Cartoon of the day # 351

A good Cartoon often tells the story in a better way than 1000 words

3 thoughts on “Cartoon of the day # 351

  1. Israel attempting to dictate news today..that there was explosion in Iran….White House on down calling Bibi&Co(Christian zionist tv show hosts) damn lairs. and that God tol em to bomb Syria today… WACK JOB ISRAEL AND ITS B-WORDS.

    1. Matt,

      “Earlier the same day, Avi Dichter, Israel’s home defence minister, had been unable to confirm the unsubstantiated reports but nonetheless, welcomed them. “Any explosion in Iran that doesn’t hurt people but hurts its assets is welcome,” he said.

      I can agree with that comment. A good portion of Iran (not all there are christians there) and Ahmadinejad are evil.

      If there was an explosion, Israel has a right to defend themselves against such evil.

      And the Lord Jesus Christ will always be with Israel.

  2. Based upon information and belief, the individuals(under the jurisdiction of the Kongeriket Norge) responsible for the publication of the cartoon with the site’s approval ” A good Cartoon often tells the story in a better way than 1000 words” may be in violation of Norwegian law, as administered by the Det kongelige Justis- og beredskapsdepartementet. Norway prohibits hate speech, and defines it as publicly making statements that ridicule someone or that incite hatred, or contempt for someone due to their religion or philosophy. Please see

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