USA split with Israel and praise “peace” with Ayatollah

Obama claim Iran-deal makes the World more secure. Netanyahu says deal is historical mistake.

The USA has chosen Iran as their new "peace partner" in the Middle East and Persia.
The USA has chosen Iran as their new “peace partner” in the Middle East and Persia.

Directly contrasting US President Barack Obama who praised the agreement as opening a “new path toward a world that is more secure,”  Netanyahu – speaking at the weekly cabinet meeting — said the world has become more dangerous as a result.

“What was agreed last night in Geneva is not a historic agreement, it is a historic mistake,” he said. “Today the world has become much more dangerous because the most dangerous regime in the world took a significant step to getting the most dangerous weapon in the world.”

For the first time, he said, the leading powers of the world agreed to uranium enrichment in Iran, while removing sanctions that it has taken years to build up in exchange for “cosmetic Iranian concession that are possible to do away with in a matter of weeks.”

Netanyahu said the consequences of this deal threaten many countries, including Israel. He reiterated what he has said in the past, that Israel is not obligated by the agreement.

“Iran is committed to Israel’s destruction, and Israel has the right and the obligation to defend itself by itself against any threat” he said. “I want to make clear as the prime minister of Israel, Israel will not allow Iran develop a military nuclear capability.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The good news is that Israelis now knows for sure that the whole World will betray them. Just like the World did in 1936 to 1945.

This time, the Jewish people will understand that they can not save them selves. They are desperately in need of divine intervention, and the coming of their Messiah.

The bad news, is that the World is committing the same mistake as they did during the reign of the Nazis. The price for the foolishness of Nevile Chamberlain was heavy. Because the prime Minister of United Kingdom believed in a “peace agreement” with Herr Hitler, 60 million people was going to be butchered during World War II.  England it self almost become a victim of this historical mistake in 1940, during the German Blitz in London.

The same mistake is repeated in the so-called “peace agreement” with Iran.
1. Iran get time to complete their nuclear program.
2. Iran gets western money to complete their nuclear program.
3. Iran gets the superpowers military protection against a possible attack from Israel.
When the Jews tried to escape Nazi-Germany, all the nations in Europe closed their doors. They will do the same all over again.

Behold: God of Israel will make a spectacular end to all this evil. When Jesus the Messiah returns as the Lion of Judah.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “USA split with Israel and praise “peace” with Ayatollah

  1. How can anyone say this has not been planned all along to take over the world, let alone the USA. This is so evil. Now, let’s see who outsmarts who. What is up there sleeve? Will the US betray and blindside Iran? possible. There is an ulterior motive in all these betrayed dealings with the nations that hold evil and danger. It is not just the states here, it is the whole world that these seek to attain. The evil one is making deals with others to enhance the evil to call all arms to take Israel and confront YHWH. so be it.

  2. Psa 2:2 The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying,
    Psa 2:3 Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.
    Psa 2:4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

  3. Scripture tells us that the Nuke in Iran , the Bushre will be destroyed and that G-d said Israel will win any wars left as all nations go against Her. I have no doubt that Israel has weapons that no one has any edea of. and will use them, and when they do, Damacus will be rubble as well, and Israel will again take back land. and the time when Russia comes to save their weapons to also try to take Israel, that when their feet hit HIS land, G-d Himself shall destroy them, and right now China is getting close with the asia nations from Japan to protect themselves and will help destroy Russa. and any church or otherwise that thinks G-d is bringing the JEWS home to punish them is dead wrong. as G-d said just the opposite and that the chosen people have had double punishment. and so we pray and suport Israel in every way we can. shalom

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