Netanyahu: Iran will not get a nuke on my watch

PM Netanyahu says Israel will never allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons, accuses the Ayatollah of using Nazi-like rhetoric‬‬.

Benjanmin Netanyahu knows Iran can get a nuke from Pakistan and North Korea, anytime.
Benjanmin Netanyahu knows Iran can get a nuke from Pakistan and North Korea, anytime. His defense of Zionism in under heavy pressure from both outside and within Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday pledged Israel would never allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon, as world powers sought a deal with Tehran in Geneva over its nuclear drive.

“I pledge Iran will not get a nuclear weapon,” Netanyahu, who has never ruled out military action against Tehran, said in a speech to leaders of Russia’s Jewish community in Moscow.

Earlier, Netanyahu warned world powers negotiating with Iran that an anti-Israel speech by Iran’s supreme leader gave fresh proof over why Tehran must not acquire a nuclear weapon.

Speaking to leaders of Russia’s Jewish community on the second day of a visit to Moscow to campaign against an emerging world power deal with Iran, Netanyahu accused Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of using the lexicon of the Nazi Holocaust.


My comment:

George W. Bush came with a similar proclamation in regards to the North Korean program. But a fine blue day, the North Korans just turned W.Bush into a laughing stock.

The problem with such bold statements of Netanyahu, is that you have to act before the first nuke explodes deep inside an Iranian mountain. After, it will simply be to late.

In fact, today tests of nuclear bombs can be done inside a computer simulator. The USA, China, France, UK, India, Russia and Pakistan continue to test nuclear arms. But only as computerized mega explosions.

Iran can develop a nuclear bomb, and export it to the Lebanese border with Israel. Or it can simply buy a bomb from the Islamic republic of Pakistan, and place the Pakistani bomb at the borders of Israel. There are enough Islamic terrorists who would like to trigger such a bomb inside Zion.

Both Iran and Pakistan know, that Israel has nuclear deterrence on its submarines. If a million Jews are nuked in Tel Aviv, cities like Islamabad and Tehran will be vaporized in the next half an hour or so. Most likely will both Iran and Pakistan cease to exist. More than 200 million Muslims will die in an instant.

Therefore. The Iranian nuclear weapons program is a tool created to create fear. The whole concept of Islamic terrorism is to create fear, panic, and eventually submission to the demands of the terrorists.

Iran wants Israel to surrender its Zionism, and evict the Jews from Judea and Samaria. Simply because the existence of Zionist Israel, is a proof that “allah” is a subordinate “god”, a lesser and incapable “god” not able to deal with God of the Hebrew. As long as Israel exist as a sovereign Jewish homeland, with a Jewish majority, the Koran is a false revelation, not from God, but from the the enemy. The enemy is Satan.

Written by Ivar

6 thoughts on “Netanyahu: Iran will not get a nuke on my watch

    1. Dear Jone.

      Shalom, and praise Jesus.

      Thanks for blessing me. This kind of greetings, will keep me blogging, being a Watchman on the wall.

  1. With Jesus their is nothing to fear. Without him their is everything to fear. He takes away all fear. When you have Jesus even though they slay you, you will see God and not be afraid.

    1. Todd.


      I disagree.

      With Jesus, I still fear God. I know His awesome powers. But if I continue to Obey Him, and be under His Lordship, I have nothing to fear from men and Satan. It is a pleasure to have Jesus as boss.

      1. Your reply is exactly what I meant. You said it better than I. The fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom and I fear God in the way that you do. Israeli’s in general fear what men will do to them. Jesus can and does if one is under his Lordship replace that fear with peace and joy. Obedient followers of Jesus look at life and circumstances differently. we are just passing through this life. this world is not our home. life is in the hands of almighty God. etc. If the Israeli government was wise
        The best thing they could do is allow the gospel that brings peace and joy to those who believe and accept it to be preached throughout the land freely. Their would be less fear of what men can do

  2. I, as a Jew, reject Jesus as any form of a god. He was a Jew, and some people much later diefied him and made him into an idol. This is forbidden, since there can be no likeness of anything physical representing the real G-d. Hashem, or “the name” in Hebrew, is the absolute designer and maintainer of all. There can be nothing physical about G-d because if you are physical, you automatically have limits. There is a definition, and border, etc that plagues the physical. It is difficult to define or even truly conceptualize Hashem, because we have a limited mind. Hashem is infinite. All we really know is that He is infinitely kind and giving. In order to achieve a worthy status on this planet, one must emulate Hashem and give to others. Giving is achieved by donating money, time, a conversation, a random act of kindness, etc. This is what Hashem wants from us, and no other god can change that. No such thing as Satan, though. Its Suh-tun, in Hebrew meaning accuser or prosecution. It is the angel that tallies your bad deeds at the end of your days and brings them to Hashem in the Holy Court. Nothing to be afraid of if you can conquer the primal urges and achieve a lofty status as a good man, husband, and father. The defintions of these terms can be found in the Talmud.
    Anyway, I say all this because “new testament” is not necessary because everything to know about life was handed down in the Torah and protected since inception by the Jews. “New” or Christian Philosophy is appreciated because of its emphasis on what is good, but Judaism is not “old”. Gd is not old. Gd did not die. We are responsible for our actions. I’m going to bed. Gd bless.

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