the atomic bomb can achieve this.”

“Do you know who invented the atomic bomb? Einstein. Einstein was…one of the most despicable figures. He was a Zionist, a Jew, one of the founders of the State of Israel.”

My comment:

The Nazis were convinced that there were a Jewish conspiracy to take over the whole World. Hitler told the Jews controlled the banks, and were behind the failure of Germany to win World War I.

The Jews needed to be boycotted, and told a lesson.  A final solution to the “Jewish problems” had to be found.

 2 Thessalonians 2:11

For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie.

The same ideology is parched in Tehran today, and in Ram-Allah, the headquarter of PLO.

The problem in 1938 and 1939, was that people were to busy to pay attention, or they simply did not care. It was an historical mistake….

Written by Ivar

9 thoughts on “Teheran claim Israel seek world domination

  1. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion states this agenda,”world domination” . Now the question is are the protocols authentic and therefore believable, or are the made up
    And not the agenda at all. They were written. You can read them.
    Google them and you will find that they are said to be true and you will also find that they are made up and should not be believed.
    You’ll have to decide yourself

    1. Todd.


      It is spiritual insanity to believe that the Jews bid for World control. They have been exiled, beaten, burnt at stake, and robed for their properties over the last 2.000 years. In 1948, they got back their ancient homeland, an area of the size of Greater New York.

      You should be ashamed of your last message. The Jews are today 0,2 per cent of the Worlds population. Half of them are home in Israel, and only dream about a chance to live in peace.

      1. Ivar
        What you say is undeniably true. However when the protocols are read and considered, much of what they say has happened.
        One cannot deny the powerful influence Jewry has had on American politics, media, and economy and education. Hollywood runs deep
        With writers and actors who are Jewish. This is no secret. 4 of the nine judges on the Supreme Court are Jewish. Obama appointed the last one. 75% of committees in Us government are either chaired or co-chaired by Jews. During this time of year
        The American civil liberties union files suits against the display of the manger scene. But none are filed against the display of the Jewish menora. Their is much more I could list. While they represent .02 % of the population they do controll much of what happens here in America. I live here Ivar and I see it. Does not matter to me though becauseI my citizenship is in heaven. I am an alien and stranger here. This world is not my home. I live in the kingdom of God. There is much to do in it. No shame in saying that.

      2. Todd.


        There reason for why the Jewish people have produced 20 per cent of winners of Nobel Prices, is not because they try to gain world control. They have become a blessing to the World, just like God promised Abraham. A World who attack the Jewish people, is like a dog who returns to its own vomit. A fool that continues in his folly. Not to forget that this is also done in the name of “Christ”.

      3. Ivar
        The blessing that the world would be blessed through Abraham came through his seed, who is Jesus Christ and all that are in him(Jesus ). What you say about Jews being Nobel prize winners is true and I believe that had nothing to do with world domination. But think of the blessing that has come to the world
        Because of the gospel of Jesus Christ and those who follow, obey and love him. They bring great blessing to the world. Greater than noble prize winners. Those who are in Christ are ministers of reconciliation. Helping and leading and showing people the way to be reconciled to God.

      4. Todd.


        You are cheating on the Word of God, and defame the Messiah. The author of all promises in the Bible.

        In Genesis 12:1-3, God says: I will make you into a great nation. This nation is Israel. Salvation is from the Jews (in plural). The Jewish nations brings forth the Messiah, who will become the ultimate blessings of God.

        The Messiah confirms all that has been spoken through the Jewish prophets, the Law and the psalms. He do not replace them, but is the very prof that the Word is correct. The Messiah paid for my sins, and fullfiled the Law of blood sacrifices,as atonement for sins. In your World, the Messiah has replaced the Jewish people, and all the promises are now transported to the Church. This is the spiritual foundation of Roman Catholicism, a falsehood and devilish deception. This ideology is based on a false “Christ”, that can not save anyone.

      5. Ivar
        No defamation of Christ on my part
        God said through the mouth and writings of his apostle Paul,
        “The promises were spoken to Abraham and his seed. The scripture does not say “and to seeds” meaning many people “or plural as you say” but”and to your seed” meaning one person, who is Christ. Gal.3:16 in vs 17 he explains that the promises did not come through the law but through the covenant that was made with Abraham an his seed. The great nation was to be established through Jesus. God’s apostle knew the truth of the promise to Abraham. There is no replacement to the covenant that was made between Abraham and his seed. In verse 25 God’s apostle said “If you belong to Christ you are Abraham’s seed and heirs (of the promise) according to the promise. This is an everlasting promise
        Made with Abraham and Jesus and those who are in Jesus.

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