The Ayatollah ruled Iran is a modern Nazi-state

Israelis and Zionists are presented as non-humans. As if they were not descendants of Adam and Eve. This is as close as it gets to Nazi rhetoric.

The Ayatollah of iran plays the same role as Adolf Hitler. Nothing but Nazism.
The Ayatollah of Iran plays the same role as Adolf Hitler. Their spiritual and political base is nothing but Nazism.

OP-ED by Dan Margalit, Israel Hayom

In one of his papers, Holocaust scholar Professor Saul Friedlander posited a question: why couldn’t the Nazis suffice with portraying the Jew as subhuman, a villain, evil-doer, wicked and harm-seeking? Why did they take pains, once they assumed power, to paint the Jews as a virus, as an ugly rat and a germ? Friedlander, a Holocaust survivor himself, offered a response: that was their way rallying of popular opinion behind a Jewish genocide.

It is much easier to accept the extermination of a virus than to come to terms with the murder of your next door neighbor, even if he or she are sub-human. I thought about Friedlander’s paper on Wednesday, watching Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivering his speech.

He did not attack Israel; nor did he lash out against Zionism. Rather than attack the Jewish people as if he were an enemy leader, he used the lowliest of rhetoric by choosing to portray the Jews — Israelis and Zionists — as if they were non-humans. As if they were not descendants of Adam and Eve. This is as close as it gets to Nazi rhetoric.

There were other troubling features in his rare public appearance, but stripping Jews of their humanity was the lowest point. The world has looked the other way. It is not lending its ears. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton have tried to play dumb, as if the subconscious malice-filled campaign coming out of Tehran has been somehow lost on them. They yearn for a deal, at any price. Despite the draft agreement being taken off the table — because France had sobered-up in the nick of time — Iran now wants to discuss it again. But it wants more than that — it also wants to punish the West; it seeks revenge after the West slammed the brakes and did some thinking.

Source: Israel hayom.

My comment:

For many years, I have warned about the Islamic-Nazi nexus.  In the example of Iran, lies the cream of the pie. The Ayatollah regime is the physical and spiritual successors of the Nazis.

When the west support Iran, they do the same mistake as Western leaders did when they supported Nazi-Germany. Many presented Herr Hitler as the European “price of peace”, and eventually the man who would find a final solution to the “Jewish problem”.

Written by Ivar

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