Cartoon of the day # 298

A good Cartoon often tells the story in a better way than 1000 words

3 thoughts on “Cartoon of the day # 298

  1. NICE CARTOON, Thanks Ivar,

    1. Destroy Israel? No, no, no rather destroy your way of thinking. If you destroy Israel you are going to starve and die you fools, because Israel is your lifeline and that of the of the world!

    2.What is the SOLUTION to the Mid-East Crisis? Simple answer: None other than SALVATION(YESHUA MESSIAH) for both JEWS & MOSLEMS and the world itself.
    The moslems and other unbelievers can bet all they have but man will never be able to solve this very serious mid-east problem – AGAIN ONLY YESHUA MESSIAH WILL. PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME. AMEN and so may it be.

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