France demand end to Zionism to achieve “peace”

French President François Hollande demand that Israel give half of Jerusalem to the new “PLO-state’.

Benjamin Netanyahu welcomes the President of France in the Knesset.
Benjamin Netanyahu welcomes the President of France in the Knesset.

The French President François Hollande held a speech in the Knesset Monday. Hollande began with fanfare and ended with a standing ovation, and stuck to mostly noncontroversial messages.

But he sparked the ire of some MKs on the right when he discussed talks with the Palestinians and said Jerusalem must be the joint capital of Israel and a future Palestinian state.
The French president called for Israel and the Palestinian Authority to “be realistic” and look for creative solutions to end the conflict, saying settlement construction must end.

This brought applause from from left-wing and Arab parties.

“We need a compromise through a two-state solution.

Peace will be your biggest victory,” he said, adding in Hebrew: “May there be peace for the people of Israel.”

Hollande reaffirmed his commitment to preventing Iran from reaching nuclear capability and to the strong relationship between his country and Israel.

He received applause from nearly all the MKs in the plenum when he said “France will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon.”

France will make sure sanctions continue until Tehran gives up its plan to develop nuclear weapons, he said.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

I wonder what the President of France had said, if there came a demand for dividing Paris, and let half of it form a new nation?

I guess for the sake of “peace”, anything would be possible.

Adolf Hitler enforced a two-state solution on the France people from 1940 to 1944.
Adolf Hitler enforced a two-state solution on the French people from 1940 to 1944.

On 23rd of June, 1940, Nazi-leader Adolf Hitler took a stroll down Champs-Élysées in the heart of Paris.  There was no guarantee, that the French people would ever be back in charge of their capital.

France was literally split into two new nations. A true “two-state-sollution”. The Third Republic of France ended in July 1940, and was replaced in the south by “Vichy France”, proclaimed by a new totalitarian head of state, Marshal Philippe Pétain. All Jewish properties in France were either destroyed or robbed.

If the allied forces had not liberated Paris on 19th of August 1944:

Would it be wise to share the city of Paris, with the Nazi-puppets, for the sake of “peace”? 

What if Jerusalem had not been liberated on June 7th, 1967?

Would it be wise to continue to share the city, with the criminals who had burned and destroyed more than 50 Jewish synagogues during the occupation of Jerusalem, from 1948 to 1966?

Can you see the historical parallel?

The ultimate destruction of the Jewish race, and confiscation of Jewish properties?

France must not surrender to Nazism.  Likewise, Israel must refuse to accept today’s foolishness of the President of France, who has surrendered to the new Islamic-Neo-Nazi nexus.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “France demand end to Zionism to achieve “peace”

    1. Dear Jennie Bloom

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Israel might be a lot of things, but can never be an Apartheid state. Simply because white and black people have the same rights. Israel also have two million Arabs within its borders, all with full Israeli citizenship. The large majority of them are Muslims, a proof that your claim is based on antisemitism and lies.

      Now, the Arabs who claim Israel to be an apartheid state, are the apartheid states of the Middle East. They are as cleansed for Jews, as Nazi-Germany was. In Saudi Arabia Bible’s are banned. Truly an Sharia Apartheid states, against a non existing Christian minority. They were all massacred by the followers of Muhammad.

      1. Israel is a great big colonization for Kikes and you know it unless you are one. Every British Colony was a testing ground for a homeland for the Jews, by their administrative control. Zionism exposed. Look at the Balfour Declaration of 1917, a letter to Lord Rothschild, central banker and leader of the New World Order, an additional fraternity for your Jewish Zionist front. You’re out of moves, you fucked with the aryans, the africans, and arabs, and now you think you can go back to China after the Teipei Rebellion You Christian British Jewish Zionist Traitor to humanity. They will put you in a cage an poke you with a stick that you wish the Holocaust wasn’t just a Public Relations staged event by the OSS in 9 hours, 3 years before the same Zionist Campaign for the invasion and genocide of Palestine. And now you are in our cities with you gentrification projects fueled by your holy wars in the Middle East…Point is, that there’s no where on the earth left to hide. Not Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Antartica, so Obama if you would…
        “You better fucking change”

        Leader of R.O.I.D.
        Resistance of Occult Indoctrination and Destruction

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